Friday, April 19, 2013

Serious garden clean up

Goodmorning everybody!

Wednesday supposed to be a bit of household day, but by now you know that if I plan things, they often tune out to doing something else LOL!
So I saw Jan, busy cutting the dried flowerheads of the hydrangea and I started helping him, we both did about half, it's a rather big bush!
We also took out some of the old branches, to give it some air again. Then I started pruning and cutting away a lot of the ivy, that grows like mad. Then Jan took also a part of t, more at the back of the garden, also took out some branches of the larger bushes standing there, some branches of the trees, and all together it gave a lot of space. He also cleaned the soil there, which was covered by fallan leaves, needles of the decars, and such. In the mean time I gathered all the cut branches and such, put them together, so we could bundle them and get rid of them.
Also took out two or three plants, that had grown too big, but not looking good anymore, that too gives suddenly a lot of space. As you can imagine we were busy for a couple of hours( we took some short breakes in between) gathered all the garbage together, put it into big bags, bundled the branches(3 bundles we had to make!), we had 3 BIG plastic bags of garden dirt, plus the usual garbage bags, that were 2. In the evening we got them all on the street for the garbage tricks to pick up next morning. Gosh, it was quite a pile of stuff LOL.
But it was worth the work. Our garden looks nice again, lots of free space(dangerous, cause it screams for blooming plants), still we will have to do some work in it, but yesterday we took a day off. Well, almost a day off, I mopped  the floor in the hall way and the room and it was so strange, after I finished, the water looked quite dark brown LOL> So it really was a necessary action, specially after all the workers this week who brought in sand and stuff.
But  because there was a very fierce wind blowing, really hard, which made it almost impossible to do anything in the garden, we took it rather easy  the rest of the day Today it looks a bit better, although sometimes still blowing with some force. Probably Jan will do some garden work again. He really enjoys it, it seems. Well, it's a good start for him, to build up a some condition and force again, he has less trouble with his back(still he has to be VERY carefull), but it looks to be going the good way. E.g. about two weeks ago he still had to take 4  or 5 painkillers a day, yesterday he just took one, the day before I think 2.
So lets hope he soon can do without them and that his back will be in about "normal"condition. It will always stay a weak spot, I guess, but if he will be able to move around without real pain, and ride his bike again, without having too much trouble, it will be already a great thing.

Yesterday I had to buy us a new tv program guide, and yes, I was tempted by some lovely spring plants in discount LOL. I couldn;t resist, so I bought 2 six packs, one of petunia and one of Busy Lizy.
Jan planted them yesterday on a large free area he created again, they look a bit lonesome, I could have bought more, but it is a start and it brings a bit of color.

 Today I offer you another Nutshell kit, this one named "Farfalle"( Butterflies), I love to give the Nutshell kits Italian names LOL. A lovely cluster and a stacked page  from Arlene and you will be able to do 2 or three layouts this weekend.
Have a wonderful day and equally weekend, take care!

Download   HERE

Download   HERE


Edna B said...

What nice colors in your nutshell kit. Very pretty. It's good to hear that Jan is feeling so much better.

Maybe next week we can get out in the yard and start the garden clean up. The little seed starter pots that Joe planted are beginning to show tiny specks of green.

Mrs is waking so I have to get back to work. You have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely downloads...

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Wow, you guys have been busy! Feels good though doesn't it? We had a front slip through here yesterday dropping out temperatures to the 30 this morning (it was 76 yesterday morning)and driving out the miserable humidity! Weather is slowly heating back up each day, if we could just get the wind to die down it would be PERFECT! But, we are so much better off that others north of us and in the middle section of the country!
Lots going on here, the explosion in TX is only 1 hour south of me, have been there many times. So very sad about all the first responders that perished!
Last evening they closed the manhunt in on 2 brothers for the Boston Marathon Tragedy, one died by gunfire last evening, the other is holed up and surrounded by police (they think) but Boston and all surrounding areas are totally on lock down. All subways, trains, taxi service, etc has been halted, no air traffic (except the airport that is under tight security) and all people have been asked to stay in their homes. Very strange things are happening in our world today! Praying for some relief for all!
Thanks for the lovely Nutshell kit and Arlene's gift as well, have a fabulous weekend! hugs to you and Jan! Luv, Mat