Thursday, October 28, 2010

Late again today

Goodmorning everybody

I am up rather late today, like yesterday too. It's all due to the fact I am having a little bit of trouble from my epilepsie and then I have to take more sleep if I can. This just happens every now and then, so nothing to worry about, but I must take a bit extra care of myself in those moments LOL!
So I was up rather early, then took a coffee and then my eyes felt "heavy"again, and therefore I stretched out on the couch to take another nap. Oh, it must have been so sweet to look at, cause when I woke up again I found myself surrounded by my two cats. As if they felt I wasn't feeling allright, funny hey?
Well, I think it's gone again so we better forget it quickly.

There was a surprise in my mail yesterday, cause I received a mail from Minky! All typed with her left hand, the brave girl!! But it's good to see she's back, although with a handicap at the moment, not able to use her other hand because of the crushed finger. Yeah for Minky, don't you agree?
And to make her feel perhaps a bit happy I did send her some quickpages I've made, if you like them, justdo whatever is needed to receive the link for download. I though, that in fairy land there must be halloween too, so 2 quickpages for that, I personally like the second one a lot, because of the fairy ghosty, hahahaha!
You can imagine that I didn;t do much on the computer yesterday, not being 100%, and on top of that we were also watching the tv for the debat of parliament, so I think I must get back to "work"this weekend, LOL! However I had still a freebie in reserve for you, even have one for tomorrow, yeah, but then new things must be made. We'll see how far I will get then.
The one for today is also a fantasy one, named it "Children of fairies". One day I read that somebody is making a baby book with some of the fairy stuff I've made and that inspired me to make this.
Have fun with it and have a wonderful day.
Download      HERE


MouserMo said...

Thank you for your freebies. Link on your post was added to PickleMouse freebie list

pauline said...

Awesome !!! thank you, I love your work.