Sunday, February 10, 2019

Had the gastroscopie, don;t know yet much

Goodafternoon everybody!

I had the tummy check this Friday, but I don;t know yet much. Seems they didn;t find anything worrying, so no immediate action is necessary.
Still the doctor wants to do an echo of my belly or tummy, that will be this Tuesday and then  have an appointment for the doctor next Wednesday to hear about the results. Probably it all will be not too serious(so I hope), but as long as I don;t know something I feel restless and not at easy and the mind osn;t very peaceful and quiet. I am not really worried, but the not knowing exactly is giving me the restlessness. Must say that in general I have less trouble with the tummy, although it isn;t to usual yet. so we'll see what it is about next week.

Weather here isn;t too bad, although we had two days with almost storm(I don;t like that), today it is raining but next week we will have quieter weather, with even nice temperature of around 9-10C daytime, and more chance on sunshine too.
You can tell the weather is rather "soft", because the snowdropps are already blooming in the garden and for a week or two already we have bulbs that show their heads above the soil, most of them are daffodils.
Jan already started growing some seeds for coming Spring, we have two little greenhouses standing in the living room at the moment.
The seeds need some warmth so they stay in front of the radiator.
Some are already sprouting!!

I have bad news for you though. i didn;t found the energy to make a preview and download for this week from Arlene's clusters.
On top of it for two days suddenly my mouse seemed to have some working trouble, or perhaps it was to blame on Firefox, but every time after a little while my mouse wouldn;t move anymore, very annoying.
But I will try to do something about the download and may be post it later on in a tiny post.
Depends a bit on how I feel this week, if I can get over that restlessness, because I know that isn;t good for me, but what can I do about it?

I hope you all have a great week, and that everybody stays safe.


Edna B said...

Good morning Kyra. So sorry you have to have more tests before you learn what is wrong with the tummy. Hopefully, soon it will be all done and healed.

Oh my, I'm jealous. I don't have any flower buds. It's too early here and still too cold. Although, there is a lot of small green things coming up from the ground.

So far, I'm having a busy morning. Dishes, laundry, groceries, etc. I think I need a nap! hahaha. It feels good to not be sick. Now I'm off to do a bit of blog reading. You have a wonderful week my friend, hugs, Edna B.

Corrine Corbin said...

We are having some nasty weather but it's something I grew up with. As a young child we had snow sometimes for Halloween and always for Thanksgiving. This side of the USA is having an Artic jet stream. Seattle has almost come to a screeching halt. My family went from Walla Walla to Pasco for doctors appointments and a bowling game. Can't come home yet cause they got snowed in. About 5 feet worth, and it's still coming down so the kids are staying with friends another night. While here we had about 2 inches fall during the night but then the Sun poked through today so all is good here. Thank goodness I have a real nice neighbor who's looking out for me while I'm alone. Well not completely alone I have the 2 little dogs who refuse to go outside.
I'm going to watch a little TV and then call pizza hut for a delivery of pizza & chicken alfredo.
Take care and hope the weather doesn't cross the Atlantic.

Genie Wooden said...

my thoughts are with you, I hope you feel better soon and that your test results are ok. Sending you a hug....