Saturday, October 14, 2017

Hectic days around here

Goodafternoon everybody!

last week Jan was hospitalized as I still wrote and had a drain in his belly on Thursday and there came out around 14 litrs of ugly fluid.
They removed the drain Friday morning and they sent him home in the afternoon.
I wasn;t happy about that, thinking it was too soon.
But okay, he didn;t had this strain on his belly anymore which already was wonderful.
The hospital chainged a bit of his meddicins, also he had to beunder control of the thrombosis service. During the weekend I already noticed Jan wasn;t feeling all too good, he also started to have some coordination trouble, was wobbly on his feet, really distracted, talked not so good anymore. So I started to worry again(and I knew he was too).
But Monday came the thrombosis service and give him the scheme for the next few days.
But that Monday things got slowly worse and I already wanted to call for the doctor. He didn;t yet, so we struggled through the Monday and Monday night(I almost didn;t get any sleep, logical).
Then Tuesday morning Jan was up early and me too and I asked him what to do now.
He asked me to call our housedoctor, hoorray.
As he is just a few steps away from our house, I quickly got dressed and walked to the office. Explained to the assistant and she said the doctor would come over during lunchtime.
So he did and he decided Jan had to go to hospital again. As Jazn was in no condition to go by taxi or tram, doctor ordered ambulance.
It took hours again till Jan was actually in a room again, during the researches at ER  walked to the department of his specialist, explaining what was goping on and that Jan couldn;t come to the appointment on Thursday. and I urged the assistants there to inform his specialist and that we wanted to talk to her .
Well, she came yesterday to Jan in hospital and had a long talk with him. During her visit to him I came to visit too and was sooooo happy to see her sitting on Jan's bed there!
seems there were made some mistakes with his medication, also some miscommunication with us, so she wanted Jan to stay for a bit longer time in hospital to get everything back on track and do some good research and have a good control on him. Oh, I was so happy to hear that.
Normally it could have been he was sent home again on Friday, but now at least his is staying during all weekend. may be on Monday he can go home, but if you ask me, I rather would see him in hospital even a few days longer.
But Jan is getting better already. Okay, his condition is really zero, after a little walk he is exhausted, but the coordination is almost back again, speech is back again, his eyes look "good"again, so that already is a profit. Seems he had too much urine tablets, so he got dehydrated.
And he had too much bloodthinner meds too, so he is on a rather new schedule of meds and mg. of that.
All by all again a stressing period.
I really hope this time when he comes home again, all will slowly get better again and will "settle"itself again.
Now I really have to hurry a bit, to get ready for visit to hospital soon.
So till next time, and hoping it will be better news.


Anonymous said...

sorry Jan is still so ill. I was almost afraid to check your blog for fear that there would be horrible news. glad to hear that they may have finally figured out what is going on with Jan Hugs for both of you Suzanne

Edna B said...

Gosh almighty, when it rains, it pours!! I'm so sorry that Jan had to go through all that awful stuff because of the meds. Hopefully, this time he will be able to stay in the hospital long enough for the doctor to make sure he is alright before sending him home.

This is a very trying time for you too my friend. Hang in there. Soon Jan will be back home with you and you'll be much happier and settled. That's what I'm hoping for you.

You take care of yourself, and have an awesome day. Hugs, Edna B.

fl_connie said...

((Hugs)) Hope all will soon be well again - and remember to take care of yourself, too!

Dawn Campbell said...

Oh my goodness. What a time you and Jan are having as it is just as stressful on you as it is on Jan. I'm happy to hear the specialist finally got a hand on things and it is going better now. Best place for him is in the hospital till it is finally straightened out! I agree there.
I keep watching for updates from you and so happy you did this one.
Take care, both of you. Hugs and healing vibes coming to you both.

Garla Reed said...

Oh Kyra, you have really been under a lot of stress and I know that your worried about Jan, but it is good that he is in the hospital and hopefully they will not release him until it is really a good time for him to go home.
Try and rest dear, don't over do it or you will be sick yourself.
It is really good to see your post as I have been wondering how he was doing and knew that you were not on the computer much so I haven't emailed you.
I am sending lots of love and hugs to you both.... Beth xxxxx

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Dearest Kyra, OMG! So happy to hear the fluids are gone for Jan, but....the med mixup could have been so very serious! I am so happy he is at least in the hospital! Dehydration can really cause lots of confusion! Bless both of you, you have really been through the wringer! I am hoping that he is much better and that you are able to get some rest! Sending hugs and healing prayers for both of you! Mat

Галина Косинова said...

Очень жаль,что Ян себя плохо чувствовал. Очень надеюсь,что с каждым днем ему будет лучше и лучше.Желаю Вам всем здоровья.

Corrine Corbin said...

Sorry to hear about Jan's trouble. And it sounds like almost what I went through. Not pleasant at all. Hopefully by now when you read this you can say he's home and all is going pretty good!

I;m saying prayers for Jan and for you and your nerves.
Hugs to both of you.