Monday, December 19, 2011

A small disaster happened ROFL!

Goodmorning everybody!

Hope I didn;t scared you with the title of the post, because it's nothing really bad, but specially for my hubby it was a kind of disaster LOL!
After I posted Friday, I dressed and decided to go out for a few shoppings, may be to find some things for Christmas, that I could put into the freezer and such.

I came back and had a sandwich and decided to try out an easy cookie recipe. Till there, all was fine. By that time Jan said he would go out for a moment. No problem. By the time my little cookies were in the oven, hubby came back, with a big plastic sack! I asked him what it was and it was a new VCR he had bought in the charity shop. Huh????????? He told me our video recorder had given up and he found this one for very little and was going to install it. OH BOY!As it was second hand, there was no manual for it, but okay, installation shouldn't be too difficult. But I already felt goose skin coming up at my spine!!!
Good girl as I am, I turnedt on the computer and searched for a manual on line. And I found it. But as I cannot print anything, cause my printer isn't working right, that was a bit difficult.  To be short a bit, Jan managed to install the video, even get the programming right, but the remote control wasn;t the original. Ha, problem!
(In the mean time I forgot about my cookies, just got them still out almost in time, but they stayd into the oven just a bit too long, so not a complete succes, d.......d!!!)
Well, after some time, I really get bad tempered slightly, if things don;t work the way they should, so Jan and I weren;t the happiest or good tempered people of the world anymore, know what I mean??? After a couple of hours, I told him he better bring the video back and we should look for another one. He is at times as stubborn as I am, so he went still on trying a bit. But I just wanted to have a nice quiet evening, watching my Voice of Holland, all nice and cosy surrounded by the Christmas lights. ROFL.
Well, after a while he gave up, our temper was settled again a bit to normal, hahahahaha. He went out to the cafe, oh bless the Lord!

In the mean time the postmas rang and there was a little Christmas package from England, from my friend Snowy! The made some things herslef, like the little box, and the nothebook with the calendar, aren;t they beauties? Also the card she made, but I forgot to put it. I love all of it, but don;t you just adore the tiny little fairy in the tiny little pocket????? And it just came in time, I just needed something like that!!! LOL.

SATURDAY: We woke up, and I saw he had removed the video recorder from it's place, unto the couch. WHOOOO, good sign.
We went to the shop, brought the thing back, looked around and found another one, other brand, with original remote control, took it home, installed it(I even found a manual for it on line again, yippee, I wrote down the most important handlings for it) and thanks heaven, the things works!!!!! And it even was a bit cheaper than the other one. Let's hope it will hold on for a LONG time! Jan in a good mood again, he is so used to record things from tv on both the dvd and video, and I must say it is handy. So ALL of you, cross your fingers and send out some magic to our video recorder, that it will work fine for a long time, grin grin!
It shouldn;t have been a real disater if we hadn't a video anymore, though I have lots of videos, my father made about holidays and visits of friends etc, so I can still watch them, which I do rarely, but still!
It also means we are rather spoiled, if we are touched by the loss of a little machine, yeah, that is silly, but also shows how quickly you can get used to things.
Okay, that was a great part of our weekend, I don;t want to have another one like that anymore ROFL>!

Speaking of the weather I still think we shouldn;t complain too much at our part of the country, although Saturday evening and night, and also for a short while yesterday evening, we had some little hail storms, and it was rather grey yesterday.
But today the sun is shining again, surrounded by some grey clouds here and there, but they forecasted temps will even go up during this week, perhaps then there will be some more rain and wind, but for the moment no snow! Hoorray!!!!

Are you still "in"for another Christmas kit???? I have for you a "Beautiful Christmas", a kit I really can share under my favourite ones of this year. It's a big kit, so I splitted it into two downloads, but I am feeling generous today, so here are both the downloads in one go!
Have a bright and shiny day!!!
Download      PART 1
Download      PART 2


Edna B said...

Forgive me for laughing, but your sad little tale had me giggling all the way through. I know exactly what you mean about our behavior not being so nice when something isn't working right for us. I'm guilty too. Sad to say, we have become very dependent on our tekky toys.

It was lucky that you found another recorder that works good. Here's hoping it lives a long time. I am hoping that Wayne comes by tonight to show me for the thousandth time how to record from my DVR to the DVD. Duh!

You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 10 post on Dec. 19, 2011. Thanks again.

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good morning Kyra:)
LOVED your story about you and Jan fussing.That happens sometimes with Jim and me too.LOL We fuss..but don't stay upset for long.:)
LOVE your CBRISTmas kit.Thank you so much for sharing it with me...and for putting both dwnlds in one post.It is getting pretty busy this close to CHRISTmas...and not sure how soon I can make it back here.:)
So happy you were able to find a video recorder so you can tape your shows.:) We have done that before too.Got one from the Goodwill (Thrift store) and it didn't have a remote control.We actually had to get up and push the buttons on the machine!!!! That's just wrong!!LOL

Wishing you and Jan a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!:)


Julie said...

It has been a long time since I've had time to visit your blog. Glad you've still got your sense of humor. Thanks for the chuckle - heaven knows I can relate! Thanks for the beautiful kit. Merry Christmas!!

crosstown said...

So happy that things worked out in the end withe the recorder. You are very lucky to get such lovelly gifts from your friends and thanks for the lovely kit.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to wish you the best this Holiday Season
and thank you for all your beautiful designs..and
thank you for sharing....
I love reading your posts...
Thank you so much...

A struggling but hopeful disciple said...

Every time I see one of your kits, I think, "This is the prettiest one yet." Then you complete another kit, and I find myself thinking, "This is the prettiest one yet!" Your talent is so incredible! I hope you continue to create kits for free because I know I could never afford the purchase price for kits with the quality of design and talent you possess. Thank you for making them available to people like me.

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog! Thanks so much for sharing your life.

Lisette said...

Niemand mag mijn avondje met TVOH verstoren!
Ik snap je helemaal hoor!