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Later, but I have a next family story part.

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Still had some issues with the dvd part! Can you imagine? Finally yesterday evening late, we resetted the whole thing and Jan tried it out and it works as it should be apparantly! I said to him, not to touch any more cables or buttons, or whatever, leave it as it is! It works, so why bother! But I can see looking at his face he still isn't completely satisfied, cause their are more possibilities on that thing and he wants to find them out! Of course that is a nice character quality, not giving up too easily, but on the other hand......................gggrrrmmmpppfff........ you know what I mean!

I continue now with the story. The reason I am posting later than usual, is because I first wanted to make a layout wich fitted this part of the story. Ia mde the layout with a kit of mine, named "Douces Mémoires"that I will offer you next week as the freebie.

Well, you know how my mother started dancing. In the meanwhile my grandfather wasn't there for some time, because of his accident in Germany. But at last he arrived in Paris too. But now to find work! He had a family to support. What could he do? Two things he knew very well,: to command soldiers and to drive a car. So he became a taxidriver. I know from the stories, that one count became a windowcleaner, another a servant in a restaurant, some women of noble birth became ironing ladies, or found a little job e.g. as clark. Money had to be earned, as most of them arrived in Paris without a lot of means. Yes, sometimes you hear stories like that and you almost cannot believe them. But these things really happened. I met several of their friends, although not many of them are left, but some of them stayed very loyal and we still have contact from time to time.
Life became a little bit easier, slowly arrived more and more friends and aquintances, who fled Russia, in Paris and this became a whole community. Lucky they had friends, almost everybody in the same position as my grandparents, only a few managed to take their money with them. But they survived, helping eachother with some food or other things, sometimes receiving a bit of support from the ones who had still some money.
They were now with 3 children, a little girl, Sascha, had been born. My mother went to the Russian gymnasium, as was her a few years older brother Victor. Her brother was an intelligent boy and did very well and hoped to be able to study further for engineer and so help to support the family. Both my mother and her brother joined the Russian scouting group. Yes, it was a close community those Russians and despite of all their troubles and hard life, tried to hold on a bit to the traditions, their language and honour. One day the scouting group with brother Victor went on a pelgrimage to Lourdes in the south of France. He was the leader of the group. And then the terrible message came to my grandparents.Their so beloved son of 17 years old had an accident in mounting climbing, trying to rescue another member of the group. He fell of the mountain and died!
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Can you imagine what blow this must have been to them? They already suffered a lot and then this had to happen on top of it, their hope and pride was no longer there. It really broke their hearts.
Now all their hope was on their Kyra, because the other child, Sascha was still much too young. So after Gymnasium my mother could join the Ballet Russes and danced for several years. In this way she was able to support her parents a little bit.

Till here for today. Now will have to wait over the weekend to read the following part! To make it up to you I also have a freebie LOL! I was playng a bit bit some fractal brushes and this was the result of it, kit "Fractalicious"
I wish you all a fine day and great weekend.

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