Saturday, August 02, 2008

Alphabet Fun part 6

Goodmorning everybody!

So today we will receive two hosts to take care of, more specific the bird and rabbit from Séverine! I am very curious to see how our cats will react to that! Most of the times, when you think they will do funny things they just check a bit and then ignore the newcomers! Oh, I was yesterday a bit of a veterenarian, yes, you can believe that. Our Dikkie Dik had probable a little fight some days ago and got a fine scratch on his head. But it was a bit infected and started to take a bit funny size. It happened to him already once, some time ago, but that time we really had to go to the vet. This time it opened itself and you can imagine what filth came out of it. So I cleaned it and kept an eye on it. Yesterday I decided it still wasn't clean enough, so I took a needle, heated it to desinfect it, took cotton and a little bottle of pure alcohol and took Dikkie Dik. So lucky it was him, because he is the easiest to handle. He isn't wriggling too much and let it all happen to him. So I opened the swelling with the needle and started pushing a bit. Wow, there came out some filth again. I kept pushing it out as long as Dikkie let me, which was rather a long time. Then I gave him a good "washing"with the alcohol. As I looked today, it seemed already a lot better, but touching it with a cotton, whoppa, again there came something out. But now at the end also some blood came with it, which is normally a good sign. Again treatement with the alcohol and now I hope it all is okay and it will heal properly. Sometimes you get funny things to do with your animals!!

Okay, day 2 of our York-trip.

Monday 5 May 2003.

As said, we woke up very early and already at about 06.00 o'clock they brought our double tea and coffee! We had some sandwiches (I prepared them the day before, because on this boat you only got something to drink) with it and in no hurry got dresssed. Looking out of the porthole the weather seemed to be not too bad, Josy even saw the sunrise!

At about 07.45 o'clock we disembarked. We had to wait a little while in the big hall for our bus to York. And as it was not so clear to us, where exactly this bus had it's station, Kyra went over to a taxidriver and asked in her best English if he knew it. This kind man at once attacked a busdriver for an answer and we were lucky, the bus should come at the place we were standing. Bus came in time, I thought the driver was a bit nervous, but that was eased after a while. The reason for it was, that he had to pick up some passengers at another terminal too. We got there, some people came in and then they had lost one!!!!!! Oh boy, now we will have to wait a loooong time. we thought. Well, that wasn't the case, the driver waited for 5 minutes and then he had enough of it and started the ride to York.

We followed a nice route, not all the time only the highway, but also some country roads. That was nice, because we passed some pretty villages and saw a lot of the scenery. During our ride Josy was getting more and more nervous, no I should say excited as we came closer "her" York.

And finally we did!!!!!!!!

Quickly out of the bus and at once on search for a taxi(we stopped at the busstaion) to drive us to our hotel. Oh yes, something happened also. The taxi driver asked us if somebody liked to sit in the front seat. Well, of course that was Josy. So caring as I am(grmmmpffff) I immediately opened the door for her but.............................I opened the right doos and as we were in England now, that wasn't the seat for the passenger!!!!So the driver asked with a big smile if perhaps the lady would like to drive?? Fun all over and finally got in the taxi in the right places. And there we arrived at last at about 10.00 o'clock. We checked in at the hotel and it seemed that our room wasn't yet ready till around 13.30 o'clock. A bit of a nuisance but nothing to do. Left our luggage at the reception desk and first took a nice drink. Then we had the feeling our trip REALLY started. It was rather nice weather, quit a lot of sun, only a bit strong wind which felt a bit cold. No matter, we walked. Over the bridge we first went to the Minster. That is the biggest cathedral in Europe north of the Alpes. Well it is a gigantic building, really beautiful as well as the outside as the inside. A lot of big beautiful leaded windows and so much to see inside that you could easily spend a few hours there. Josy knew of course the Minster very well and as she could not walk too long she sat down and I went on a "round of the Minster". Also lighted a little candle there, for the ones passed away over the last years and to ask for protection for the voyage. If possible I always do that when I am in another town and/or country.

During that time Josy had her rest a bit and after I finished my tour of it we did walk a lot more the rest of the day. We went to the real old part of York, the Shambles. I immediately fell in love with it. Lots of little shops of all kinds in lots of little old streets.

So far the first part of day 2. I'll give you the rest of that tomorrow again.

Now on to the download of the Alphabet Fun. Today I have the bows and buttons with letters for you. I hope you are still enjoying this daily download kit.

I leave Jan still a bit sleeping, but somewhat later I must do a bit food shopping and I also want to hoover the house and clean it up a bit. During the week always all kind of things appear and end up mostly on or around the dinner table, amazing what you can find there! So it's time to get it all on the right place again!!!

I wish you a really nice day wit lots of fun and some time to get your rest and relaxing. Till later!!!!



Maria said...

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vfellows01 said...

Thank you so much for continually listing my site in your freebies list. I appreciate that there are loads to choose from and that you prune your list each time it goes out.

Love reading through your blog and reading about your trip to York.

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Edna B said...

Well, Day 2 sounds like a lot of fun. Makes me wish I had been along with you.

Your kit is coming along beautifully. Thank you so much. It must have taken quite a while to put all of this together.

Have fun with your little guests.

Elizabeth said...

Thank you, I am also enjoying your story! You know, the vet told me about cats that their skin heals very quickly from wounds. That is usually good, but it can heal too fast over something that is not done draining, and that is why they are prone to those bumps as I think you called it. You are brave, I would have been at the vets with that, although we have assisted turtles with that kind of thing here at home. They are prone to getting dirt caught in their neck skin and a similar thing happens. Pets do lead you into new things!

kimberlyrose01 said...

Hope your poor kitty's doing better! (I love animals, but if it were me, I'd have been straight to the vet--you're clearly a better pet owner than me!)

DeliciousScraps said...

Thank you for the beautiful freebie =)