Friday, November 08, 2013

Just a few more days with leak!

Goodmorning everybody!

Yeah we, hopefully, have to survive this weekend and then the leak might be fixed somewhere Monday. Can't wait to have it done, then we can get ride of the little buicket and the towel, that catch
the drops from the leak. Then it will be worthwhile again to give the whole toiletroom a good clean.
Talking about cleaning, I fear I will have to do some today, because I was a bit lazy this week, concerning the vacuuming and dusting and such.
When I look around in the room at the moment, I do see the need of it LOL!

I think Jan is feeling a little bit better again, don;t think he is all up to 100%, but yesterday he went out again, which is a good sign. It's hard to guess for me how he is feeling, he almost never says a thing, not the complaining type of guy, and when I ask him how he feels, or if something is bothering him, he answers most of the time just: "Oh, I am okay, nothing wrong".
I only can tell a bit about is condition by the way he expresses those words, but I don;t get any details. Sigh, it's difficult sometimes, although it is nice to have the "not comlaining type of husband", I'd rather like to hear sometimes a bit more.

Wednesday Jan noticed that the small freezer we have was dripping a bit of fluid. I took a look to and saw that the poor thing had some rust stains at the bottom, so I think it died almost after serving us well for many years LOL.
Only problem was where to leave the stuff we had inside(mostly packages with veggies and bread, and two or three little bixes with some other stuff.
Our "big"freezer, having 3 drawers, was loaded too!
I started with taking out all from the baby one, stashed it in a laundry basket, and placed it for the moment outside, covered and all.
Then i took out the drawers out of the big freezer, and re-organized them. Gosh, that made a little bit difference. Threw a few things away, already too old, but most of it was still good to use.
I don;t know how, but I managed to get everything back with all the stuff of the baby one!
Now we just have to use first a lot before we can get us any new veggies from the market or whatever LOL!
Only two boxes whee left over, not possible to place them in the freezer.
One with macaroni and one with chili con carne. So Jan suggested we took that as dinner for the next day. Good idea, so yesterday there was no cooking at all, just warming up in the oven and tasted rather well together.

I went to town centre yesterday afternoon, just for looking around a bit, weather was not too bad for it. I came home with a load of little packages of all kinds of noodle soups. There is that Chinese store in town I told about you some time ago, and there I bought them. Jan likes to take them at times, when he is still up later at night( he is more an "evening-night person" as we call it) And I take one of those sometimes too on  Fridays, when we have our "make your own meal"days ROFL.
I saw some aweful nice and also funny things, but stayed firm and didn;t buy anything, almost. I just was happy I found another little Christmaspresent or two, just have to take one more tour I think, to have all ready.

Well, I will have to do some housework today and I better start it a bit early. So here is the freebie for today, I think you could see it as an early Christmas related kit, but as easily you can do other layouts with this one. It's named "Believe in Angels".
Arlene made some sooo sweet clusters for you,
You have all a nice day and also great weekend!
Download    HERE

Download    HERE


Anonymous said...

Hello Kyra !

I've just seen the layout you made for Miss Edna : this is beautiful !!
I totally agree with her : you are sooooo talented !!
Thank you VERY much for all your kits, and tell me : what would we do without you ?? Lol !
Thanks to Arlene for her beautiful clusters and borders.
Have a wonderful weekend !

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely downloads.
I hope that you can get that leak fixed during the coming week...

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Hey sweet lady! Late but here I am! LOL! Thanks so very much for the lovely kits and thank Arlene too. I have gotten a lot accomplished this week and am very proud to be a little closer to total retirement!
Just finished a long blog, so am going to take a shower and relax for the rest of this weekend. Have a great one...many, many hugs sent to you! Mat :)