Monday, October 15, 2012

Rain, rain, stay away for a while!

Goodmorning everybody!

We definately arrived at raining season. I don;t mind that so much, as long as it isn;t raining days and days. But at the moment I don;t like it at all, because then we have raindrops inside too.
Yes, I know, boring story, our leak. But now Jan seems to have figured out from where it all comes.
So today we will try to get hold of the owner of the appartment above us, that's first thing todo.
Then fixing it, should be a joined project, but not all to difficult or long term.
But it might also be caused partly by the raingutter at the edge of the roof. I hope the owner of the appartment above us, can take a look there, we need help of the owners of the appartment at second floor for that. Hopefully it's just a case of cleaning it, of minor repair.
If not, we need to call a plummer for it and then it will ask some money from all of us.
But I truly hope that will not be necessary!
Well, enough of water talk LOL. It will be done with some day!

It was working weekend for Jan again, Saturday he had morning shift, and could relax the rest of the day, but yesterday he had double shift, one morning and one evening.
All together he was rather lucky with the rain, till yesterday evening. He came home a bit soaked, LOL.  Quick change of clothes solved that, and then some relaxing time at the couch.
I am glad he has his day off today!
Tomorrow he has to start with a double shift again, morning + afternoon, so he will be away all daytime. I am proud of him, he is working a lot, taking some double shifts if they are offered to him, I sometimes need to hold him back a bit. Yes I know, the money is welcome, but he has to look after himself too, so it's a good thing sometimes a days comed by, there is not work for him, which is an extra day off.

When Jan was at work yesterday, I did do some things myself. Changed the bedsheets, and did the ironing of the dry laundry. Good I did, cause today a new load should come out.
That will be all for today,  I think I will take the "day off"together with Jan and have all the time tomorrow to run around the house and go shopping etc.
I just came from my friend Snowy's blog and read she already has made a Christmas kit. Wow, she's quick! I know she has done that becauese in December she is going to the US again, but still it's real early. By the way, you should take a look at her blog, she has a great freebie for you!
Still, time is running fast, so may be I should at least think about a Christmaskit. Could be fun, and change a bit of the "regular"thing. Who knows, may be today is a good day for it.

Freebie for today is a kit named "Once Again", together with matching clusters from Arlene.
Wishing you a lovely day!
Dwonload   HERE

Download   HERE


Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

O so hope you find the mystery with the leak and get it fixed. Can be such a nuisance and the damage can be expensive if not fixed early! We are experiencing lovely weather right now, great fall so far! Thanx a bunch for the new kit and clusters and no, it is not too early to think of Christmas, will be here before you know it! LOL! Well, have a marvelous day off with Jan, just relax and enjoy being together! Hugs!! Mat

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBB Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 7 post on Oct. 15, 2012. Thanks again.

Dani said...

Thank you for the kit - the baby carriage is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Hello and Thank you for this lovely kit and clusters.
I hope you can find the leak and get it fixed too, it could be very expensive to repair the water damage if it can't be found soon...

Edna B said...

Gosh, I hope the leak gets fixed soon. I know that plumbers can cost lots of money, but sometimes it's the quickest way to get a leak fixed before it causes a lot of damage in the ceilings and floors. I had a leak that went unchecked for a long time, and I ended up having to tear up the whole floor, fix the leak and put in all brand new flooring.

Did I mention that I love your blog background? The more I look at it, the prettier it appears to be. Nice work!

Does Jan have a rain coat and hat? Maybe that would help keep him dry on the rainy days.

Now I'm off to watch "Are you smarter than a fifth grader?" Funny how some of the question seem to hard! lol. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

HappyScreens said...

Thanks to you both for the kit and clusters - love the color combination.