Sunday, January 27, 2019

We had some snow and cold here!

Goodafternoon everybody!

Oh, the snow and some ice finally arrived in our country, and do i tell you this with a big smiel on my face????? NO, NOT AT ALL!
But..... it didn;t last for very long. We had about two days of snow, not all too much, just a couple of centimeters(at least here at the coast) and some freezing nights.
However, yesterday and today the temperatures suddenly came up to around 6-7C, weven at night just no less than 5C! So that isn;t too bad.
Next week it will drop again a bit, but only at night it will be freezing around -3C, and at daytime temperature will rise above zero, to perhaps +3C, still not too bad.
Nasty thing is that later today in our part of the coast there might be quite a heavy storm for a few hours. I do hope it will not be too fierce and that it will blow not for a long time.
On the other hand we still shouldn;t complain too much, we didn't have really cold weather till now and almost no snowfall, quite different to e.g. Austria where they had snowfall in a few hours to around 2 meters high! And that for several days along!
And also in other parts of the world winter had knocked heavily on the door.
But I notice that with every year I get older, I am more against freezing and snow than I used to be.

This year lots of prices have gone up, and not with just a few euro, but with tens of euros. Like energy cost, for example. We pay a certain amount every month and they have raised it with around 33 euro's per month! That is quite a raise( and we still have to hope we will not use too much so that we don;t have to pay an extra amount when we get our year bill!) Then the government also raised the taxes with 3% on all kind of groceries, so mostly all the shopping you will be doing(and specially the daily or weekly things you need) will be more expensive, Then the health insurance has gone up with around 10-15 euro per month, and then I am not speaking about all kind of taxes of city council, provincial taxes etc.
Okay, government has lowered a bit the rate of the taxes we have to pay on our wages, but it will not help a lot. Here and there some wages have had a general raise of may be 1,5%,nice, sure, but not enough to pay for all the more expensive costs of living.
Government has the nerve to say that in general almost everybody will have a bit of money extra to spare at the end of the month!
But I am sure that it will not be so for a lot of people. The government have a counting model that says we go upward, but in that model they didn;t count in the council taxes, provincial taxes, lots of things more that had gone up in price.
Am I sounding too critical or even depressive? I don;t think so. I didn;t even mention the rents of houses and prices of houses. They have gone up enormously too.
So all together it will be hard for a lot of people to pay for it all.
Like pensions for the elderly, they don;t go up, they have been frozen already for several years, no index raise was done on them.
Yes, we live in a pretty good country, still, but the gape between the richer and really rich and the common man is getting wider and wider and that isn;t a good sign at all, to my opinion.
Good that is off my chest, now we can talk about other things LOL!

In fact, there hasn;t been much of a change here. Oh, Jan is feeling slowly better again, I don;t think he is up to 100% yet, but you know, as he isn;t talking much about his health or how he is feeling(which is making me mad at times ROFL), still going better is good.
I cannot complain at the moment too much about  my tummy, sometimes is is not nice, but it seems to go better slowly. You will see, by the time I have to go to hospital for that gastroscopie,  I will feel almost fine hahaha.

Tuesday my hubbie will have his birthday and then we both will be again the same age of 66!
We'll see what we will do that day, nothing too special but I will cook a nice meal I guess and perhaps have some tasty cake with our coffe in the evening.

I did find some time to do a bit of designing, still it is going slow these days. But as long as I do something, it is okay, I guess.
Today I have clusters from Arlene for you, made with the Floating on Dreams kit.
Wishing you all a lovely week, with not too much cold, or extreme heat, best of all try to keep safe and healthy.
Till next week!

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Maddy said...

Very pretty - thank you!

Edna B said...

I had to giggle a bit this morning. I feel the same way about the rising costs of taxes and everything else while our income doesn't ever seem to increase. While we got a small increase in our Social Security payments this year, everything else increased in cost, more than our increase. So we end up with the same as we had last year, if we are lucky.

Happy Birthday two days early to Jan. I hope your day is just awesome! Actually, at our ages, all our birthdays are awesome! Well, mine anyway!

I'll really be glad to see Spring coming in. You are right, the older we get the less we like the cold. You stay warm and healthy my friend. Now I'm off to do a bit more blog reading.

Hugs, Edna B.

p.s. Arlene's clusters are lovely as usual. Thank you.

Linda said...

Hello again, just in case the message I just tried to send didn't go through, this is what I tried to send:
Hello and Thank you Kyra and Arlene for these lovely clusters.
Happy Birthday to Jan, I hope he is feeling much better.
Kyra, I can't remember whether I wished you a Happy Birthday - if not I apologize and wish you a Belated Happy Birthday now...

Grandma Sarge said...

I love the blues and especially the birds.
Thank you for another beautiful clusters.