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And more story and layouts

Goodmorning everybody!

Well, we were all prepared for some "heavy"weather yesterday evening but where I live we didn;t notice much of it. Perhaps it rained during the night or may be had a little thunder but I don't know of it(I slept almost through the whole night, lovely!).But it's looking a lot less beautiful outside, for now.And it is not so warm anymore, although still not too bad temperature. Hmmm, I will see later in the morning, then I must go out for a bit of shopping, oh, I see the sun is trying to shine already a bit now.! Good.
Then I also have to kick myself at a certain place and do some ironing! In the weekend another machine will turn happily, so better get rid of the things still hanging around. I was soooooooo lazy yesterday, didn;t do a thing around the house and even not too much on the pc. I think it must have been the quick change of weather or so. It makes you rather lazy.
Oh well, I have learned a bit, to not get myself crazy by doing too much, because it has to be done exactly that day! We always hope there is a tomorrow(what would we be without hope???) so it can be done tomorrow also. LOL.
Not always a good attitude, but every now and then it doesn;t hurt. ROFL!!!
Let's go on with the story.

And she started with great enthousiasm. In no time this department of the club grew and grew and soon they gave a performance every year for a rather big public. And although they were and stayed amateurs, they did very well. My mother made all the choreographies of the dances and danced herself too. Also the costumes she made with help of some of the mothers of the dancers, because there wasn't a very big budget to spend. My sister Vera also danced there and she was a gorgeous ballerina. Even my brother did join in the early years! He was the only man there(at about 11-14 years old). And because of that, a lot of the men-parts were also danced by my mother.
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Going a bit back in time again for a moment. Just after I was born my Russian grandmother died in Paris. I always regret not knowing her. She seemed to me a wonderful and interesting women!. So now my djedushka(grandfather) was all alone . My mother's sister was living somewhere else, also had a little daughter to raise and wasn't able to take enough care of my grandfather. Wiatschelav. So he came to Holland and lived his last years with us. He died when I was 8 years old. I remember him well, he was the one who taught me the Russian language for 4 years long. He wasn't a big man of appearance, but meeting him, you knew he was a great man and someone of noble birth. He was quite a character, you know! Beginning the 1960's in the Sovjet-Union was the communist president Chroestjov. My grandfather loved to watch the television(although he didn;t understand a word Dutch!), but whenever there was Chroestjov on the screen, he demonstratively took his chair, turned it around and sat with his back to the screen! He really lowed that president! Well, grandfather was of the Tsar's period so I can understand him a little bit. Among other things I always see this in my mind, when I think of him.It was sad he didn;t live a while longer, but he missed his wife a lot and didn;t had an easy life, lots of blows to concure and simply the candle went out.
But life went on for us and my mother was giving these ballet lessons and took up some of the other Russian customs, e.g. painting eggs at Easter time and making the special food for it. She was a gifted and really talented lady, very artistic, so she didn't paint the eggs only with Russian folklore patterns, no, she painted icons on it in miniature. Perhaps you know it's a custom with the Russians to give eachother and egg with Eastern, it's the symbol of life. So my mother did that to all the friends they had(and that were not just a few!)Each year she painted about 30 to 40 eggs this way, made the Pascha and Koelitsch (first is made for Eastern of raw curd and the second of pastery). And then on Easter-Saturday, each year, my parents and I drove to all the friends and aquintances to bring them their Easter package. It was so nice to do and me being still a little girl at that time, I received a lot of candy and chocolate. Yammy!!!
Till here we go for now again, next week I will continue.

Today's freebie is, as I said to you already yesterday, a small one. I made you 2 quickpages of my own kits. One of the kit "Purrrrfect Blue"(a cat-kit) and one of the kit Douces Mémoires. I hope they can be useful to you. I will try to get one or may be more kits done again this weekend. I am not promising anything for now! LOL.
I hope you will have a great day and also a lovely weekend. Come back Monday for a next part of the story, if you like. This afternoon I will post another freebielist, of course.!
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CreativeBusyHands-Scrapbook Freebies Search said...

Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in Creative Busy Hands Scrapbook Freebies Search List, under the Page 4 post on Aug. 21, 2009. Thanks again.

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good Morning Kyra:)
I was finally able to catch up on your blog and read the story of your life.THANK much for sharing your story with me.:)I can't wait for the next installment!!! I don't have anywhere near that kind of information about my grandparents and parents.You are soo fortunate to have the history you have obtained.:)It had to be such a difficult period for your family to go through.:( I do have a little info about my Mom and her family going through the depression over here during the war.She told me that they would have air raid drills at night and if the pilots could see a light coming out of a house..they would drop bags of flour on the house and those living there would could have been a real bomb and make sure they had the windows completely covered.It had to be a really scary time.
Oh..I did find out in my reading that you were born the day before my hubby and in the same year too.:)I was born the same month on the 28th..but a year later.:)I am the baby amongst us.LOL

Hope you have a terrific weekend!