Monday, November 26, 2012

My hubby isn't too happy.

Goodmorning everybody!

Hmmmm, it's even afternoon already. Yes, I am late in posting today. First I was a bit later awake and then I had to see if I could find any useful information for my hubby about our dvd harddisk recorder.
Yesterday suddenly we didn;t have the Guide + anymore on it.! It's using still the analogue broadcasting channels,we have it connected to cable,  but for the moment they do. But hard to record a film or so, if you don;t have the Guide + system. Here in Holland it's given through by Eurosport, and most of the times worked well.
We tried to reset things and such, Jan didn't change any plugs so that couldn;t be the problem. Our dvd harddisk recorder is a Philips one.
If there's anybody who has any knowledge of this stuff or knows what is the matterr or knows how we can get it back, please please mail me.
I get very nervous about the situation, because I am not good at those things and Jan is getting very grumpy about it LOL.And every hour or so he looks at it again, which I can understand, but at a certain moment it's enough! Then I just want to watch tv in quiet, in the evening, without checking and trying in between the dvd Guide Plus. Know what I mean??

The weekend was a nice one, we took it very easy, and I could spent a bit of time at the computer to design. But also went on with the knitting and it's slowly getting to the finish yeah!
Still have to knit a part of the border for the red cover, then sew it together.
I already have another project in mind. I should like to make a new blanket, made of big squares, and I saw some wonderful examples on internet. I very much like the Great American Aran patterns, but I don;t know if I can do that. Those patterns aren;t the easiest one to knit, certainly not for a not so an experienced knitter like me.
Hmmm, we'll see what will happen. I do have some great other patterns already, that I can start with, and also nice they are in Dutch. So soon I will be busy with grey and white wool, and it will be a loooong project I fear. For a big blanket you will need a lot of squares.
Keep you posted of the progress when I started.

Yesterday Heidi phoned to hear how Jan was doing, he talked to her himself, he likes her very much.
A bit later I got the phone and could ask how the school report has been from Séverine.
It was really good, no minus poits at all, I am proud of her.!
Today Danny will have his reseach on his knee and hopefully they will find out what is the reason of the bad functioning.
I might visit them on Wednesday, it's about time we see eachother again.

And we landed at the freebie for today. Today a kit that suites a bit the weather at the moment, it's named "Cloudy Day", with some great matching clusters again.
Oh before leaving you with the previews and downloads, you also should visit Linda, Edna, Snowy Su and Miriam's blogs, for some lovely freebies!

Hopefully soon the dvd stuff will be solved( sigh, I hope so) abd will we be able our life in the normal way again LOL.
Have a wonderful day
Download     HERE

Download    HERE


Anonymous said...

Poor Kyra, I'd like to help you but I can't.
You already had problems with your TV, then you changed your phone, and now the DVD harddisk... Hope someone can help you!
Also hope that your husband feels better.
Thank you so much for "cloudy day" (here it's rainy day today, LOL). The little boy and the little girl are so cute, and the papers are beautiful. Arlene made very nice clusters with your kit!
Have a wonderful day too!

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good morning Kyra:)
I finally caught up on your blog again. Sure hope you are able to get your guide back.It can be soo frustrating when things won't work like they are suppose to.Huh?
I LOVE your knitting.Also LOVE that you are using several patterns to add design and texture to your pieces.:) I have only done a small amount of knitting.I mostly crochet when I have the time. Christy is really ..really into crocheting now. Can't show you her work yet. She is making CHRISTmas gifts.:) I am still working..when I can..on Mama's Wedding invitations.:)Busy days!!
Thank you sooo much for sharing your lovely designs with me.:)
Have a WONDERFUL day my friend!


Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for the lovely downloads. Sorry I can't help with your DVD we are still using the old style VHS tape...

Sue said...

In the States, this message showed up on our DVR last week so I'm dreading the day that it comes to pass!!

"Beginning on November 1st, 2012 and completing on April 2013, Rovi will be discontinuing the broadcast data service for consumer electronic guides in North America.

The guides known as Guide Plus+, TV Guide on Screen and the Rovi Guide will no longer have the ability to receive data via the broadcast data service.

Please contat your CE Manufacturer for further details."

So I would recommend doing some 'Google'.

Thanks for the freebie!

Patti in Dallas, Texas, USA

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

O No, hope the DVD problem is fixed soon...don't you just hate it when something just suddenly changes? LOL! Part of life though! Thanx for the lovely kit and Arlene's clusters and the fun to read blog. Missed yesterday as had to say farewell to a friend at the DFW National Cemetery, long and tiring day! Will get caught up with work today, then can rest for a couple. Didn't think I would tire that easily after having that procedure on my back, but hey, I am pain free in my lower back now! Yippee! Have a terrific day, chat more tomorrow! Hugs, Mat

HappyScreens said...

Thank you for sharing - I love the soft blue and peach colors.

Sylvia said...

I can't thank you enough for all your lovely work, it is just soooo stunning and look forward to learning how to use it all.
Thank-you very very much