Monday, October 07, 2013

An amazing gold medal!

Goodmorning everybody!

We have another world champion!
This weekend the finals for the world championship 2013 i gymnastics took place,
I really love to watch that sport, as well as for the women as for the men. I have deep admiration for all competitors, it takes such hard work, hours and hours and years of training, determination, motivation, will-power, to reach the top of the world.
And yes, our country had high expectations of our top gymnast, Epke Zonderland.
He already is Dutch, European and Olympic champion on the high bar, but not yet World champion. So he so much wanted to have that title too, and I can imagine that very well.
And this weekend could be his chance.
Oh my God, he did an amazing performance! And became world-champion! I have a link for you to a film, where you can see his performance.
Afterwards he was interviewed, of course, and he was so happy with his title, but also said, the performance was real good, but not yet perfect, so he wants to work on that a bit more!
Take a look yourself here

The time that was left we did spend a bit on smaller jobs. Jan did some painting, oh, and even gave the windows at the front a good clean. So amazing, it seems that we have more light into the room LOL! Well, there was little use in cleaning them earlier, with all the work done on the street, but with that almost finished, yes, windows needed desperate a cleaning.
I did some needed stuff inside, like vacuum cleaning, dusting, laundry, etc.

It looks to be gorgeous weather outside, so I think I will take a walk today to the bank, to deposit a few bills (ouch!!!) at the bank, and may be take a quick walk at the market as it is on the route.
I should take my little camera with me, perhaps I can make a couple of nice photos.

I sometimes get such nice emails of people, who made a lovely layout with one of my kits, but I cannot always send a return mail, because there is no return mail address to find, or otherwise, so I want to thank all in this way for sending me their work! It is appreciated and if possible, I always like to send a thank you back, but sometimes not possible. Don;t want to give you the idea I am not interested or whatever, that isn;t true. I love to see it, it gives an extra boost to me to continue designing.

Well, I am already a little bit late this morning( had a wonderful long sleep, yeah!), so I better put on the freebie for you.
End of this month is Halloween and I made a kit for that(more than one, you will notice later this month, LOL, but this one I made in a bit vintage style.
I named it "Freaky Vintage", and arlene made you 3 such cute clusters to it!
Give you two preview of the kit, one of the whole and one of the papers, so you can see better, what they are looking.
Have a wonderful day!

Download    HERE

Download    HERE


Edna B said...

Wow, congratulations on the new championship. It's always more fun when one of our own wins the big prize. Kyra, your Halloween kit and Arlene's clusters are just awesome. You do fabulous work ladies!!!

It's pouring rain here, and feeling quite damp. Even though the temperature is still warm, the dampness makes the body feel a chill. Ah well, we are supposed to see the sun again tomorrow.

I'm off now to have me a nap. You have a wonderful day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

SiskiyouSue said...

I also enjoy gymnastics; you are quite right about the dedication and effort that it takes to be a champion. Seems like far more than many other sports!

Thank you for your great freebies. The papers are wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Looks Great! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Love this vintage look...thank you so much for sharing!

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Thanks so much my friend for the lovely gifts from you and Arlene and for the visit to my blog and your comments....LOL!
Came in to see you 3 times yesterday and got cut off by my server each time, I think they must have been doing some electrical work close after the 3rd time, I just shut my computer off...LOL!
We are having absolutely lovely weather in the low 50's to low 80's for a change!
I am on hold with an insurance company (work related) been holding for 25 minutes now...they are soooooo busy...right, they just don't want to answer!
Well, guess I better get busy, will chat more with you later!
BTW, great news about your champion, I so enjoy gymnastics too, thanks for the link, was good to watch. Hugs, Mat

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these downloads...

Susanne said...

Thank you so much for this great kit and the beutiful clusters from Arlene. Your papers are jsut amazing, as always.

Anonymous said...

Congrats. Kyra and Arlene, your work is amazing. You should be proud. Many thanks for sharing so many special freebies for all to enjoy. Spooky .. Floral .. Vintage.. Autumn Gold. so many beauties and very generous. Hugs. Annette (Australia)