Saturday, September 12, 2015

Should a bit of luck smile upon us. LOL?

Goodmorning everybody!

No, I am not desporate, we just had some tough times this year and I think we deserve a bit of easier one for the rest of the year, hahaha.
May be it started last week. at least we had letters from the tax office that we get a little bit of money back, hoorray, now it has to come on my account, I hope next week it will be done.
There also was something wrong in the social benefits payment, we got that sorted out buy a guy in a social centre(where we come at times to see our volunteer coach), he made an ever so important phonecall, wrote a letter for us, it's on the mail now and now we cross fingers that soon we will receive some money back from that too! And we could do with an extra "reserve".
So perhaps a bit of luck is sprinkled upon us?LOL

Then  didnt hear for already a longer time from Heidi and I began to worry a little bit. We often have weeks, that we have no contact, but it lasted a bit too long now. I tried to phone her, no luck, then finally shed called back, but it was the day before yesterday just at the time I was serving out our dinner, so it wasn't the best time. I called her back later that evening, and her daughter told me she was having a nap. finally yesterday( after still several tries), we got in touch, pfffff. I wasn;t feeling at ease yesterday all day long, just hadn;t a good feeling, and it showed I was right about her. Lucky she hadn't trouble with her lungdisease, but she suffers from mouth ulcers which is very annoying and painful. She is under control for it and has several medicins for it, so it will disappear after a while again. But you can imagine that it is hard to eat something or drink (which is the easiest, with a straw). So the poor girl isn't feeling very great, then with all kind of things of "normal"life getting in the way too(those things can "grow over your head" at times ), she was in no mood to have a chat with me( and  think she didn't want to worry me either).

Our weather isn;t too bad at the moment. You could call it kind of unsettled, some sunshine, sometimes a bit of rain, one day wind from the west, the other day from the east, but still temperatures are not bad, they stick at around 20C and that feels okay, specially when the sun is shining.
I spent a little time in the garden yesterday, pruning some of the ivy, which grows like mad, grin.
Our dahlia's still are blooming and they are just wonderful, only have to put them on another spot next year. And as I have so many I can give Heidi a few of them(you can easily split them up after you dug them up in late autumn).
Now I will have to think of something to eat this evening, as Jan is working, it should be something qick and easy, I will have dinner earlier and then I will prepare a plate for him, that he can just warm up in the oven. 

This evening for sure will be detective evening at tv again, LOL. Oh, we also watch other things, but our heart is for a big part at the detectives, specially the British ones, but also Danish and Swedish ones are great! And sometimes our neighbours, the Belgians have some good ones too.
We also love to see some good documentaries, about all kind of subjects, or films about nature.
Then we follow some sport, and the news, of course, and here and there a good quiz, pfew, we have busy times in the evening ROFL!
And then we register on dvd and video also some programs, because they are broadcasted at the same time, yeah, it demands  a good planning, and usually that is Jan´s task, grin!

I think I covered all that I could share, and it is time for your freebie. A kit, that I named `Mode du Passé. Hope you can do something nice with it.
Have a wonderful weekend, thanks for the visit!
Download    HERE


Linda said...

Hello and Thank you Kyra for this lovely download. Hopefully you are correct and your fortunes are changing for the better...

Carolyn said...

Beautiful, thank you1

Corrine Corbin said...

It's a very lovely kit and I'm sure I'll be using it.
Glad some things are coming your way. Best get the garden ready for the cold weather. Yesterday we had to have the exterminator here to spray around for the spiders (a wolf spider chased my grand daughter) Time for them to be eliminated! Our house sat empty for about 3 months and all sorts of things took up residence here. Time to evict!!

Thanks for the kit and have a good weekend.
Hugs Corrine

Stacey said...

thanks so much for the awesome kit! I hope we all have better luck in the fall/winter season! I think we all deserves some! it's been a rough road for us this year, and we just lost my hubby's only Uncle to cancer on Wednesday Night, they told us 3 months, but he didn't even have a week. so I have had enough bad luck for the year for sure!

Anonymous said...

Thank you just what I was looking for.

Edna B said...

Goodness, how did I miss this post. Gosh, I do hope that Heidi is feeling much better now. You are such a good friend to her. I love the colors in your new kit. It looks like "Autumn" and old memories.

I love the detective/crime programs too. Of course, I have my favorites and those are the ones that I watch. I also love watching documentaries. I watched one last night about Walt Disney. Very, very interesting!

Well, it's time to make some lunch for my little guy, so you have a wonderful day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Hello my sweet friend...sorry I have been remiss in visiting...but sometimes life just interferes with things! I, too, have been aiding a friend in need using up some of my free time. I certainly pray things continue to turn around for both of you and for Heidi. Thanks for the lovely kit, you know I will get some use of it when the arthritis in my right thumb allows me to scrap again. Weather change will help some, IF FALL EVER DECIDES TO COME HERE! We are still in the upper 90'sF daily with lots of humidity still...but ....mother nature will continue in her own time to change! LOL! Have a fabulous weekend ahead making lots of memories....I must get busy and clean the easels for the kitty nose art displays (wash windows)! Moved out the fur balls and dust bunnies already! ROFL! Hugs, Mat