Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Done all kinds of things!

Goodmorning everybody!

It was yesterday a day filled with all kind of activities, LOL.
After my posting I played first a little bit on the computer and then got busy. First I cleaned all the vegetables and had 3 pans on the furnace to rapidly cook them. Well, just till water boiled and turned it off again. Oh whee, just the cleaning of the beans and brussels sprouts took almost half an hour or so. Then i let it cool off and in the mean time I could hang up the laundry. Doing that I also put some dried stuff, like towels and sweaters and so in the closet. Then I did some serious dusting and also cleaned some frames with pictures and such that are hainging in the room. The paper I cleaned them with(and of course a product specially for cleaning glass) had a very strange colour after I was finished. You just cannot believe what a mess comes off it!
By the time that was done I could fill some plastic freezer bags with the vegetables. Wow, we have a bit of stock now!
Then the kitchen was still in a state of little mess, so washed all the pans and some cups and saucers etc. and suddenly that place looked much better LOL.
In the mean time Jan was doing his best too, he took care of some window cleaning. What a nice guy, hey?
Writing this down, it doesn;t sound much was done, but it takes all more time than you think. By the time all that was done I thought it was enough for that day, so could return to the computer and made some more quickpages for Minky's blog again. I have lots of inspiration for that at the moment, a bit less for regular kits, but that will return again.
Then it was dinner time and funny how quick a day passes!
Just finished with dinner the door bell rang. Jan went looking and it were two neighbours asking if we were missing perhaps a red cat. Well, we didn;t really, but I went with them to check on the cat they found on the street. It wasn;t one of ours, but also a very nice looking cat, rather young and a bit distressed. Still I could easily pick the cat up, it wasn't a street cat, definately belonged to somebody, but couldn;t find it's way home. We supposed that the poor thing in some way got on the street, but normally is walking through the gardens.
So I went with one of the nieghbours(also having cats) and the found cat in my arms to his house and release it in his garden. Perhaps the cat could find his way back to his ome again. And yes..................right at the moment I put him on the ground he fled , right through a little hole in the fence and I think he found his way. Otherwise he never could have fopund the hole at once as he did. Still, the neughbour and I will keep an eye on our gardens to see if we see the cat around. But I think it's okay with him.
So much for the "cat-adventure"LOL

Perhaps today I will peep out for a moment, just to sniff a bit of fresh air, although the weather is definately not as good looking as yesterday. For the days to come there is expected some rain, but most annoying is that they say temperature will go down. Hey, I am not ready for that yet! It should stay like the last few days, bit of sun, around 65 F or so, that till the end of April next year and then it can go up to 80 F. However, I am afraid it will not happen this way, brrrrrrrrr. Okay, winter has its charm too, I even like snow, but that for a day or two and then it can disappear fast again haha!

Time for the last part of Halloween Fever. Then I still have time to finish something I started and then it will be time to put some clothes on and get moving.
Have a wonderful day!
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