Wednesday, September 26, 2012

We are so sad!

Goodmorning everybody!

Monday morning I could get hold of Dikkie Dik, but he had to stay in the room for a couple of hours, till we could go to the vet. And he had to go out for a little pee or so, and so Jan let him out, saying he had to because Dikkie already was stressed. I wasn't happy with it, but couldn;t blame him. Well, I tried calling him, and finally he showed up on a little shedroof, but far away enough we couldn;t reach him. He knew something was going on!
And that was the last we saw of him. I think we will not see him anymore.
It's not his way of staying away from home for two days now. So Jan and I think he went to his favourite place somewhere outside and left this world.
The same happened with our former cat!
But it's so frustrating not to know what happened to him. I know somewhere in my heart he probably will not show up again, but we will keep an eye for him still this week.
I was all messed up yesterday, oh, I did some things in the house, kept busy, more to say, did something at the computer, but every hour or so I went into the garden and whistled for him, without result.
It hurts me to know he spent his last moments all alone, I've wanted it to be in a different way.
But he was more an outdoor cat than an inside cat, perhaps it suited him.
Forgive me, to talk such a long time about him, but he was such a sweet cat, and I cannot help that I have again tears in my eyes, while typing this.
And it looks as if his brother Brodski somehow knows it. He also behaved a bit different the last couple of days.
We still have a little shred of hope, but deep down in my heart I know different.
We'll just have to accept that those things happen.
(Thanks to Florence for this sweet quickpage)

Well, back to daily business now, life goes on, we must carry on, how hard it may sound, it's true.

I've decided to post some more clusters from Arlene today and Friday, to catch up with the kits, and then next week I'll be able to post the kits as well as the matching clusters.
I hope that's okay with you.
Fist are the clusters from the "Change of Season kit."
Download    HERE

Then here the "Go Steampunk"clusters.
Download   HERE

Still it doesn't feel completely right, just posting Arlene's clusters, so I dug up an older kit, that was only available for download on Minky's special blog, and I think a lot of you might not have downloaded it. So here a little fantasy kit, named "Fairies Dream Too". Hope it still will be of use for some of you. For the ones who have this kit already, sorry ladies, but probably already Friday I will have a new thing to download for you, and next Monday we start with the usual downloads, a whole kit and matching clusters.
Aren't you too cross with me LOL?
Have to shake myself up a bit, still feeling down about Dikkie Dik, but there are thinggs to be done(although I probably will peep out every now and then in the garden to take a hopefull look around, yeah I know, it's against better knowing it, but still...). Thanks for all your sweet words and support, it cannot really ease the hurt, but it helps a lot! You are fantastic!

Download    HERE


Anonymous said...

Thanks to Arlene who made gorgeous clusters and frames, and thank you so much for this beautiful kit, I didn't have it.
Well, just reading your first words brought me back when I was a teenager...I lost my lovely cat, we never found her back, and I had so much sorrow... But life goes on, so take your time, I'm sure you will have better days.
How could we be cross with you?!? You are so generous with those who follow your blog!!!
Thanks to you, my photos look great now!

Anonymous said...

Hello and Thank you for the lovely downloads.
It's always very sad to lose our beloved pets. I hope you find out what happened to Dikkie Dik, hopefully somebody has been caring for him and you will see him again...

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Thanks Arlene for all the lovely, lovely clusters and Kyra, the Fairies Dream Too is beautiful, thanks! So glad you found Dikki Dik. Hope the vet can help when you take him in! Lovely page made for him too! Just keeping you in my prayers that he will be okay! I know how much he means to you! Well, off for an xray and MRI. Have a great day! Hugs!! Mat

HappyScreens said...

It's wonderful that you have Dikkie Dik for a little longer.
Thanks for the pretty Faeries Dream and thank to Arlene for the lovely clusters. I love the cattails, mushrooms and flowers!