Monday, May 20, 2013

Had lovely days and I have photos

Goodmorning everybody!

First weather talk. Weather was improving a bit and yesterday it was just lovely. We reached about 68 F, and it was enough to sit in the garden and it was lovely. We had good hopes the improving would continue this week, but as we saw the weather forcast for the next few days we were really disappointed. Temperature will drop to very low for this time of year, not much more than 53 F and the days will be rainy! You sure get a bit discouraged seeing that! I don;t know what is the matter with the weather but it isn't acting normal.

Oh my, I had a busy day on Friday. After the posting and a it playing around on the computer, I got dressed and went into the kitchen. And I baked the pie, the "pirog", it took some time but it turned out well. Only next time I just have to let it stay in the oven a bit shorter time. he top was slightly too dark. I didn;t make a photo of it but I have an example I found on the net.
On this picture it is filed with cabbage, I made the filling with minced meat, lots of onions and hard boiled egg ( cut in little pieces). And I sure can tell you it tasted wonderful!
In between the making of the pirog(the dough had to rise twice), I started also making the soup, all with fresh veggies, little minced meat balls and a bit of vermicelli).
I can assure you that when you have a bowl of soup together with a piece of pirog, you have a good filled stomach! it was yummie.

I also did some dustbunniy removal and swept around the vacuumcleaner. When all that was done, you always have quite a lot of dishwashing to do ) I was a bit pooped out, but oh so satisfied!
Saturday Jan and I just went out to buy us two sacks of soil, and yes, we also came back with 3 very sweet plants for the garden.
Yesterday we did't do much, we just enjoyed the lovely weather, although Jan went out for a ride on his bike, to see how that would go, he went to Scheveningen,to the beach, where there was a regatta.
I wasn;t really in the mood for it, I just wanted to to stay home, have some reading in my garden magazines in the sun and keep an eyeon our cat Brodski.
The poor thing surely catched a cold last week, it started on Friday, he sneezed at times and also sometimes he had an attack of "coughing"you could say. It was morean urge to vomit out some slime that troubled him. So of course I was worried about him. He didn;t do much more than lying on a chair, sleeping a lot. I already was thinking about going to a vet on Saturday, if there wouldn;t be any improvement. But on Saturday he was looking much better, he reacted again as we approched him, he even did eat a bit, didn;t sneeze as much as before, also the slime couching was less. So even though I still wasn;t re-assured, Jan said we should wait a bit and see how it goes. Till now it looks as if he improves, so we give it some more time.
( Not that I am completely happy with it, but I am always quicker "in panic"than Jan is LOL)

as it was such nice weather yesterday I took my camera and made you a few photos from the garden again. Last week or so I posted a few, when you compare you can see really changes.

Sorry Ladies, suddenly Blogger won't let me upload pictures anymore. Probably has to do with some changes they made again. I found another option, yeah! I upload them on tiny pic and paste the url and now it shows the picture. Something isn't working at the moment from the Picasa.
Anyhow, I can show you some pictures, I think I will post some today and some on wednesday, okay?
In the back you can see my azalea, in full bloom now.

On this one the little "rock-garden"in front still quite some open space, but if all goes well, some seedlings will have to grow there.

Here some chives, that survived winter and how lovely it can bloom!

That's all for now, I hope next time I can upload more easily the rest of the pictures.
( could upload the preview of the kit, but pictures don;t work yet on Blogger, very strange)
On to the freebie then.
Not too big kit, but a sweet one, I think. Named it "Hug someone today", with 3 nice clusters from Arlene.
Oh, yes, almost forgot. If you have time for a quick visit go to Mat's Memories and wish her an awesome birthday, which is today! She has wonderful layouts on that blog, but is also posting lots of freebies on another blog, on Miriam's Scraps (and Miriam herself offers freebies too!)

Have a fantastic day!
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Download    HERE


Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the lovely, lovely birthday wishes. Check my site, I put your page on it!
I appreciate the gift of the kit and Arlene's gifts too! Lovely photos of your garden (I had trouble with Blogger loading photos too)! You and Jan are doing a great job with it! I hope your weather improves, ours is supposed to turn sour with the storms coming in tonight and tomorrow again. Been in the 90's F for 3 days! Got to run and get some work done, chat later! Luv, Mat

HappyScreens said...

Love the kit and the title. Thank you.
Your garden is looking great. Hugs!

Edna B said...

Sorry to hear that Blogger is giving you trouble. They are not happy unless they are causing grief for some of us. lol. Your garden is looking fabulous. I can't wait to see the rest of your photos.

I'm glad to hear that Brodski is feeling a bit better. It's such a good feeling when they start to perk up again. Well, now I'm off to beddy bye. You have a wonderful night, hugs, Edna B.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely downloads...