Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I saw the sun yesterday LOL!

Goodmorning everybody!

It is waking up early all week, because Jan has all days morning shifts. It isn;t so bad to get up early, it is done easier when a whole week is at a same schedule. I hate those changing shifts, one day morning the other the evening, in that way you never come into a certain rythm.
But we are lucky this week.
And it's also nice, because you still have a big chunk free in the afternoon and the whole evening.

we have a date for his MRI finally, it will be on the 5th of November. Glad it is rather soon, I just hope the results will be without striking news, you never know with such a thing.
Then he has to go back to his doctor two weeks after to hear about the results.

You'll never gueass what is going to happen today! Yeah, I managed to get hold of 2nd floor neighbour, to make an appointment for today for roofgutter repair, and also got hold of 1st floor neighbour for it.Husband of the 2nd floor is home all afternoon, 1st floor guy wasn;t all too happy, but finally agreed to come late afternoon. Now here is hoping it will get fixed good enough, then only there is the rest of the pipe to replace down to the ground floor, but that's the easy part.
Oh my if it might be true, that all can dry and stay that way, how happy I will be!

It was real nice weather yesterday, morning a bit cloudy, even a few drops of rain, but later in the morning the sun peeped out. So I went out then to do some shopping, it was a great temperature.
I also managed to wash the new load of laundry, had a sweep with the vacuum cleaner and gave the wooden floor also a quick cleaning. And I also made for the first time fondant(or is it fudge???). It is very sweet, but you can make it a bit less if you want, but oh, I just LOVE that candy, which is usually made around our Sinterklaas holiday, on the 5th of December.
I still remember the one an auntie of mine made, lots and lots of years ago, she made it with dark chocolote taste, yummie!!!! And it turned out already not bad, Jan said he gave me 7 points for it, well???? Next time I will use even finer sugar for it, and some more chocolate in it.
It's made in little rounds, or bigger forms too like heartspaes. Here some examples:
Oh, before going on to freebies download, first I have some blogs for you to go to, for either some great layout or some real lovely freebies.
Scroll down a bit on Edna's blog!

Now my freebie, and Arlene's too!
We both are rather busy with some Christmaskits and matching clusters, but they will not be posted yet, of course. I think that will be at the start of December. But don;t worry, there are plenty of "general kits"in store LOL!
Today a soft pastel kit, named "Seems Like Yesterday".
Have to do a bit of ironing today, it's not too much, so plenty of time probably, to do some designing too!
Have a great day, take care!
Download    HERE

Download    HERE


Edna B said...

So glad to hear your weather is holding nice. Ours is too. What a pleasure not having to run the heat all the time. Let's hope the guys can get that leak fixed for good. As usual, the new kit and clusters are just lovely. Soon it will be November, and just as quick December. Kyra, where has the year gone? Remember when we were younger? A day lasted forever. Now it only lasts moments. Go figure! You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

Bright Eyes said...

So nice to finally have time to pop in on a regular basis. Beautiful kit. Thanks so much.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Hooray for you! Good luck with the leak fixing!Thanx for the kind comments and the lovely, lovely kit and clusters! Until Friday....have a great one! Hugs!! Mat

Anonymous said...

Hello and Thank you once again for the lovely downloads, you both do such lovely work.
I hope all goes well with the work and the leak is fixed for good...

Unknown said...

Still having a wonderful time exploring your kits. I am so excited about the possibilities here. I am also checking out the wonderful blog pages you have shared here. I wanted to tell you, I love the pictures of the fudge. I am out on the road all the time now but when I am home for the holidays I go crazy making candy and cookies... Thank you for sharing. I truly love your blog.