Sunday, March 18, 2018

Recovering, slowly, but steady.

Goodafternoon everybody!

We have a wicked cold weekend here! We suffer from eastern winds and it brings us freezing weather, specially at night. At the coast we are kind of the lucky ones, with about -4C night and around zero day, but with the wind added, it feels much colder.
It seems however that later this week wind will change direction and then you see that the temperatures rise, somewhat, which is a good thing.

Jan has a bit of Spring feeling over him and has started to sow some seeds(indoors). We both are very curious to see if any of them will bring us some plants, LOL.
Jan's health is about steady at the moment, so we are already happy with that. Next week he will have another control and appointment at his doctor, yeah, she is still keeping a close eye on him!

And how am I doing with my knee. Well, it is a slow process. Last Tuesday I went again to my doctor, he took a look at it and prescribed me another batch of the same medicins and I have another appointment with him in two weeks.
It is going better, size almost to normal, still having bit of trouble with the muscles at the side and the knee cap. doctor said that it was heavily bruised. He asked if I had fysiotherapy in my health insurance, and I don;t have any(I just have basic, additional assurance is too expensive at the moment for us). It doesn;t matter too much, I just have to move around regularly and I can do some exercise myself.
I did went shopping last Friday and it was going already better, and I could walk for a bit longer. So I must be patient and give it time and walk slowly and it will be okay in some time.

Today is the closing of the Olympic Paralympics, and it seems that we have won several medals there. But that is about all I know, because it was in the news, and there is very little on tv about it. Late in the evening like half an hour coverage and that's about it. I find it very humiliating and a bad thing. Why don;t they mix it with the "valid"Olympic sporters? I think abled and disabled athletes do as much each for their sport, may be it is even sometimes harder for the disabled and we should be more proud of them.
There was once, I think, a woldchampionship atlethics and there they mixed the races and it was a large succes. People should grow on it, and it is as exciting as "normal" matches and races.
I hope that in nearby future the people of the Olympic comitees come to their senses and do the right thing.

Okay, I don't have any more things to tell, I believe, so time to give you the scrapbook kit! It is a rather "heavy"one, so I splitted it into two downloads. I named it Nocturnal Poem, and it is in one colorscheme, in blue. Next time you will have Arlene's clusters.
Have a awesome week and stay safe and healthy!

Download part 1 HERE
Download part 2 HERE


Anonymous said...

Hi Kyra Hope You & Jan Are Soon To Feel Much Better.So Sorry You Both Are Suffering.Keep Safe & Thank You For Gorgeous new Kit Night Poem Beautiful Hugs:)xxx

Sue Kimmet said...

Thank you.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for the lovely downloads Kyra. It is good to hear your knee is getting better and that Jan is doing well.
I agree with you about the Para Olympics, we don't get much coverage of them here either. For many of the competitors it would be more difficult to compete than a fully able person. They should at least get more recognition than they currently do...

Edna B said...

Glad to hear that Jan is getting better. I can't wait to hear if his seedlings grow to be plants.

Your knee is going to take quite a while to heal. Just don't overdo until it has healed. I wonder if you had reported your fall to the store where it happened if they would have taken care of your medical expenses, including that therapy.

Pogo and I are back home now. Lots of snow everywhere and it is cold! We have another storm coming in couple more days. I just hope it doesn't bring tons more snow.

Here's hoping for some nice weather for you and us. Kyra, I'm praying for a speedy healing for you. You have a super week my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

Scarette said...

I love these colors! I don't need to open this to know that it is wonderful kit. Thank you!

Corrine Corbin said...

I think it was 2 days ago I read your post and downloaded the first part of the new post but then got distracted by my daughter and started some planning (long distance even) with my daughter for my move back to Grand Junction Colorado. I am so looking forward to having my own house being in charge again. My daughter went to classes for being a care giver and has already been talking with the VA Hospital in Grand Jct. and besides the training on caregivers she took an extra class that allows her to make sure I'm taking my meds as needed and she's certified to load the med machine and bring me the caps on time. She will also keep her other job as a volunteer getting homeless peoples qualified for cell phones.
Anyway, I wanted to thank you for the new kit. I love the colors. Going to get the part 2 now since I didn't do it Sunday.
Thanks and HUGS from Washington State.

Dawn Campbell said...

Thank you for the beautiful kit. I love it! Been wondering how things were going for you two but figured no news is good news. Glad to hear it's going pretty good. The weather certainly has been nasty all over the world! I have this feeling our world is going into a free fall with nothing to stop all the outrageous things that are going on.
I lost my dear ex son-in-law last Sat. Only 52 and cancer throughout his body. He was gone in less than 3 months from beginning of diagnosis. So very sad and he was just like a second son to me. Hate to say it but life goes on. And he was in terrible pain so now he will be at rest. Loving wishes that things continue to improve in your and Jan lives. Hugs.

Snowy said...

Hello :) Good to hear you are slowly getting better with your knee. Yes, the weather was cold , but we have a few days of spring now , before we apparently will be having more freezing temperatures and risk of snow for the Easter weekend. They call it "Beast from the East -round 3" because it already hit us twice.I hope it won't be too bad again, we got snow once and were lucky the second time. I also planted my seeds indoors but I really need to tidy up and plant some stuff outside. But I guess there is no point before the freezing temperatures are gone for good. Take it easy with your knee and get well again :) Hugs Snowy

Галина Косинова said...

Ваши наборы-удивительны-прекрасны!Большое спасибо за Ваше творчество!Желаю Вам обоим быстрейшего выздоровления!