Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Long live the King!!!!

Goodmorning everybody!

It was a wonderful day yesterday, we did spent time at the television, but also went out for a moment.
It was impressive to watch the inauguration of our King. Some moments were kind of emotional, I dare say.
And what to say about our queen Maxima? Wasn;t she looking fantastic?????

And here you have the first official photo of the new royal couple:

I gathered a few linkgs for you if you might want to see some pictures and or video's of the day.

Specially the last link has lots and lots of photos of the whole day.
I think the royal couple and their family too, were exhausted at the end of this looong day.

Although our king has no real governmental power, they represent our country all over the world and can do a lot of good for the business relations and such and the monarchie is a kind of steady factor in our country and I am proud of them.

Do you belive I had sometimes tears in my eyes, e.g. at the signing of the abdication of our former queen Beatrix, and the inauguration of our new king, when he had his speech with some wonderful passages specially for his mother? Sounds perhaps a bit funny, but that are very emotional moments for the family. Perhaps I have too much empathy, well, that's me LOL.

We took some of the broadcasting on dvd, so we could watch it in peace later, and we went out to visit a couple of fairs and free markets in the town centre. We even came home with a couple of plants for the garden. It's about time I take a few photos of it, to let you see what barren garden we have at the moment, but also of some of the new plants we planted to bring already some color into it.
May be today will be a good day to do so, weather is still improving(not to mention how lucky the royal couple was yesterday, because at least it stayed dry and they even had sunshine, although temperature was rather low), as they say it could reach around 60 F. Pity we still have a cold wind, blowing from the NE, I hope that will change soon towards another direction, because that will bring us more agreable temperatures.

Okay, enough rambling done for today, time to share some scrapbooking stuff. I have a photoalbum of 8 pages for you, with a front and back cover, made this one from scratch, not with an already made kit. And from Arlene I have two fantastic quickpages for you, she made with a combination of several kits. I hope you will be able to use all of this, on Friday there will be another kit for you.
Have a great day.

Download     HERE
Download    HERE


Edna B said...

Oh Kyra, your new King and Queen are beautiful!! You have every right to be so proud of them. May they have a long and healthy reign. I will be back later tonight to see some of those links. You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Beautiful photos and loved checking out the links...thanks for sharing! I thank you too for the lovely photo book and Arlene for her contribution! Been a rather busy day away from home with my friend Nina, so now I have to catch up. Loved reading about the monarchy change over! Have a terrific Thursday, and will chat more on Friday! Hugs, Mat

Inverter said...

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