Friday, June 06, 2014

Today is the start of a warm weekend!

Goodmorning everybody!

After a couple of rather fresh days, with rain every now and then, today it looks a lot nicer already.
And it will be the start of a warm, may be even hot weekend. Well, I don;t mind too much, perhaps it will warm up our house a bit,  It is nice when the weather is good that the house stays a bit cooler, but ours is sometimes too cool.
Jan's visit at the doctor seemed to be okay, anyway he didn;t have to stay there LOL. However she wants him to have a gastrocopie( he has that every once in a while) and a MRI of his belly, just to be completely sure all is still in good working order. Well, I like it that she keeps a good eye on him!
It's a very good doctor, honest and clear to her patients, rather direct if necessary, also a very sweet lady with good sense of humor.
Thiese researches will take place somewhere end of this month and then a revisit to the doctor for results soon after that. As you never know, I always cross fingers that they will not stumble upon a weird thing( do I look to be a worrying type??? yes, sometimes I am a bit LOL)

Oh we even had nice post in the mail from the tax office. It's only the "preliminary" but it seems we get some nice money back. Normally there is no change in the outcome of the tax stuff, so hopefully soon it will be on our bankaccount and can it stay there.
It will give us some "air"to let some things done in the house, mostly according to the central heating. The installation needs a good clean and perhaps some left over old pipes can be changed too, so we will have not to worry about leaks there anymore.
Oh, we will still keep some money "in reserve", but it is nice to know you can have some things done finally.

Topday the weather should be much nicer and already a bit warmer( it sure looks that way, looking out of the window), so it will be a good day to go to the market. We didn;t make it on Wednesday, because it was raining on and off and not the best day for a walk.
Then the rest of the weekend I think we will stay putt, cause they expect a serious rise of temperature, and then it will be nice to sit outside under the parasol, and just enjoy great weather.

I will have to phone my friend Heidi for sure today, because it is her birthday.!
If she is a wise girl, she will take advantage of the weekend, which is extended here due to Pentecost(here we have sunday and monday ), to take it easy, perhaps go somewhere with husband and daughter, and not having a bunch of people coming over for her birthday LOL.
As much as it is nice to have family and friends visiting, it's also nice sometimes to celebrate a birthday in very small circle!

Looking forward to the warm weekend, yes we are! and we have good news from the hockey tournement too! Yesterday our ladies team won their 3rd match, so they are almost sure into the next roud. Today the men will have to play their 3rd match of the 1st round, they also are pretty sure to be into the next round, but best is they win this match too(to be completely sure LOL).

Here your freebie for today. Named "Summer Explosion"and it is a happy looking kit, with bright colors, to give you the feeling of Summer.
As you have noticed, I found another shoutbox, couldn;t get the other one working again, so looked around and gfound this free one, and it looks okay. Funny how you get used to it and read the messages whenever I am on my blog.
Wishing you all a happy and wonderful weekend!

Download    part 1 HERE


Susanne said...

Dear Kyra,

Thank you so much for this kit with that bright colours. Just the right ones to celebrate summer. The papers are absolutely stunning.

Wishing you and Jan a wonderful weekend.

Greetings Susanne

Anonymous said...

Hello Kyra !
This kit is gorgeous !!! I just love the colors, and once again : the papers are GREAT !!!
Thank you for this wonderful gift, and thanks Arlene for her lovely QP.
Have both a fantastic weekend !

Corrine Corbin said...

Had a problem with the shout box so I'm using this one.

Thank you for the bright colored kit. It will work nicely if I get some pictures of the kiddies playing the pool with their Grandma.

Thanks you.112 1

Edna B said...

This is a great looking kit! I love the colors. It's good that you are having such good weather finally, and can enjoy siting out on the patio.

Hopefully, this summer we will be able to build us a patio out by the gardens. I am going to shop around for some nice flooring blocks, and then maybe an umbrella or some other type of sun roof.

So far so good for Jan. Here's hoping his next tests will all come back good.

It's good that you will have the money to fix your heating system. Then you won't have to be worrying about it. I have our system checked every Fall before we turn the heat on.

Today we are enjoying a really beautiful sunny warm day. Mmmm, I could take this as year round weather.

It's time to get busy now. You have a fabulous weekend my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for this lovely download.
I hope that you all have a fantastic weekend...

denise said...

Thank you for this lovely download. I Always love your work. Have a nice warm weekend too.
Denise (Belgium)

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Thanks for the pretty colorful kit. Glad your weather is nice enough to sit outside and enjoy your lovely plants...we had a couple of days of spring, then WHAM summer is here in full force. Still no rain and the heat with the humidity already makes it feel close to 100F. Too hot for this cookie to be out in it for any length of time...just stay inside and soak up the AC....LOL! Yes, I know I am a wimp, but....LOL! Have a great rest of the weekend and good luck to your teams. Good news about Jan's doctor visit too! Hugs, Mat