Monday, November 01, 2010

Last two months of the year!

Goodmorning everybody!

Imagine it's 1st of November!! We started with the last two months of the year! It seems almost impossible, but it's true. I say it every year, but a year seems to be so short when you look back on it. It's better not think too much about it, otherwise you feel old before you really are LOL! It is going to be winter for real now, cause this weekend the clock had to be put back one hour, to have wintertime again. And you really notice that, it is much quicker dark in the afternoon.

I hope a lot of you had a wonderful Halloween! And with that done we are slowly going to look towards Christmas time.
Some people are even really busy with it right now, as I know of a older couple in the street next to us. Every year they have a complete make over of their house at Christmastime, and when I passed their house last week I saw they already had started!! By the time it's December I think  you almost cannot walk in their living room, but I must say it looks awesome! Jan got to know this couple cause the husband sometimes helps in the cafe at the bar, and Jan dropped a line that I always admired their home at Christmastime and I think he arranged, that I can visit them and look around somewhere in December. I would love to do that.

Our weekend was again a quiet one, not really complaining about that! Watched some lovely things on tv, and also took a bit of time for the designing. I could finish up some things, although it's going a bit slow. Yet I managed to make a few things for Minky's blog, I will show you and I suppose she will post it later today.If not, go there again tomorrow, you know she is still having trouble with her finger, which makes it difficult for her to quickly type and post.

It's funny to look at us when we take "time off" LOL. Like this weekend. Saturday I did a little shopping and bought the Saturday paper. In the afternoon Jan sits on the couch, with the paper spread on the little table in front of him, I am sitting at the computer and best is, that Jan puts on some music. We had two days of real nostalgia there, all songs from our youth days, and oh, memories come and go then! Best is that we can sing along a bit with the songs, although some parts of the lyrics we may have forgotten, the melody still is there.
And with two cats lying around (probably thinking that we are strange bosses, hahaha) it's very cosy that way.

Talking about winter and Christmas, soon time is there to write the cards again and you should take a look at the blog of our newest designer of the team, Miriam, who prepared some great pyramide cards for you to make!
Then Edna and Su lauched their 3rd part of a wonderful collaboration kit, named "Miss Edie".

After all this "free time"and fooling around I should really get some work done today, laundry is wating in the washing machine, have to do a bit of ironing, the bed needs fresh sheets, and if time is left and energy may be some more things can be done. That said, I think I better post your freebie, take a quick cup of coffee and get started!
The kit for today is named "Romantic Winter".
Have a fabulous day!
Dwonload      HERE


cosmictadpole said...

Thank you, love the colors!

MouserMo said...

Thank you for your freebies. Link on your post was added to PickleMouse freebie list