Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Not done with the search!

Goodmorning everybody!

Oh, I didn;t have time to make an LO yet from a picture I took yesterday. I could show it '" raw"but would be much nicer nicely done in a LO. So just wait a bit for it. Not telling you what it is! Then I was real busy yesterday, a bit on the computer, but also in the house. I think I got a little bit the spirit so first had to do quickly a few shopping items and when I came home dusted the room, hoovered, turned a laundry in the machine and hang it and in the time dusting the things in the room took some crystal items standing on an open shelf in a closet and washed it all by hand. Oh, the result you get when that is done! Shiny and glittering crystal again! Then something else happened that needed a bit of my attention(cannot yet tell you what hey hey, because of the picture!) so all by all, a fruitful day. In the evening Jan went to the cafe, because they had their monthly card playing evening with the lottery. And guess what? Jan had two prizes again. One I am not happy with, that was an electric fondueset but when we unpacked it it didn;t look very safe in using so we will give that back with ecplanation. But the other thing will come in handy, it's a electric deep fryer. I didn;t have one, so that will come in handy! With all the things Jan is coming home with lately I am running out of space again LOL

I am still in search of some particular pictures I know I have somewhere but cannot find them till now. So do you feel it coming?? Not yet another story part, I am sooo sorry, but I want to do the pictures with it, also it will be nice to collect the pics on a cd, so they stay together. I have quite some pictures paper scrapped in albums, but still there are lying around a lot in drawers, and at all kind of places, which is often the case with snapshots. I must ask you to be patient and give me still a bit of time. There are also the usual freebies to make and now the new challenges are put up on the forum too. And Snowy cooked up some rather tricky ones for us ROFL.! Really, that lady has a fantasy without limits!
Speaking about the forum, don;t you forget about the new Daily Downloads that start today! Really great DD and the whole add-on kit the more. Lovely for your summer pictures!

You see it's not always my fault, that I am running out of time! But I also don't mind it too much, it's keeping your brains working and keeps you a little bit young and you almost don't get the time to be boared!
I hope that the coming weeks the weather still will be not too bad, although it is chaning at the moment. Not that warm anymore, there will be rain coming over again, so it will be the case of looking out the window each day to guess what the weather will be like. I am rambling about the weather cause Jan and plan a bit to go one of these near days to a town called Leiden, not far from The Hague. With the train it takes about 15 monutes I think. It's a university town and has an old center but we specially will go there then to look at all the "hofjes"private courtyards with small houses, mostly around a little garden, all really secluded. at the time mostly lived in by old women, even nons,. Now they are very wanted, athough not too big to live in, but not very cheap in price anymore! And if we might have time, we could take a visit at the Hortus Botanicus. We'll see about that.

As you see, lots of plans again. If we end up there one day I am sure I come home with a lot of beautiful pictures. Whoopee.

Now we go to your freebie. Not telling much about it, I think yo can do a lot of things with it, judge for yourself. I named it "The Miracle of Time".Now you all have a great day, and thanks for visiting!

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Edna B said...

Kyra, this is a lovely kit. Now you have me wondering about the picture you have as a surprise soon. I hope you and Jan make it to the Botannical garden to capture some nice photos before the blooms all disappear.

Have a great day, hugs, Edna