Sunday, April 08, 2018

Spring is finally here.

Goodafternoon everybody!

Oh yes, the last two days we have nice weather, with temperatures around 17-19 even 20C(if the sun is shining. What a miracle!
It is good weather to be in the garden, and Jan is doing that as much as he can. I am still not the biggest help for him, still have to be careful with the knee.
But.... we have the start of tomatoes, if they all will grow well we might have several different sorts of tomatoes in summer. That would be fantastic. Some other seeds already come up now, and with the suddenly rather warm temperatures it helps a lot.
Now I am crossing fingers that the seeds Jan threw out in the garden in full soil, will come up too. If only half of it will do weel, we already will have lots of flowers and color this summer.

We had a very quiet week, which is a very good thing.
The operation of my friend Heidi went well, she came home the same day she went to hospital for it. She had to be there real early morning and could go home early evening. Now she has to take a lot of rest, to give all the wounds opportunity to heal well. I hope she will have the patience to give it enough time.

We will have about the whole week those nice temperatures, may be later it will drop to 16C, but that is still nice for now. Not tyoo much rain is expected, which is a good thing too, soil needs to dry a bit.
Oh, I really hope this kind of weather will stay on for some longer time, and if possible that we will have such nice temperatures on the 27th of April, when we will have our Kingsday. On that day the king will visit one or two twons in the Netherlands, together with the whole family, and in the whole country there will be fairs and all kind of activities. And good weather helps a lot to have a fun day.

I have a new kit for you today, named it Cozy at Home. Next week I will have the clusters for you, hope that is okay.
About time now I take a sandwich and perhaps take a look around the garden)only if the sun is shining LOL).
Take care, and till next week.
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Edna B said...

It's so good to hear that Spring has finally arrived in your neighborhood. Jan will blossom now that he can spend time out in the sunny garden. You too, my friend. Healing is easier when you can sit out in the garden. I hope the good weather stays now.

It's supposed to warm up a bit here in a few more days. We'll see. The plants are all pushing up through the ground, and there are new buds on the rose bushes.

I'm so glad to hear that Heidi is doing well now, and I hope that she takes it real easy till all is healed. I love the colors in your new kit. So pretty. Thank you. (I love the dog and cat too!) You have a wonderful week my friend, hugs, Edna B.

Corrine Corbin said...

I'm not sure about the Temps because I never studied Celsius as they do in every country except mine. as long as you like it that's great. I've been dealing with a lot of rain and more wind than I like. I have put a temp 10' x 10'm tent/shed in out back yard so we have a place to put the things I'm packing for my move in about 7 weeks. When it rains over night, I go out back and push the collection on the tarp off the side. Big splash and it runs in under the side of the tent so only plastic containers can be on the bottom.
Thank you for the lovely new kit. I spotted the dog snuggles with the cat...don't I wish. When our dogs get too close to Mrs. Beasley she hisses and growls...runs them off. you'd think they'd learn after 2 years but not these critters. Mrs. Beasley's birthday is Monday the 16th. She will be 16 yrs old, which is pretty good for a cat.

Again Thank you for the kit. will be looking for the clusters next week. something to look forward to.
Hugs from Washington State and prayers for you and Jan.

Dawn Campbell said...

Thank you for the beautiful kit. Happy to hear you finally are getting some well deserved warm weather. We are still having really cold temps at night-sometimes -28C! But this upcoming week is supposed to finally be around +1C and 2. Yeah us! Lol.
Also so happy to read such a more positive report on Jan! Meaning "no news is good news"
Enjoy the warmth, your garden and take care of your knee. Hugs.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you Kyra for this lovely download. It is good you finally have some better weather, I also hope it stays a while for you...

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Hello my friend, nice to hear that weather your way is cooperating! Here in my corner of the world it is still on a roller coaster. One day cold, one day warm next day it rains and hails and is very windy, then the cycle starts over. Cannot make up its mind for sure! LMBO! Glad you are both doing well and that Heidi is recuperating! Thanks so much for the lovely kit, it is a very nice gift as usual! Hugs, Mat