Friday, January 04, 2013

Temps are amazing here!

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, the temperatures are really amazing here. It is much too warm for the time of year, and it will stay this way for at least several days, no sign of frost coming our way. It can stay that way.

I wanted to do some things in the house yesterday, but I didn;t finally LOL. well, Jan was a bit right in saying it could wait a couple of days more, till we will get rid of all the Christmas decorations. Sunday will be the holiday of the 3 kings, visiting the manger and then next day it will be cleaning day. That will be a busy day, packing all in their boxes, but if we start early enough, it will be done hopefully by Monday evening.
It will look very strange at first, an almost "empty"room LOL.

Have to show you a sweet award I received from one of my followers:
It's too much honour, but I love it.

Jan and I are a little bit worried about his brother, I must say. Jan never was very close to his family, which has it's reasons, but with his younger brother there still was some contact(he is a sweet guy).
Yesterday was his birthday, so Jan tried to phone him, but..... it was acting strangem the line. Dialing the number no problem, of course, then a long silence and then we got the "occupied"beeps.
Okay, that could be, but after some time we tried again, also on his handy, and all the time the same.
And also we didn;t see him for a rather long time now, which is strange, because his brother popped in from time to time. So probably Jan will go today by bike to his brother's house and see what is up.

Oh, talking about the temperatures, you can see actually that it isn;t really winter over here, I still have a rosebush that has flowers blooming !!! I think I even saw a strawberry plant getting blooms again, how funny is that?
I only hope we will not get a late winter, around March. because that can happen here too!
So to have already a bit of spring feeling I bought 6 hyacinth bulbs(already with spouts) for Jan.
He planted them in a pot which is standing at the window sill at the moment. If they do well we will have in some weeks 2 red ones, two white ones and 2 blue ones blooming.

Dinner today will be a mix of all kind of things LOL! I still have some things left from the New Year, like some French cheese, french bread, and such, so we will have a go for it this evening. As always I stocked a bit too much, but I always like to have a bit too much than the other way round. It's become a kind of habit because my mother always had some "extra", never knowing if suddenly we had visitors who stayed for dinner. When I still lived with my parents it often happened we had unexpected visitors, but my mother always managed to make dinner out of just a few things, she was an amazing women!

Oh. memories are coming back, thinking of it. But I am glad I have so many good memories.

Okay, time to finish now, post a freebie, perhaps still taking a little time to work on a kit and then get out to do some cat food shopping, and a few other things, and get ready for this evening, with some good tv LOL!
As I was talking about memories, perhaps this kit is a good one. it's named "Pictures in my Mind", with matching clusters from Arlene.
Next week I will have a real winter kit again.
Oh, before I forget:
A visitor wanted to download a couple of freebies of the My Freebies of November. (could't mail you back), I forgot to remove them, but already deleted the file on Mediafire. Sorry for that, but soon I will remove the whole November 2011 too, I hope you will not blame me if I don;t upload those kits again, I still have them, somewhere on a cd, but no longer on the computer harddisk.

Have a wonderful weekend and see you again on Monday!
Download    HERE

Download    HERE


Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

What a pretty and interesting gift this time. Thank you and ARLENE too! Hope things stay well with you and Jan for the new year and his brother is ok!
thanks for visiting and leaving some kind words on my blog! And you so deserve the special award made for you, you actually deserve one daily!
Yes, DVD hold more than CD and are burned the very same way! I keep all my zip files that I download on DVDs too just in case I lose my hard drive I don't lose all my beloved kits! LOL! Yep, I probably am a hoarder of certain things! ROFL!
Nice and warm here too, going back into the high 50's for next 3-4 days! guess I will finally get all the tree leaves up from my yards!
Have a great weekend! Chat again on Monday! Hugs, Mat

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely downloads...

Edna B said...

Congratulations on your award. You have a wonderful blog, and you deserve nice things.

I'm jealous of your beautiful Spring weather. I think it's wonderful that you have roses in bloom too. For some reason, a rose bloom in winter always seems to put a smile on one's face. I guess because it represents hope for good things.

My tree is still up, but it will have to come down later today. I need to use the table that it is set up on. I will put the lights on for a few more hours, then it will be time to put things away.

Now I have to get busy around here. You have a marvelous day. Hugs, Edna B.

HappyScreens said...

Thank you for your memories!

SueBeth said...

Hi It's me again....that's OK you already delete file you have lots of pretty scrapkits and an awesome talent!!! Thanks again for sharing you beautiful and gorgeous kits and Thanks to Arlene for her awesome clusters!!!

Clumsinumptie said...

Happy New Year to you Kyra, and many thanks for this beautiful share. I do appreciated your work. x

Judith Richards Shubert said...

Thank you for this beautiful kit; also thanks to Arlene for the beautiful clusters!

Judie said...

This is my first time visiting your site & the only place I can find right now for leaving a comment. I can't even begin to tell you how much I enjoy your's & Arlene's talent. That you would share all this with the less fortunate people like me, is so wonderful. By "Less Fortunate" I meant in the talent department. Don't want to mislead you. lol Thanks so very, very much.