Tuesday, September 14, 2010

We still don;t have a new government!

Goodmorning everybody!

Believe it or not, but there still isn;t a new government after we had the elections on the 9th of June!!!
They are breaking up, coming together again, breaking up because of a crisis in one of the parties, etc.
They still want to go on talking with the 3 parties together, they want to form a new government with two parties(so it will be a minority cabinet) but with a toleration-support of the 3rd one. I am not going to explain it all to you, I think it will be hard to understand for some of you, and I don;t want to do a political blogpost. Still I wanted to get this off my chest, I don;t think it will last 4 years in this formation, IF they come to an agreement. One party, VVD is a right wing orientated liberal, CDA Christian-Democrates(so more on the middle axe) and the 3rd is PVV , Party for the Freedom they call themselves, very on the right wing. I am sure a lot of people will not like what I say about them, but I find it a kind of dangerous party, and I am convinced that they only got so many votes from a lot of people because people had no confidence in the former government and parties anymore and thought:"Well, may be this party can make a difference for us "common"people so let's vote for them"
For all the problems in the economy at the moment, also in the social aspect and more, they are not having really a solution. It seems they have, but if you listen well, they always come with a same answer to all questions. And I certainly don;t like there attitude and ideas towards the lot of foreigners we have living here, main ones are the moslims. But when first you start putting aside one group, when you got rid of them you will have to find another one that you can blame for things that aren't going well in the country. So perhaps then it will be the Italians, then perhaps the Jews, then people with browns eyes, etc. And if we know a little bit of history, we know to what that can lead, don;t we? Remember WW2, and KKK in America??????
I better stop with this now, I know people won;t like what I said here, but I do think this and we still have the freedom of speech here and I can say what I think. So if I offended people, that is not the intention, but just ventilated my opinion about things.

Pffewwww! I am not often talking this way, certainly not politics, but yeah, sometimes you get to think about it, LOL.

Let's skip that now and go on to usual things/ Yesterday I really took a day of doing not much at all. I spend quite some time at the computer, even made some new things, but it is going still very slow! And also had to go through some long emails and thinking about the new forum and still have to answer a few mails. But for some of them you just have to be in the right mood LOL.
Today I must do some shopping, fridge is running out of stuff again, only weather isn't looking that bright. I hope it will stay dry during the time I get out. And may be I will need a little brick in my pockets again, when I look at the trees the branches are doing heavy gymnastics, in other words, quite a strong wind outside.
We will have to get used to that again, certainly in Autumn, but I think I will survive, hahahaha.
Okay, that's about it, will have to do also the daily download posting at the forum and then I should get dressed and get moving!
I have a little freebie for you today, some papers I made for a challenge. We had to make some overlays out of pictures of part of the pictures we took. I took some flowers for it, and may be some of you can use these papers, oh, there's also a quickpage in it.
Have a great day!
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Snowraven aka Silke said...

I'm with you , Kyra- you have pretty much the same political situation there as we have here as well. People have lost faith in any of the parties! And it's really worrying. Don't worry about people not liking what you have to say- it's good that some of us actually think about the situation and not just push it aside.I know what you mean about being in the right mood as well, I'm exactly the same when it comes to designing -thankfully mine is coming back slowly,but there is still so much to do with te store that I don't find much time for it. But one step at the time ! Lol- just think , it will be Christmas soon - I think I will open my folder with Christmas resources and get something done for that theme soon.
Hugs Snowy

aquascrap said...

Wow Kyra we were a bit in the same position as your country. We had our Federal Election back in August and we ended up with no party having the majority to govern in their own right. We have 2 major parties, Labor and Liberal and then a minor party The Greens and then the Independants.
2 Independants and 2 Greens went with the Labor Party which in turn gave them the right to govern This was only finalised last Tuesday and today they were sworn into government. We have our first female Prime Minister. It took 17 days and all the political writers and commentators went on and on about it everyday. They kept wanting to have a new election. Would hate to hear them if it took 3 months or more like in your country.

No-one thinks this government will last its full term which here is 3 years.

Hope they soon get it sorted out in your country for the good of everyone.

Been loving your little excursions you have been having and the lovely photos you have shown.

I don't get to download much these days. I need to sort my computer and the external hard drive.....both are full but I could do with a lot of culling LOL.
Rather than delete some of it I should put it onto DVD's and then I've always got it.

Sorry for this long ramble....I still come to read your blog.....love it!!!

Best wishes
Judy xx

Edna B said...

Good morning Kyra. It's good to let it all hang out once in a while. I can understand the frustration. I often wonder why we have a system that allows us to vote for what we want. Seems no matter how we vote, the system doesn't seem to be working for us.

Please do be careful when you go out in the wind and rain. Travel safely my friend.

You have a great day. Hugs, Edna B.

Chris said...

Hello Kyra,
It is nice to hear something different in a blog post. I hope the parties you talk about can put aside their differences for the sake of the Netherlands. We had an General Election earlier this year that no party won overal so the Conservative party (right wing) who got the most votes, formed a Government with the Liberal Democrats (in the middle) who came third. I didn't vote for either of them, but, they are trying to run the country at least. The big problem like everywhere is the Economy, The new government want to cut money from everywhere welfare, police, hospitals, schools everything, many people are unhappy. But, I suppose it is the same all over the World for now.
On a better note, Thank You Very Much for the Lovely Papers!
Best Wishes and don't get blown away!
United Kingdom.