Friday, January 18, 2019

Sorry for not checking the blog!

Hello eveyone!
Just now I noticed that my last post wasn;t published!
So there is nothing to worry about, just perhaps Blogger, or may be me not being accurate enough, was to blame.
Good, hope all is okay again,
I'll be there Sunday, if all is well.

A year older, do I notice??? Not really!

Goodafternoon everybody!

I am aweful late today, it's already late afernoon.
First I woke up late, then I did some housework in between watched sport on tv, speedskating spring and also allround EK Championship.
Plus also EK Championship short track skating.

We did well, so it was a good day for Dutch speed skating lovers.

Weather here is kind of dull and grey, rather cloudy most of the time, now and then some rain, some days with stronger wind, even one day almost stormy, but temperatures are okay , just around 6-8 C.

My birthday was a nice day, nothing really special, but just nice, some sweet telephonecalls, a few cards, we had a nice dinner and when we had our coffee a bit after it, I had a yummie piece of cake.
So I am a year older, not that I really notice. As usual in the head I still feel something like in the 40's, but there I also know that I am not and my body tells me the same LOL!
Rest of the week went by quietly, there isn;t really much to tell.

I fear this is all there is to tell, sounds very boring, but there are happening enough little things, only I don;t think they are all really worthwhile to write about, or may be I just forget about some of them.
Hopefully I will have a more interesting post next week.
I do, however, have a download for you Clusters from Arlene, made with the Joie de Vivre kit.
Oh, before I forget, thanks for the nice birthdaywishes, you are so nice to me.
Gosh, it is already almost time to go to the kitchen to prepare our dinner, yes, that late it is.
Have a wonderful week, stay safe.

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Sunday, January 06, 2019

Nearer to be a pensionado this year!

Goodafternoon everybody!

First of all I want to wish everybody a wonderful and happy New Year!

Our New Year's Eve was just quiet but so cozy, we enjoyed some good tv, and at midnight the temperature wasn't too bad so we did go just a step outside our door to watch some of the firework.
And some neighbours wished us a happy New Year, always nice, isn;t it?

The new year's day we, as more or less tradition, watch the new Year's concert from Vienna. it's so nice, not too difficult music, some wonderful views of Vienna and some of the buildings, having our morning/lunch coffee and just being lazy!

we already started this week to put away some of the Christmas decorations. We just left the tree and the manger, because today is the holiday of the 3 Kings, that visited the new born Child.
So tomorrow we will do the rest into the boxes, and all will look as usual again. Also have done a stash of laundry of all the Christmas throws and doilies, plus some usual laundry too.
In a way it is nice to have the room back to "normal", but I also will miss it for a little while. Most of it the little Christmaslights, they give such a warm light and look great. May be  I will hold back a little string of lights and put them e.g. on the wooden shelf at the fireplace. It is kind of a dark place in the evening, so that might be an idea.

And then on Tuesday I will have my birthday, oh boy, I will reach the age of 66! Jan will have his birthday 3 weeks later, and then we will have to hold on for another 4 months and then....... we will have our state pension(with some pension we built up during our working days).

Oh, I can't wait till that day will come.

Weather here is a bit boring, but not too bad. At least we don;t have frost and snow and for that I am already grateful. Still we have some tricky months ahead of us, January, February and March can have very strange weather. Just when it looks that Spring is around the corner suddenly there could be cold, frost and snow. I really hope we will be spared of that! Good thing however is that we are getting longer daylight. I hate it to wake up in the morning and it is still dark. Okay, at the moment it still is darkish around 8 o'clock in the morning, but every week it will be better. I think it gives you more energy when you wake up and it is light and, even better, the sun is shining!

This week I even managed to make a little kit for you. I named it Joie de Vivre (Joy of Living).
Hopefully I will be able to make another one this week. I have some things to do that have priority, some phonecalls to make to city council, tax office and such and fill in some forms. All to do with the upcoming state pension. Pfffff, you know they have all information, but still you have to fill in forms with everything the same things. Frustrating sometimes!

Good, I must look at the washing machine, think the laundry will be ready. Just have to hang it out to dry and in one or two days I will do the ironing and I can put away a lot of things.
Then for the rest of the day I will do not much anymore, LOL.
Our dinner is easy,  yesterday I made us a big pan of soup(with brown beans, potatoes, vegetables and smoked sausage) and there is enough left to have another meal today. Great planning, Kyra!hahahaha.

Have a wonderful day and week ahead.
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