Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I was a bit creative, even my hubbie!

Goodmorning everybody!
Don't get startled and surely do not expect to see creative art from my hubbie, as you might think from the blogpost LOL!
But, in a way he got creative yesterday. The plants in the room desperately were in need of new soil and as he is taking care of the plants(though I am not too bad in the garden, I always forget the plants indoors LOL) he made some fresh soil from the package that we still had( compressed and dried soil, put it into a bucket with water and tadaa, after a few minutes you have loads of really good soil) and moved all the plants to the the kitchen, took them out of the pots, cleaned all the roots as much as possible from the old soil and gave them all a new load of fresh soil and some a bit latger pot. Yes, he did that in the kitchen, cause outside it was much too cold for that.
It was even a cosy moment, because I was busy making the mish mash with the sauerkraut. Yes Jan, was so nice to leave me also a little bit of place for it. Well, the plants seem to look happier now in their pots, hahahaha, and the mish mash was delicious! Still have enough for today!

I also put the bills at the the bank, did a few grocerie shopping and when you could walk out of the wind, it even was not too bad, although it was rather cold! After al this I thought it was time to try to make some new stuff for Minky's blog again. And how amazing, I even succeeded in it. Often, when I want to do something, somehow inspiration isn;t working with me, but this time it did. I will give you the preview of the small kit, you can download it on the special blog from Minky, to know how, read it all on her blog.
It contains only 4 papers and some elements, but I think you ca do nice things with it.
And I also went on finishing another kit, still have to do some things, but I think I can finish it today.

Oh, I had a nice surpise on my bank account overview yesterday! The health insurance payed me already the percentage for the protheses, that was real quick! And gave me much nicer feeling when I put the payment for the whole bill of it at the bank. There is a difference if you have to pay a big amount of money or only  a few hundred(still pity to say goodbye to that money, it always hurts LOL).

Today I should go to the pharmacy, get some medicines again from prescription, yes, that's something that keeps coming back, I need them every day, and I should phone the hospital to make the yearly appointment for the doctor, who controls my epilepsy. Well, nothing much to control, she usually asked how I did, it almost every time the same LOL, perhaps I should be happy that I can tell her the same, and not that it got worse or so, and I merely go there, to have new prescriptions for my medicines. The pharmacy isn;t far from our house, just about a 10 minutes walk, so no big deal.
This evening will be sports evening again, several soccer games are on fro the UEFA championship and we still have some Dutch clubs playing in it.
I think I will see if I can design a bit after I finished this post, it still is real quiet here in the room, at the moment only me and one sleeping cat at the couch!(oh, cat nr.2 just entered the room!) I will leave you with the 2nd part of the "Almost Forgotte"kit.
Have a magnificent day!
Download    PART 2 HERE


Edna B said...

I never heard of compressed dirt. What a good idea. It would make storing the bags much easier. My bags of plant dirt are huge. I have two plants in the house that I will have to be putting into bigger pots soon. They don't seem to be able to grow any taller so I think maybe they need more room for their roots and new soil.

I finally bought my new car, and today Tootsie gets her travel health certificate. We're getting excited about our trip.

Now I must get busy, got lots to do. Your have a fantastic day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

jzayler said...

Thank you Kyra for the freebie! That's sweet that hubby will take care of the house plants - if I left mine to hubby I'd have a couple of bowls of dirt sitting around with nothing in them. lol

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [24 Feb 12:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria