Monday, August 04, 2014

I am back again.

Goodmorning everybody!

Finally I can do a post again on my blog. Gosh, almost two weeks ago I did the last one.
The guys in the shop, where I brought my computer took their time, bu I finally could pick up my computer late Friday afternoon, with Windows 7 installed on it and it looks that it works for now.
Worst thing of all is that I lost a lot of stash for designing, but I am sure i will get my files filled again, it will only take some time.
I don;t know where to start to tell about the last two weeks, perhaps I will not even try LOL.
Just before the crash I told you that two weeks ago Jan had to go to hospital for his vasculair research.
Poor guy is still walking around with big bruises on his upper leg, I think they start now a bit the re-coloring fase, although a part is still looking kind of funny.
He already called the hospital a few days after the research to get some more information, but that was a complete disaster. Normally we have not much to complain about the hospital, but this time it was hopeless.
He had received a little card with the name of a doctor on it(I think the one who performed the "operation"), so we tried to get in contact with him. No way. Then Jan tried to get some more information about the bruises and things from perhaps somebody else. Well, nothing. So far for the "after care", only a little form he received in hospital, but that wasn;t of great help.
I hope he will try again today, there isn;t too much to worry about, I think, but we should feel more comfortable if there was somebody in hospital that could take a look.
Perpaps he could have that done by our house doctor, but pity, he is on holiday and there is no use to go to a replacement doctor.
Okay, we will see what we can do.

Weather here is quite good, we have nice temperatures and lots of sun, with sometimes a rainshower at night.
Last week I already went several times to Heidi's house, just to check and put the post on the table and look after the fish and the garden. Yesterday I gave the garden there a good watering, and yes, as almost always when I water a garden, at night we had a good rainshower LOL. well, I don't have to water Heidi's garden in the next few days. that's for sure.

Last Friday we attended at a funeral, yes, not the nicest thing to do. Remember that Jan went to a cafe across the street? That already was a a couple of years ago. The owner kind of retired(because of illness too) and tried to sell the whole property(cafe + house above it). That wasn;t so easy,specially not with the crisis going on, but Monday a week ago he got a nice offer and the property was almost sold. He and his wife were happy and wanted to go out for a little celebration. Just before leaving he got a heart attack and passed away. How bitter is that????Perhaps he was saved this way for worse things, he suffered of over eight, had diabetes, looking forward to chance of amputation of a leg etc.
But still, it was a sudden death and he only was 65 of age.
Yes, life can play funny tricks with us.

Okay, I have not yet a freebie for you today, have to download some of the newest kits I made myself first( glad they were already uploaded at Mediafire). Then I also have to do a bit of learning of how windows 7 works and such and a lot more downloading designer tools, elements etc.
I will get there but you will have to be a little patient for a bit more time.

Have a wonderful day and stay safe!


Anonymous said...

Hello Kyra !
So glad you are back !
I'm really sorry for the sad news, and I wish you better days...
Just in case you need them, I put most of your papers, elements and clusters on 2 USB, so I can e-mail you, don't hesitate !!
After a computer crash some years ago, I lost many pictures and wasn't very happy about it...
I used to work with Windows XP, but I must admit that Windows 7 is just great, and I wouldn't change now !
I send you a lot of courage Kyra.

Edna B said...

I am so glad you are back my friend. You've been missed a lot. Windows 7 is so much easier to use than Windows 8. I think the company should have offered to replace everyone's 8 with 7 if requested. I don't know which version you were using before, but you won't have many problems getting used to 7.

If I can help you with anything, just let me know.

I feel so bad for Jan. It is frustrating when you need to talk with your doctor and he is not available. Hopefully all the bruises will be gone soon.

There is a man working on my car in my driveway. He is installing a remote starter, but somehow, it sounds like he is having problems. I need to get out there and check on this. You have a fabulous day, hugs, Edna B.

Linda said...

Hello Kyra, so glad you and Jan are doing OK. Hopefully the bruising will be better soon. Thank you for the update.
It will take a little time to sort things out on your computer again, I wish you good luck with that.
It is always interesting (and a little frustrating) to learn the new things on the computers...

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see that you are back and got your computer fixed. I'll keep Jan and you in my prayers. You have such a lovely blog! God bless you.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Good Morning! Soooooooo very happy you are back online, sure have missed you! Glad you got your Windows updated, you will quickly learn the ins/outs of it! You will be designing again real soon. I make it a point to back up all my files every week, that way I only lose a little work....LOL!
Sorry Jan is having so much trouble getting his results and checking on his bruises, hope they cease very soon and that he finds some aftercare from the hospital.
So sorry to hear about your friend, 65 is not that old anymore...cause I'm past there and I'm not old yet...ROFL!
We had a nice break in the excessive temperatures for this time of year, but now they are headed back with a be 100+ for Fri-Sat-Sun and the humidity is AWFUL....soooooo guess who is gonna stay at home and inside scrapping or reading or sleeping or watching tv? Yep, this lazy OLDER gal....LMBO!
Have a terrific week ahead and don't work too hard, we will all really enjoy your kits when you get back to making more! Hugs to both of you! Mat