Monday, October 01, 2012

Hopes for a better month to come!

Goodmorning everybody!

September played some real nasty tricks on us! Jan,s bike stolen, iron no t working anymore, new one bought. Then all the misery with Dikkie Dik, some other small things I even do not bother to mention, all together in one month. And now Jan has a strange spot on his leg, that even disturbes him, (first he thought it was just a bad bruise, but it didn;t go away, and has a strange shape and colors) so he goes to the doctor this morning. Oh yes, our doorbell "died"also, it's one wire free, but changing batteries didn;t help, so I'll have to buy us another one.
That in short was it all I think LOL.
Enough is enough for a while!

Let's hope October will not play tricks on us ad that we get back into our "boring"life, oh I cannot wait!
The weekend was quiet, thank God, although not so much for Jan. Saturday morning he had a shift, so that was still allright, but yesterday he had a double one. Morning from 7.30 till 13.00 and then evening from 18.00 till 23.00. All together long hours!
Glad he has a free day today, and if nothing changes, he starts wrok tomorrow evening, gives him another day to take it easy, hopefully!

During the weekend I was busy on a new kit, and I was adding and adding and I think it will need two downloads, I better split the kit up in two files, easier to download.
Soon I should start slowly on making some Christmaskits again! I know everybody is thinking."oh, that's still far away from us"......... but nothing of that is true! Believe me, you will be busy with decorating and planning dinners for it and already I'll give you advise to search for presents now. Perhaps you can buy some in a sale, and it will keep away the stress LOL!
(And don;t you LOVE a bit the view of your "hiding place"place for those presents, filling itself with all kind of things, and the pleasure you already have looking at them, knowing the receiver and imagining the look on their face, opening the present?)

I am thinking of calling Heidi later this morning to see if she has a moment today, so I can pay a little visit. It's about time we see eachother again and I still have to tell her about Dikkie Dik(it first was her cat, just like Brodski). Then I also must spend some time on the ironing board. Oh my, how quick the heap of clean clothes can grow?
Hmmm, I think the doorbell has to wait till tomorrow. Lucky we live groundfloor, we sticked a little note next to the door, telling people bell isn;t working and they have to knock on the window.
If we lived on 1st or 2nd floor, that would have been difficult, hey? Then I should have put a ladder LOL! Stupid little joke, I know, but sometimes I have to much fantasy and then I see those things happen in front of my eyes.

And it's again freebie time, and yes, I have a kit with matching clusters from Arlene!
The kit is named "Je Me Souviens..." (I Remember.......), in nice soft colors, and can be used for a lot of things. Oh, I also have some more Autumn kits, but that will be for later this week and soon I will post my Halloween kit.
Okay, Jan is almost ready to go to the doctor, I hope it will be a minor thing, to solve with some pills or cream or whatever.
Then I will jump under the shower and then call Heidi.

Yes, once again I want to thank everybody for their sweet support and all during the last week concerning Dikkie Dik. It was a heartwarming experience, but I knew we scrapbook friends are nice people! All of you, a big "thank you"hug from me (and from Jan too).
Have a nice day and good start of October!
Download the kit   HERE

Download Arlene's clusters   HERE


Edna B said...

Today is a new month, and I hope it's much nicer for you. I hope Jan's appointment goes well too. It seems like when bad things happen, they happen in big bunches. Now it is time for the good stuff. I love the colors in your new kit, so soft and peaceful. Now I have to go check on the Mrs. (I'm at work). You have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I could not sleep so have not been to bed and now the day starts so will do my downloading early! LOL!! This is a pretty selection. Hope we all have a fabulous October and yes, Christmas is knocking on our door already! Man time flies lately! LOL! Hugs for a beautiful week for you and hope Jan's news at doctor is not serious! Mat

Anonymous said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely downloads.
I also hope this month is good for you and Jan...