Friday, November 11, 2016

I love Strictly come dancing on BBC

Goodmorning everybody!

Weather here still not really bad, although much less than it was We have days with rain, every now and then some sunshine, temperatures real crisp around 5-6 C( at times a little bit frost at night)
Next week temperatures ahould rise again to around 10 C, already much better LOL.

Yes, on Saturdays I watch a program on the BBC, "Strictly come dancing" and I love it. It's about celebrities of sport, or hosts on tv, or actors or whatever you can think of, who are paired to a professional ball room dancer and have to perform every week another dance. And not every pair has to do the same dance the same week, so there is a lot of variety. And some of the celebrities are very taleneted in it, some others have difficulties, but that is just the fun of it. I admire their enthousiasme and labour, because it is hard work!
And then you have the stage settings and costumes and all to admire too, plus a good dose of humour to it, just great for a Saturday evening tv.
May be you like to get an idea of it I have a link for you:
I hope you still can watch the episode of the Halloween. May be not for all the dances, but just look at the costumes and make-up, fantastic!

Last week Saturday evening Jan cam home feeling kind of ill. He had a bit of diarrhea and abdominal cramps and just didn't felt real good.
So I phoned Sunday to the volunteerwork-place to tell them Jan couldn;t come that afternoon. It seems there was a virus spooking around there, giving the complaints Jan had. Probably he catched it, poor thing.
It took some days to get rid of it, I am not sure it is completely gone yet(but Jan almost never gives any information, not by himself and very little when I ask something, real difficult hubby!), so we both thought it would be better if Jan stayed home this weekend too and first completely get rid of that virus No use in going there again and catching it for perhaps a second time, makes no sense.
I phoned them yesterday, so that they still have time to perhaps find somebody else to help with making dinner(that is sandwiches and soup and sometimes and extra for the people staying there).

I told you about the green parakeet Japie, the one with not too many feathers? He still is around, but there is no chance in catching him and bringing him in the house. The parakeets still are"wild"and should stay so. May be  can figure out a kind of little house or so attached on the little shed, where a bird could stay rather protected, although I doubt it if Japie really would sit there. 
But there are more and more prakeets visiting our garden again(of course, here they get food LOL) but also lots of titmouses of different kinds, I even saw once or twice a robin!

Yesterday  was kind of busy here, I did change the bedsheets, did some vacuumcleaning, did some ironing, made dinner in advance( and I have enough for today also), feeded the birds, did still some other things I cannot remember anymore, so i think today I will take it easier.
And that leaves me with some designing time at the computer too.
Today I have an Autumn kind of kit, named Harvest Time and I give you Arlene's clusters at the same time.
Time to leave you now, have a wonderful day and weekend and make the most of it and stay safe!

Download    HERE

Download   HERE


Basima Bilgrami said...

Thank you so much Kyra for your beautiful kits and thanks Arlene for the clusters made from them.
I regularly visit your blog for the lovely freebies... and really appreciate you sharing your talent... thank you so much!!

Scarette said...

Thanks for the BBC Link. I will investigate! As always, thank you for your beautiful creations and gracious generosity.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Good Morning, it is still quite early 6:30 and I am trying to get my blog reading done quickly....LOL! I was way too busy running to doctor and grocery shopping to pay much attention to my computer yesterday or day before! It is finally beginning to feel like fall with our temps in the low 70's (FINALLY)....I am still paying for mowing services and I'm hoping it slows soon.
Hopefully, Jan is feeling up to par again real soon, hate catching a "bug" from being in crowds of people. That is why I try so hard to stay away from doctor's offices...ROFL!
Poor Japie, hope he makes it through your winter and that he can take refuge in a little warm shack (but yes, they should stay free). I have all my Critter Condos ready for the outdoors fur babies that I feed. They have been using them for the rains we've had last 4 days!
Your Saturday show is somewhat like our "Dancing With the Stars" (that I love to watch too). Well, off now to finish up some traveling to the blogs...have a terrific weekend and thanks ever so much for the lovely gift from you and Arlene! Awesome colors! Hugs galore sent your way until next chat! Mat

Edna B said...

Your Autumn kit is lovely. Thank you my friend. I did look at the link for the dance show, and I will come back and watch a few of the episodes later today.

This morning I'm hoping to go shopping with SIL Eddie to see how we can close the porch for the winter. That's first on my list of things to do.

Of course, Pogo just loves to go shopping. He doesn't care what we are looking for. He loves meeting all the people. He's quite the "customer charmer."

I do hope your little parakeet makes it through the winter. Maybe a little insulated house will help. Well, it's time for me to get ready to go out. You have a super day my friend, hugs, Edna B.

Corrine Corbin said...

Hello from the US, it's still pretty chaotic over here with the protesters and anarchists who are intent on causing trouble but they are getting paid to do it. Sources have linked the protesters to the Billionaire George Soros, who is paying them and bussing them in from outside states to cause trouble. Very sad for our new President Elect to have to deal with this. Be glad you live in a peaceful country.

I love the new kit. And Arlene, I especially like the Turkey on top of the hay bale on the wagon! Nice touch. Thanks to both of you lovely ladies.

Corrine Corbin said...

I just went out and used the link you put out there and watched week 8 dancers. One clip wouldn't work but I watched the others. My favorite was the Judge. He was so enthusiastic and kept up with his partner just like a 'pro'. It's pretty easy to pick the professional dancer over the celebrity because they accentuate the foot movements more than the non professional. I really enjoyed the clips. Thanks for sharing!

Garla Reed said...

Another beautiful kit that you have made. Thank you so much, it is delightful and with our Thanksgiving in the U.S. coming up it will be perfect for some pages I would like to do.

I am so very sorry about the baby parakeet. I have good hopes that he will survive the winter. It is beautiful weather here and for the forecasts it is supposed to be a mild winter but I listened to the weather yesterday and they said that November is fickle and can be beautiful right up to the end of the month and then turn nasty wet and icy. I really hope that is not the case.

Kyra, thank you ever so much for your comment on my blog. Thank you for sharing with me your story. I am much calmer and we will get thru this simply because we love each other. I was so angry and hurt that it seemed much bigger than I could handle at the time. Normally I don't fuss on my blog. (Sorry about that). I am happy to report that things are much better here on the home front.

Have a very sweet day and I do hope that Jan gets to feeling better. I will love to watch the video. Thank you for the link... Hugs, Beth

Gartenzauber 2008 said...

Wow...thank you so much Kyra for your beautiful kits.

hugs Waltraud

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you Kyra and Arlene for these wonderful pieces...