Friday, July 18, 2014

All our country in shock!

Goodmorning everybody!

I just start with the terrible news we heard on the mdia yesterday. In the early afternoon a passenger flight from Schiphol to Kuala Lumpur crashed at the Russian-Ukrain border, probably shot down and as far as known till now, it was by mistake!
All 298 passengers died among them till now 154 Dutch people.
The reason for the crah is still uncertain, but as I said it might be shot down by a missile.
I think everybody has heard of this terrible event on the news. We saw some images on tv of the site and it is horrble!
All our thoughts and condolances go to the families, friends  of the victims.
I have a link to an article about the crash, although nothing is certain about the cause, but there will be needed a big and international investigation. 

After such news it seems so weird to continue this post with daily chitchat, but that is the hard reality of life, I also think it is a kind of selfprotection, to not loose complete control over life.
Not that there is a lot to tell. we will be busy today and perhaps in the weekend with filling in forms for request for a disability payment for Jan. I think there will not be a lot of great prospects for him, the more if you take in consideration his age and the very high number of unemployed.
Well, we will first do what is necessary and then will wiat for a call for a conversation at their office,
I gather.
Then Monday Jan will have to go to hospital for his vascular research, and he is rather nervous about it, the more because he might have to stay about all day there, just as precaution to see if he will not have excessive bleeding from the drain.
If that is okay, he can go home after a couple of hours, so I cross fingers that will be the case.
We still are waiting for a letter in which they give the exact time, a bit late I think. So if we don;t receive it in the mail this afternoon I think I will make a call.

Weather here is very warm at the moment, today temps should go up till around 82 to 86 F.
Which is VERY warm in our country. It doesn;t happen too often. Tomorrow also will be very warm, then perhaps we will have a cople of thunderstorms and it will cool off some. Next week there might be temperatures around 77 F, which will be a lot better.
So we will probably not do all too much, although we still are lucky we live at the coast and there is a little breeze. I pity the participants of the Four Days Marches, see link here,
it will be a very difficult day for them.

The kit today is one in only one download, and is named Foggy Summerevening.
Have a lovely weekend and stay safe.
Download    HERE


Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Oh the poor families involved in this tragedy. This is going to be so very hard to decipher what happened. Latest we hear this morning is 181 bodies have been recovered, but the black boxes have been too. This is simply horrible and my heart aches for the relatives!
I am praying that all of Jan's vascular tests are good and that it will be a speedy process too. Also, praying that the disability hearings go along well and speedily too! I do know from experience how they can drag their feet on giving speedy decisions.
Thanks for the lovely download, it looks intriguing! Have a terrific weekend in spite of the heat. Hopefully, the breeze off the water will keep it tolerable for you. We are having a bit of cooler weather (so unusual for this time of year) around the upper 80's-lower 90's, but really enjoying this 65 F this morning. Most of the heavy rains missed us yesterday and are already departing for parts east....LOL!
Lots of hugs sent to you and your country! Mat

Edna B said...

I have been watching the sad news on TV about the airliner crash. What a horrific loss of life. My prayers go out to all the victims' families.

I hope all goes well for Jan. Our temps will be in the 80's all week too. I like 78 - 80 best for summer. With a breeze, of course. You have a wonderful weekend my friend, hugs, Edna B.

Corrine Corbin said...

I've been watching that very closely. Some news centers estimate 45 Americans on board. I pray for all the souls on board.

Thank you for the new kit. I'm up to my ears in pictures.

j.ajabad said...

Hey Kira
I hope things go well with Jan's vascular research. My jaw dropped when I read about the plane crash, that kind of thing keeps me from wanting to watch or even read the news.

Your kits are so gorgeous! Thank you for sharing them.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for this lovely kit.
I agree with everyone else, so sad that such a tragedy has happened.
I think this world would be such a beautiful place if there were no wars and fighting, it would be wonderful if everyone could get along with each other...