Friday, July 11, 2014

Just a tiny little bit sad LOL

Goodmorning everybody!

Not to imagine how the weather changed over a day! Wednesday it was raining almost all day, temps around 60F, and a hard wind blowing. So I didn't go to the bak, just did a quick shopping tour om our neighbourhood, and that was all.
Perhaps the weather was crying already a bit for our soccer team. It had to play that evening their smei final against Argentina. And they lost it. It wasn't a very good match, not from both of the teams, and it ended up in a decision by penaltiesand yeah, we've lost that. Pity, but perhaps a bit their own fault too. I think they didn;t play offencive enough, but okay, the final of the WC soccer will be between Germany and Argentina.

Yesterday morning I woke up with sunshine, blue sky with white cluds and temperatures that rose to about 71 F and even higher in the sun in our garden! Amazing change.
Got a phonecall of my friend Heidi, that she wanted to come along in the afternoon, so my plans for the day were gone. Did I mind it too much? No, not really LOL!
We had a nice chat in the garden, and it was good to see eachother again.
After she went home again I did a little bit of repair in the garden, some tall flowers needed a stick to keep them up, also removed some dead flowerheads, and took a short nap too.

This morning it is looking a bit grey at the moment, but later on we should have sunshine again and nice temperatures too.
I have a to-do list for today, must go to the bank for the bills, then I should do a vacuum clean and a laudry and if I am still in the mood, I might do some ironing too, but also could be that Jan and I will go to the market. We could do with some fresh fruit and some veggies.

Soon Heidi will go on vacation and she asked if we could look after the fish they still have and the post. Of course we will do that. We only need to go there every other day or so, and we can divide the visits, one time Jan and another time I will go.
I shouldn;t forget to ask Heidi to bring me some French cheese(as she is going to France). Of course we can buy it here, but it isn;t just the same. Last year she brought me some and it was delicious!

Today we start with a new kit Whispered memories, this will be the 1st download, Monday part two and then some great add-ons from Arlene later too!!
May be next week I will have my sweater ready, I can do with a couple more, so I will see if I can find another nice color for the next one.
I am getting a bit better making them, it is all about doing it a lot and learning a some of your mistakes LOL.
And if I want to do a bigger project again I could start on a smaller throw over for the smaller couch, in the same color of course as the big one. Hmmmm, perhaps a good idea.
Okay, plenty to do today and in the weekend we will try to enjoy good weather in the garden and may be take a little walk. I think next month we could go picking some blackberries, who knows?
Have a wonderful weekend!

Download   part 1 HERE


Edna B said...

Sorry your team did not win, but all the teams making it to the finals are winners.

It was nice that you were able to sit in the garden and visit with Heidi for a while. Good friends dropping by is always a nice change of plans.

I can't wait to see photos of your sweater. Gosh, I haven't made sweaters since my kids were quite young. I don't know if I have the patience now.

I just dropped Pogo off to his appointment with the new groomer, and I am so nervous waiting for the time to go back and pick him up. I am like a mother hen missing her chick.

You have a wonderful weekend my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for this lovely download.
I hope you have good weather for your weekend...

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Thanks so much for the lovely new kit Kyra! So sorry your team lost in the semi finals, but they won for the title of 3rd place. That is not too shabby against all those competitors! You have a good team and next time...they will finish in the top 2...right? The games have been pretty good, but must say it was really a heart breaker they lost to Argentina the way they did!
We are just headed into the triple digit weather now...very warm and with the strong southerly winds, just miserable outside for any length of time (especially these old joints don't like the humidity).
Been avidly reading this past week, I need to get my nose out of that Kindle and do something, but....other than general day to day chores....nope...I am in a mood to read, read, read....and since there is no one to tell me NOT to, me and the "girls" curl up together under the cool air conditioning and read and nap, and read and nap....LOL! Lazy aren't I?
You and Jan have a great Sunday, chat with you again next week, I do have to go out tomorrow for a funeral of a long time friend, but hopefully, it won't be too draining! Hugs, Mat