Friday, December 28, 2012

We had a great Christmas!

Goodmorning everybody!

Suddenly in a rush Christmas is over. Always so funny, we are looking forward to it for quite a long time and then in a split second it's all over.
I must say we had a great Christmas together.
On Christmas eve I could find a few channels(mostly on German television) with some lovely Christmas songs. Later that evening we also watched a splendid show on a German channel, it was not  real Christmas show with carrols, but oh my, how really good was that show. It lasted for 3 hours and the artists that were invited by the host(Helen Fischer) were fo a so different kind, it gave so much variety and it was of high standard.
On Christmas day we had a quiet day, but we we enjoyed ourselves tremendously and also the evening was great. I must say our fondue was really yummie too!
The second Christmasday we were also busy watching all kind of programs and even the weather did i's best. Almost no rain, although it was forcasted. Only when we had to leave for the visit to our friends, it started to rain! We didn;t have far to go, so it wasn't that bad and we spent a most enoyable evening at their house.
It was just around midnight that we came home again.

And yesterday it suddenly was a "normal"day again LOL!
After a few real lazy days, it was time to do some serious housework. Hmmmm, I did some, but also did a bit of shopping, just needed a couple of things. And when I came home I saw Jan bsy in the kitchen, scrubbing the kitchen floor! Of course that was sweet of him, but it could have been a bit too much strain on his not yet splendid condition. The more because the evening before we went to our friends on the bike and he had rather hard work with it(there was a lot of wind and specially coming homeward it was blowing just in the face).
Hmmm, I think he felt the muscles protesting in the evening.
But on the other hand it's also good he is trying to do things again, he wants to go back to work as soon as possible(which will have to wait for some weeks I think).
Anyway, after he had finished I could enter the kitchen again and turn on the washing machine.
And in the mean time took the vacuum cleaner by hand and even used it ROFL.
For dinner I didn;t have to do much, because we had still so much left from the fondue, that we could have another go with it.
Today I think I will stay indoor, want to do something with the bed ( it calls out to me that it wants fresh bedsheets and such, grin grin)and as they forcasted more rain, probably staying in is a good idea.

What about a new freebie? I think you would like to see one. or two. It was hard thinking to decide what to post today. But I know what to do. I muself have 3 bragbook pages for you, that you might print out and hang somewhere in your house with a lovely photo in it, or make a little gift with it for somebody you have in your heart. And then I have 3 downloads from Arlene, all with extra Christmas clusters she made with several of my kits. It seemed a pity not to offer them, surely you can do with some extra clusters for the last layouts of the Christmasdays.
And then on Monday I will have a winter kit for you.
Hopefully you all will have a great day today, and have time to recover a bit from the hectic but oh so lovely Christmas, and gather some energy for New Year's eve, which is already at the start of next week.
Download    HERE

 Download Clusters nr2  HERE
 download Christmas clusters nr3  HERE
Download Christmas clusters nr4  HERE


Edna B said...

It is nice now that the holidays are over. They really were wonderful, but now a little quiet is nice. It's good that Jan is trying to get back to his old self, but he really shouldn't overdo things or he will set himself back again.

We have a light covering of snow on the ground, and the weatherman is promising quite a bit more by Tomorrow night. Oh goodie! lol. You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful new bloglayout...!!! How do you get the inspiration ? it's incredible!
Once again, thank you very much for all your gorgeous Christmas kits, and the nice bragbook pages!
Thanks to Arlene for her stunning clusters and frames ; you really are a super team!!
Have a wonderful weekend!
Big hugs,

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these beautiful Brag book pages and clusters. I love the quotes you have used on the Brag book pages...

Anonymous said...

Thank u so much for sharing, it's very pretty!

Debbie :-)

wibbwebb said...

Thank for the layouts?
Any chance we could get the snowman you have on your web page? He is precious!!

Unknown said...

Thank you for such beautiful art work,

Claudia van Schie said...


I want to thank you AND Arlene for all the beautiful freebies you've shared. I've downloaded them all. I'm in the process of organising all my files in a way I can find them back so I will surely be using your freebies.
Can't wait to use them!

I've added you to my google reader so I won't miss one of your beautiful freebies.

I wish you a happy scrapping year!

Love from Holland,

Claudia (collection of PSE-tutorials)

HappyScreens said...

Thank you so much. Have a Happy and HEALTHY New Year!

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Oh how lovely your new decorations are! Simply beautifully decorated. We had a great CHRISTmas as well and now ready to see in 2013 in a quiet mode! So happy to have spent another year enjoying your tales and your beautiful free kits. Arlene has added a lot of beauty to them as well! THANK YOU! I thank you both for your "friendship"! Have a safe, happy, healthy and prosperous 2013! Hugs!! Mat