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Going to be HOT today!

Goodmorning everybody!

They forcasted a real hot day here, if they are right temperature should reach close to 30C. And that's real hot around here! Hmmmm, suppose I will not do too much today. The trouble here is that we have 2 very warm days then temperature goes down again rapidly to 21C and then again flies high to 27 C, and it;s like a jojo almost all the time. So your sustem cannot get used to a certain weather situation. Better to have same weather for a longer period. Well, better not complain too much, at least we have the feeling that it is summer!
We go on with another part of the story again, I think, today it will be a little bit shorter. It's may be just the right time to tell a bit about my father's side of the family. You can have a better idea perhaps how was when my mother ariived in Holland. Sadly I have not much information about this side of the family. Not in detail, that is. But... better something then nothing, hmmm?
And after that I have a nice kit for you I made for the colour challenge of June on the forum. We got a colour chart(of course, hahaha) and the theme had to be "whimsey".So I came up with this one named"Animal Giggles". I was rather happy with this one and lovely to make.
So all, enjoy your day, the reading and the kit.


The family Roof originated from Germany. From there they travelled slowly to Holland, they were mostly peatdiggers. Finally they ended up in the surroundings of Amsterdam. And that is about all I know about their past.
My grandfather, Klaas Roof, was carpenter and was in that profession all of his life. It was a very sweet grandfather, sadly enough I already lost him when I was very young. Granddad was a quiet man, who went to his job and could come home with a peaceful mind, because he knew that his wife Trui(short for Geertruida) controlled all at home. When he came home, dinner was there and he enjoyed to smoke his cigar after it. My grandmother was a real robust Dutch women. She really was the center axe of the family, not always easy to get along, but understandable with a big family.
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They had nine children , 3 boys and 6 girls, and to support such a big family wasn't an easy task.
But they did all for their children, worked hard and brought them up as fine people. They wanted them to go to school so that they could have a better start in life. They were good catholics and how a great joy for them, one of their sons went to seminary and became priest. That's was my most favourite uncle, John.
One of the 3 boys was thus my father, Theodorus Cornelis Roof, born the 7thof January 1920.
(My birthday is the 8th of January 1953, isn;t that funny???)
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He was a normal, real boy, and at times a little rascal. It wasn;t too easy to stand up to his sisters all the time, although he had some help of his brothers. But they were a few years younger than he was.
But it seems he succeeded rather well in that. Daddy went to primary school and then the Mulo, and ended that with a good result. He wanted to do a administrative job, and so he did. In between he didn;t quit studying, but took several other studies, languages, correspondence, bookkeeping etc, to be well-prepared in his working life.
And he did a great job, ending up years later, as a director of a trading business!
But he had the misfortune, that when he started to work already soon the 2nd worldwar started. And as you know that had a BIG influence on his further life!!!
So tomorrow I think I will continue with the part that my parents almost got to Holland after the war and we will pick up their life from there.

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