Thursday, August 12, 2010

Market is nice to visit

Goodmorning everybody!

I did make it to the market yesterday, how miraculous! Normally things I plan to do, very often are changed, but not yesterday. So I took my shopping cart, for all security, and walked to the market. It is about a 15 minutes walk, so not bad and the weather was real nice.
I did have a few things in mind that I wanted to buy there and I actually bought them! Another small miracle, because when I have things I mind I really want to buy, they turn out not to be in the shops, or at the market, know the feeling???
I bought a bic sack of potatoes of 5 kg, for a much lower price than in the supermarket, I think potatoes are rather expensive at the moment! Also a little sack of onions, I use them often. Then I found two bushes of herbs, parsil and dille. At home I chopped them up and put them in little boxes in the freezer. Every time I need some of it, I just take out the box I need and adjust a bit of the herb to the dish. Very handy and like this you always have it fresh.
Then I found a pack of dvd rw discs for Jan for a very low price, 25 in a pack. Also a plate to put under my draining board in the kitchen, a nice little table cloth for the dining table, just for in the centre of it. And of course I saw some nice clothes too, mostly for Jan, like very nice shirts, but I kept strong and didn´t buy them, good girl!
I missed the seller of plants that is usually there, perhaps they are on holiday or so, could be they are back next month again, so I will go there again. Around September they often have lots of flower bulbs for a nice price, and september-october are mostly the months to plant them if you want to have something flowering in spring.
This outing took some time of my afternoon, so I didn+t do much when I was home again. Well, I did the chopping up of the herbs, and put all the other things in its place, of course.
Then I made the freebielist and started on another kit again. Just for a little while.
That was about all.
So today is definately a day to spent some time on the enjoyable things, like hoovering and you know the list LOL! And then we´ll see what this day may bring further. Weather looks nice again, so may be I will read a little bit in my Don Camillo, sitting in the garden when I take my sandwich, a bit later this morning.

On to your freebie now. It´s a small kit, in a green colourscheme, named `Greensleeves`. Hope you can use it.
Now you all have a great day!
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Edna B said...

Good morning Kyra. Sounds like your day yesterday went very well. I used to love to poke around in all the stores. Now I've slowed down a bit.

Your kit is lovely, a soft, soothing shade of green. It's early here, but I want to spend a few moments with Moo this morning before he goes for his hospital appointment.

You have a great day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

MBV said...

What a nice day in the market.
I like markets too.