Friday, December 09, 2011

Christmas can begin here!

Goodmorning everybody!

Oh my, we did a LOT of work the last two days! Although I had to be careful with my back, and couldn;t do as many things as I wanted, we are all ready for Christmas now. Have to say the pills from the doctor do their job, slowly. It still feels soar at times, and even hurts a bit sometimes, but at least I can move round more easily, without hurting my face muscles because a strange grin is appearing when I say "OUCH"!
Perhaps it wasn;t too wise to do so much the last two days, but you know, I am hardheaded and I wanted to get it done this week. Jan was wonderful, he did a lot of the work, did all the climbing up and down from the ladder, lots of decoration, yeah, he can be a nice guy when he wants to LOL!
I've made a few pics of the room to give ou an idea. The tree, where did we put it? YES, opposite of the hallway-window, so we still can watch tv from the toilet ROFL! But I think it is a good place for it. Here are the results:
You just can see the desk and chair at the right, there is my computer and the place I am sitting when posting the blog etc.
This one didn't succeed too well, but I wanted to show my manger again, this is just opposite of the place of the tree. You just can see the feet of Jan, taking a little nap after all the work.
 It's a pity you cannot see the little lights in the houses of the village, but they are too soft against the flash. Cats are disappointed this is standing there, cause normally they use the table to go to the window bench, although they easy can jump to it from the ground, but they are just lazy hahahaha! Till now, however, I didn;t see them trying to take the"normal"route, I even didn;t see them sitting at the window !

This is the look to the back of the room(the doors to the garden are there)

So the next few days I really will take it easy again, hoping that by Monday I will be able to stop taking the pills, Who knows, miracles sometimes do happen.
Today I do have to get a few things, like some meat, cat food, those kind of things, for the weekend. I'll see if I do that later today, depends a bit of the weather. If I don;t I will have to do that tomorrow.
But that's about all I will do, rest of the time I just will stay"Put"!

As promised, here's the second part of the "An Abundant Classic Christmas".
You all have a great weekend!!
Download     PART 2   HERE


Edna B said...

Kyra, everything looks so wonderful. I noticed the piano, so do you play? When I was very young I tried to learn the piano, but the lady who was teaching me died. After that I never got the chance again. But I love watching and listening to someone else play.

You take it easy and don't over do. And have a fabulous day today. Hugs, Edna B.

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 10 post on Dec. 09, 2011. Thanks again.

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good morning Kyra:)
Your home looks so FESTIVE and lovely too! Funny how you can feel CHRISTmas more once the decorations are there to keep reminding you.:)
Happy your back is feeling better...please don't overdo just because you feel better.That is the time it will really grab you and yank you down.:(
Thank you so much for your visits to my blog and your SWEET comments to me.I LOVE your visits!!:)

Thank you so much for sharing your pretty CHRISTmas kit with me.:)

Hope your weekend is a nice relaxing one so you can take time to heal.:)


crosstown said...

What a lot of work you have done! It looks lovely and Thank you for the kit

white crystal said...

what a wonderful chrismas tree!

gypsymonkeyscrap said...

Your home looks very pretty with the Christmas decorations!

Anonymous said...

merci pour tout ce que vous nous offrez c'est un plaisir de regarder votre site