Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A day of doing not much LOL

Goodmorning everybody!

Monday I went to the hospital for the annual check at the neurologist. Oh my, again I was lucky.
I didn;t have to wait very long to be called in and had a nice, but short chat with the doctor.
Gosh, with all the new rules they came up in healthcare, now my neurologist can only give me a prescription for 6 months ahead! Normally she would writetwo, each with reherseal for it, and that would do for the whole year. It's annoying and now I will have to call her or my house doctor when I need medicin prescription again. No big deal, I know, but it was much easier the "old"way.
As I was done there much sooner than I thought, I went to town centre for a moment.
Jan wanted to have a new watering can for in the house, it seems the one we have is leaking a bit. So that was something I could take a look for, but didn;t came home with one. The ones I spotted, were just not nice of handy , yes, I was very picky LOL.
I took my time a bit in town and was home around 16.30.
Jan took a little trip to the market and came home with some fruit and a bunch of stewpears, and I made us a little pan yesterday and they tasted wonderful.

Yesterday we both had a day of "doing nothing" . Well, we watched a bit TV, Jan did some puzzles, we took a look around the garden, but nothing more. It also wasn;t the bst weather to take a walk or so, temperatures had dropped and there was a very cold wind blowing. They warned on the weather forecast that it might even give some night frost, and that is bad news for the fruitgrowers! With that nice weather lately, lots of fruittrees already are in bloom, but a frost on it could have a disatrous effect on them, so everywhere in the country the growers had parrafine fires burning, so that the temperatures couldn;t drop too much. It might be that this night they will have to do the same, but then the weather should get better again, with much higher temperatures. I do hope so, for them but also for us, because this weekend there are a lot of little faires going on, and it will be nice to visit a couple walking in the sun with nice temps around 65 F!

I also started again on the 4rth part of the throw over. The one I was busy with, didn;t look good to me, speaking pattern-wise. So i looked around a bit on internet to find me another pattern( I found a lot, picked out the ones I liked mst and printed them out)_and started again. And yes, the one I am doing right now, looks beautiful.
With all that searching around for patterns, I am making a little folder, so I have all patterns together.

Today not too much lingering around, I guess. Some shopping has to be done, I am using the last can of catfood, coffee is running out too and some more things. And it will be a good time to look around for something for dinner with Easter, perhaps today the supermarket will not be crowded yet, but I am sure on Friday it will be a different thing.
It looks to be okay outside, perhaps not yet all too warm, but for now the sun is shining and not much wind, good conditions to go out.
I must say we could do with a little rainshower, some of the planters would be very happy with it, as well as some parts of the garden. But it would be nice if the rain would come in the evening or night, just enough to soak the soil a bit and then it can go away LOL.

That's it for now, so on to the freebie. The kit is nemd "Ladie' s Elegancy"and you are really treated by Arlene, because she made two lovely page overlays and a sweet cluster.
Have a wonderful day, see you again on Friday.
Download    HERE

Download    HERE


Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely downloads...

Edna B said...

Our weather is acting funny too. This morning everything outside was covered with snow, and my car windows had ice under the snow on them. My plants are surviving, than goodness. They are hardy. Your new kit is lovely, and Arlene's add ons are wonderful.

I am going on line soon to order some yarn so that I can get working on my green afghan. We don't have any yarn stores around here any more. That's really quite sad. As well, lucky I have a car so I can travel to another town. Now I'm off to do a few things around here. You have a wonderful day my friend.
Hugs, Edna B.

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good morning Kyra :)
Don't fall over from shock! I finally made it back here.LOL
I have caught up with your posts again!You amaze me with how much you can fit into a day!Busy as a bee!:)
Seems your weather tends to be close to the same as ours.Sleeveless one day and coats the next.So confusing.LOL The pollen here seems to be affecting everyone.It affects Jim's eyes. They itch and turn red.:( My nose just tends to think it's a faucet during the Spring.hehe
Happy all went well with your Doctor visit!! Your pears sound yummy and I hope you can find the watering can you need for inside the house! I don't knit but use to crochet and would keep a folder of the patterns I liked. Guess I passed that trait onto Christy cause she has crocheted some pretty awesome things and bypassed my measly efforts!:)
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment for me. I always smile when I see you have come for another visit.:)
Thank You and Arlene for your hard work in supplying such pretty kits and clusters for us!

Huge hugs,

Ann said...

Thank you for sharing this lovely kit. Love your work.