Wednesday, December 24, 2014

One more day and it will be Christmas!

Goodmorning everybody!

Let me start first with a Christmaswish to you all, may Christmas be merry and blessed and full of love and light.
Yesterday I did the last bits of shopping for things I still needed and I am all settled now.
Gosh, what a good feeling is that. Now I only have to vacuum clean, to have the illusion all is cleared up and clean, and then we can have a quiet day and I am looking forward to some tv watching this evening and then tomorrow......................... yeah, Christmasday!!!
Oh, it will be wonderful, we then can open the presents Santa sent us and I am sooo curious. LOL.
and then in the afternoon I will prepare all for the fondue we will have for dinner, yummie.
And in the evening we will watch a show on German tv, the Helen Fisher show, I believe it lasts for about 3 hours, and we watched it for several years now and always is amazing.!
But I am sure I will start the day waking up rather early, all quiet and dark still, but i will light the Christmastree and then put up a cd with old-fashioned Christmassongs and then it will be really Christmas for me.
I just have to hear some Christmassongs, it makes the holiday the way it is. Yes, sometimes just little things can make you feel happy.

Just like yesterday when just by accident I looked into the garden and had a nice surprise. Jan has placed his bird feeder in the garden, but we couldn;t spot any birds yet. Untill yesterday, there was a blackbird(I think. I am not good in bird-recognizing), enjoying the food under the little roof and two Great Tits were waiting nearby on a branch of a bush. Because so many people pave their garden and don;t have many bushes and such, there aren't too many birds in our neighbourhood. But there are still some and I am glad we can give them a little spot where they feel safe and can live. Just as the frogs and toads we have in our garden.

That's about all for today, just remians to wish you again a wonderful Christmas, may be I will not post on Friday, I am not sure yet. For today I have a great add-on from Arlene made with the Wonderful Christmas kit. She has made you a cluster and a lovely quickpage. I would very much appreciate it if you took a moment to go to her blog HERE, and leave her a Christmas wish, as a kind of thank you for all her wonderful contributions throughout the year!!!

Download    HERE


Edna B said...

Happy Happy Christmas my friend!! Can you believe? Santa comes tonight and Pogo and I can hardly wait. This is such a fun time of year. The music is so beautiful, and the tree is surrounded by all sorts of goodies. Even the dwarfs are getting all excited.

I hope you and Jan have a super fun day. Hugs, Edna B.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for the lovely QP and cluster.
I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and also to say a big Thank you to Kyra, Arlene and Florence for the wonderful work you have done through the year.
Now Jan has placed the bird feeder in your yard Kyra, it won't be too long before all the birds in the area know it is there...

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Hello my wonderful friend.I hope your CHRISTmas was excellent. Many blessings for a safe, happy, healthy and prosperous 2015 too! I have been remiss in posting, but I hope you understand with the double and cloudy vision, not always a pleasure to be on the computer. I will have that all taken care of in February...yeah!
Just want to say thank you for all you so generously share that makes my scrapping so much easier and enjoyable. Thanked Arlene on her site too, but thank her again for this one. I love the kit and I think I am caught up on you and Jan....Have a glorious weekend. Many hugs sent your way! Luv, Mat

Corrine Corbin said...

Thanks to you, with Arlene and Florence I now have a pretty good selection of kits to cover almost any occasion. It's been a great year for me in the 'scrapbooking' domain. I really love making ordinary pictures look spectacular. And the recipients like them too! I've done thousands over the past 12 years I've been retired. Gives me something to do.
Thank you and have a really prosperousd New Year. 2015 will be a strange one here in the USA. Trouble in the streets (a big hate police campaign underway). I have my opinions which I'd best keep to myself.

Handmaiden Dotty said...

Thank you Arlene and you, Kyra for posting her work. I only get to visit every few months and never realized Arlene had her own site. Thanks so much for the link. I now have a separate folder for Arlene too.

Glad you had a great Christmas and hope this year will be a wonderful one for both of you. I enjoy reading your blog whenever I get time to look. Blessings!