Friday, November 13, 2015

We aren't always the most lucky ones!

Goodmorning everybody!

Wow, what a week this was. Some of it quiet and good, some of it completely opposite.
We had another leak from the neighbour upstairs!
Wednesday I was rather late at home, Jan too had left,nothin special about that though. Okay, Imade dinner and then we both took a short nap, it sometimes happens.
Awake again we had our coffee and Jan walked to the rear back of the room, just to take a look into the garden(not that there was much to see, all dark already) but he though it was raining. rain outside. No the noise he thought was a bit of rain came from the inside of our living room!
So he turned on the light there and good heavens, a pool of water on the floor, looking around, one wall wet and dripping, and oh so lucky the dripping from the ceiling just beside my piano!
Well, you can imagine what kind of words and expressions came from our mouth.!!!
We already noticed that upstairs they were busy with the appartment. And they were ripping all and it will be renovated, I guess. But they have waterpipes all over the place, (for extra baths and a jacuzzi and such) abd probably didn;t shut them all or didn;t shut down properly the watersupply. Whatever!
We had the trouble, again!
Tried of course to contact the owner, and somebody else of whom we had a phonenumber. It isn;t easy to get in touch with them, they always have a voicemail on.
But, oh miracle, one of them called back. He would try to contact the owner and come up with a solution.
I was sooooo pissed off, that I demanded an answer within half an hour, or otherwise I would call police and/ or firebrigade to break in and shut off the water or find whatever was causing the trouble.(They wouldn't be happy with that, we did that already once and it costed them a lot of money).
well, to be a bit short, somebody was sent over, but couldn;t open the door, one lock just wouldn;t open, another person came, broke open the lock, shut off the watersupply, looked if there was anything more.
after that, thank goodness, the dripping stopped slowly and during the night it stopped completely.
We had put sheets of plastic on the floor and some towerls, so there wasnt much damage on the wooden floor, so to see, but a part of one wall doesnt look good, so we will have to paint that again.
I am really fed up with that neighbour now. I think we had trouble with leaks already 4 or 5 times now.
And all the time we don't see the owner, (I think that is very unpolite, to say the least)and so no compensation and it is just a bit too little mess to have the insurance come over.
Now they are still busy in the appartment, and I guess they will be for some weeks, so it isn't really quiet around here, with bangs and booms and sound of a drill at times, and hammering, so I am not yet sitting really relaxed on my chair during the day. And every evening Jan or I check now the whole house, to be sure there isn't another leak or anything else. Not nice.!

But we will survive it, somehow and hopefully soon life will be more peacefull again LOL!

Some good news too, Social benefit was deducting something that we didn;t understand. To cut it short, they made a mistake and we have been payed back. It lasted some time, (these institutions never act quick!)but finally we got the money returned. Hoorray, persistance sometimes pays off !

I am not sure what kind of weather we will have later today. They said at the weather news we might get a stormy afternoon and evening, with some rains or even hail? I surely hope it will not blow too fearce, because Jan has to go to his job today and with severe winds it isn;t nice to be on a bike!
If it is really too nasty he can take a tram, but it takes more time all together.
With that said I might be better go out not too late do do some weekend shopping. Lucky I don;t need too much, but I just forgot a few things yesterday.

Then I have some serious work to do in Photoshop this weekend, to make several previews of clusters and quickpages I got from Arlene, made with my new Christmaskits.Yeah, soon you will be treated with them, starting already the 1st of December. That's the start of the World Wide Christmas Scrapbooking blogtrain.
For today the freebie is also from Arlene, clusters and quickpage made with the Afternoon in September kit.
Have a wonderful weekend, cross your fingers for us that we dont get any more leaks.

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Edna B said...

Oh my gosh, Kyra. I feel so bad for you with all these water leaks. Has anyone checked the inner walls and ceilings for mold? Mold can cause serious health problems and you certainly don't need that. I hope things will stay dry now.

Gosh, even the weather isn't cooperating for you. I feel bad for Jan. I don't like going out in the bad weather. We've been lucky so far this week. All the rain we got was fairly light, and today the sun is shining.

When I finish posting my blog this morning, Pogo and I are going to the town hall to sign my tax papers. I did go out at all yesterday because of my breathing. Today I'm feeling much better.

This afternoon, Joe and I will do some grocery shopping and I'm hoping to pick up a few things for the new baby.

Now I'm off to get started on this new day. You have a fantabulous day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Thanks so much my dear for the lovelies from Arlene!
Oh my, you have more consideration for those upstairs than I would have, so what if it costs them money, maybe if you make them pay often enough, they will get tired of it and FIX things properly. They don't mind causing you anxiety or the expense of having to redo your home. I hope in spite of everything, you and Jan have a great weekend! My niece is coming for a visit with me tomorrow, I am thoroughly looking forward to it too! We have finally gotten some fall temperatures...Wednesday morning it was 71F at 5 a.m. and got up to 83F, then Thursday morning it was 47F....this morning it was 45F and to be in the 30's this next week. I'm glad I have such love bug fur babies...they love to cuddle and keeps me warm too...ROFL! Chat more later, Hugs, Mat

Corrine Corbin said...

Hi Kyra, Nice to hear from you again. Thanks to Arlene for the goodies.

Do you have some sort of housing authority in your town? Should be part of Human Resources or someplace like that? They would be my first call and then the Fire Dept. If the Landlord gets a fine or some sort for not taking care of his property and leaving his tenants in unsafe conditions he might pay attention quicker. And leave an emergency number for times when the indoor rain gets started.

I'm so looking forward to the Christmas kits. Thank you and thanks to everyone helping you.

Stacey said...

Kyra, thanks so much to you and Arlene for these pretty clusters. I'm so glad you demanded answers, and the really should be the ones to pay for the damage and paint job you will need. I know a job like that you don't want to go thru your insurance because you don't want that to go up. I am so glad you at least got some of your money back from the goverment. that is a small victory, but a good one! It always takes time when dealing with them. Hope your weather is nice and that you will be able to get some rest, with all the renovations I know its hard on you. The are definetly rude neighbors to be sure!

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you Kyra and Arlene for these lovely pieces. Kyra, I'm sorry to hear you are having more trouble with your upstairs neighbours. Hopefully this will be the last time you have water leaking into your home. Maybe they will finally get it fixed properly (we can only hope). Try to have a good weekend...