Friday, April 18, 2014

I will try to make it a "quick"post.

Goodmorning everybody!

It will be a bit cooler outside today, but if the sun will shine, I think it still will be nice weather to be outside, for sure if you can stay out of  the wind.
We had a bit of rain yesterday evening, it was much needed.
After I've written this post, I will check in the garden(as Jan and I do EVERY day now) because every day there is something new to spot.
Yesterday I did some housework, was pleased about myself, not much left to do today, hoorray, so perhaps we will go somewhere later, if the weather still holds on to be nice.
There are several faires going on this weekend, so we will have choice enough.

My friend Edna is working on a chrochet afghan, which is almost finished, and she wants to make another one. Now I am such a nerd, who hops into internet to see if I can find some not too complicated, but still nice patterns, and I did find some for her.
The aweful thing about that "search"is that you always linger longer there, because you see so much wonderful things and get distracted so easily!.

So I am rather late this morning with my post as a result. It's not too bad, cause i don;t have all too much news to ramble about.
No picturesnyet, but I will try to make some of the afghan I am working on and some of the garden, this weekend. It;s about time I make photos of the progress there LOL.
Also hope to start another kit this weekend, production of them is still a bit low, I will get there again, grin!

May be I just skip a posting on Monday(we have two Easter days here), but I will see how it goes. So don;t be worried if I might not be there on Monday, I just take an extra day off, okay?

Today's kit might give you a real spring-feeling, as I named it "Flight to Spring".
And what a beautiful work Arlene has done again, the clusters are simply gorgeous.
Wishing you all a blessed and joyful Easter I leave you in peace now, hahaha.

Download    HERE

Download    HERE


Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely downloads.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend with plenty of fine weather...

Corrine Corbin said...

Good Morning Kyra, just picked up your new kit and it's lovely as usual and Arlene has some neat clusters. Please tell her thank you. And I thank you for the kit for spring.

We are having spring but it's still sweater weather. Not too warm yet, just nice.

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Thanks so much!

HappyScreens said...

I can make great use of this kit for our birdwatchers club announcements! Thank you both so much.