Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Something rather reassuring and some baking LOL

Goodmorning everybody!

First update on Jan+s case. He went yesterday to the health insurance doctor)another one than he gor the first time'. Oh my, he spent about an hour there, but it was worth it. According to Jan it was a very nice guy, who listend well, understood it also(yeah, that are two different things)!.
Well, to make this short, Jan has at the least 3 more months of health insurance, he has to work on his condition, of course as much as possible, ,meaning especially see how the biking goes and if he still has lots of trouble, say pain, after an hour of biking. When he has done that he has to take one or two tablets of the painkillers. No permission to try working for now.
After those 3 months he will probably get another invite to come to that doctor. In the mean time doctor will ask Jan+s medical file from his specialist to have more insight. Jan gave him permission to do so, and I think it´s a good thing, this doctor wants to know all of it.
Well, we see what happens then.

Oh, I was a busy lady on Monday! I just had no inspiration for dinner, then suddenly as in a flash, I got an idea, to have a bit different dinner than just meat, potatoes and veggies.
I made little pies, pirogi, filled with minced meat. And to it I made a well filled soup.
Okay, the pies weren+t yet shaped as they should, there is some improvemnt to do in that, but the pastry was good, filling too, so if you closed your eyes and didn+t have to look ad the bit odd shape, you could swear they were made by a real good piemaker LOL!
Together with a big bowl of chicken soup you had a substantial meal. To that as desert strawberries with whipped cream (the 1st strawberries this year and how I longed to them) .
I even had enough of the little pies and the soup for dinner yesterday too, now that was an easy day cooking wise!

As we have on and off moments speaking of the weather, we can spend some moments in the garden, and in the sun it is quite pleasant. But temperatures are way too low for this time of the year, we should have them at the least 6 or 7 degrees higher!
I took a bit of day off yesterday and went to the town centre,not for something special, just to have a look around, and yippee, I found a pair of trousers for me, I could do with a couple of new ones, and it+s a pair of trouwers of real good quality, but in sale, and I just payed5 euro for it. Now is that a good buy or not?
I also bought us a sweet little scoop for replanting seddlings, I have a picture of it, but just imagine it 3 sizes smaller.
Also bought in that shop a small rolling pin for baking, I have a real big one, but often a little one is much easier to use. This is what it said on the sticker in the shop:
 Rolling pin of beech wood, 23 cm Solid rolling pin of beech wood in small format. Rolling out the dough is easy, as the rolling middle is  apart running of the two handles. Length 23 cm, thickness 4 cm

Also bought me some kitchen string, good for making filled meat or such.
I could soend a little money because we also got Jan´s taxmoney on our bankaccount. So we have a little bit of air, money wise spoken. But we keep some of it in reserve, as much as we can, you never know what you might need it for.
All together I was a happy person yesterday, when I came home ROFL.

I think I can make some new pictures of the garden to show you may be Friday. Plants are really speeding up now and one oafter another starts to bloom.
Also can mention that the frog and toad population in it, is happily hopping around, saw a couple of them yesterday evening again. Jan already suggested that it would be time to give them names LOL!
Only a bit difficult to tell who we see, it might be Jack as well as Jimmy, grin grin. To really know we should give them a little number with luminous paint on their back !!

Enough stupid talk now Time to post the freebie now. I promised you a kit today and so it will be.
It is named ¨Not Too Perfect^, a bit vintage, I`ve made you a stacked paper in it too.
Together with lovely slusters from Arlene, you could play along.
Okay, time to finish theis post, I have time to play a bit in PSE, then have to do probably some work in the house. May be in the afternoon I can work a bit in the garden.
Have a real nice day, thanks for your visits!
Download HERE

Download  HERE


Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Excellent news for today! So happy Jan finally found a doctor to LISTEN to him and will not allow him to go back to work too soon. Now if Jan will take heed and do the strengthening, hopefully, he will be back to full duty in 3 months! Good Luck with it Jan!
So happy you got the extra money and the spending therapy! It so helps when you can be frivolous once in awhile. Glad you found you some trousers on sale too!
I think I will have to do some shopping as well, my coffeepot is on the blink this morning....NOT good! ROFL!
Kathy is going in for a heart catherization this morning so will be glued to my phone until I hear the results...!
I have some real WORK to do so guess I will get after it! Thanks so much for the kit and give Arlene my appreciation too!
Hugs for a terrific "hump" day! Mat :)

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely downloads...

Kyla Fleischmann said...

Thank you! Love how feminine and elegant it is

HappyScreens said...

Thank you for the pretty kit. I'm so glad about the good news for Jan and you. This will give him time to get better.

Edna B said...

Oh what wonderful news for you and Jan. It's so good that he does not have to rush back to work so soon. I can almost see you grinning with your wonderful shopping "finds". It is so much fun to be able to shop now and then and find some good things. Your kit today is just lovely, and Arlene's pieces too. Now I have to get dressed and maybe do a few things around here. You have a fabulous day. Hugs, Edna B.