Sunday, December 02, 2018

Christmas time almost starting!

Goodafternoon everybody!

We had some not to bad days speaking of the weatherconditions.
Temperatures are rather high, around 10-14 C, although later this week it will drop again to around 8C. But nothing is perfect, so with the higher temperatures we got more rain and also more wind.
Still I am happy with the temperatures, you know that freezing and snow aren;t my favourites.

I wanted to go to the doctor this week for the tummy, but i didn;t go.
Start ot the week I was to late for making an appointment( you can only call for that in the morning at certain times), then one day the doctor was absent, then i felt somewhat better, so you know how it goes then, hmmmmmm?
But then this weekend it started again so I really will go to the doctor this week.

I had good news from my friend Edna, that she already received her Christmasbox. Oh,  am so happy that I did send it early, because at the moment at the post they have millions of packages to deliver(all the on line bying is adding to that a lot, of course). They already have trouble to deliver all in time, (mostly for the Sinterklaas, Which is thie Wednesday) and then they will get the Christmas packages also after that.

Doing some grocerie shopping this week I also bought some things I would need for Christmas. I like to get things in time(some fresh you will get at the last moment, but lots of other things can be stored). I bought my rabbit that i will make for Christmas, it lies in my freezer, chopped up in several pieces.
I think  will use this recipe:

Rabbit with plums and dark brown beer(serves about 4 )

1 onion, 2 shallots, dash of vinegar, bay leaf. thyme and rosemary, bottle of dark beer, sour onions, 100 gr, smoked bacon strips, 8-10 prunes, salt and pepper

Soak the plums in 1/2 bottle of dark beer. Herb rabbit parts with salt and pepper. Bake golden brown in clarified butter.
chop onion and shallots. Fry the bacon strips too.
Pour in the rest of the beer and let it cook well.
Add the herbs. Add prunes and pickled onions to it.
Lower the heat and simmer for approx. 1 hour with the lid on the pan, till meat is soft.

You can serve it with potato croquettes, or boiled potatoes and vegetables of your choice.I might make my own appelcompote with it, or perhaps this compote and some cranberry compote too, yummie!

This week Jan and I will start decorating for Christmas already. If all goes according plan, i would start on Thursday(just after the Sinterklss holiday), and hopefully all will be about ready on Friday, and then we can enjoy it already during the weekend. 

What more did I do? Oh yes, I took quite some "free"time to sit at the computer and make some Christmaskits. Yes, I really did! And I have finished already 3! Amazing, isn't it? I still want to make one or two more, but I don;t know if I can manage it already this week. Depends also a bit on the doctors visit and the Christmas decorating. And in between I have to do some cleaning around the house, some off the usual nature and some a bit extra because of Christmas holiday( some places in the room will be hard to reach with all the decorations and the tree and such).

This week  offer you the 1st Christmaskit, named it  Warm Feeling Christmas. Hope you like it.
Have a wonderful week ahead, enjoy the upcoming Christmas time and spirit, and stay safe!
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Corrine Corbin said...

Thank you for the lovely Christmas kit. Looking forward to the next 2.
I copied and saved your recipe for a friend of mine,loves hunting so he will probably go out looking for his own rabbit.

My Christmas Decorations are almost up so I'll put some pictures on my blog when all is done. Grand daughter and her husband have moved in with me to take care of this older Nana! I am so happy to have them.

Hugs from Washington, USA

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the pretty Christmas kit! I said a prayer for your tummy problem. I wish you and Jan a happy Christmas Season :0)

Love and Prayers,

Cassie <3

Edna B said...

Sometimes I skip the doctor's call because I feel better, but then the hurt comes back. Do see your doctor and take care of your tummy. I hope my box gets there on time. I will track it from my end just to make sure.

What a cute kit. I love the little owl. I'll have to put him on a winter quick page. I'm hoping to work on some new pages for a while this afternoon. We'll see. First I need to get a few small packages ready for labels and mailing. Work first, play later.

You and Jan have a Happy St Nicholas Day. Big hugs, Edna B.

Maddy M said...

Thank you - it looks lovely!

Dawn Campbell said...

Thanks so much for the beautiful kit. Love the colours. We just celebrated my grandson's 16th birthday yesterday so now we will concentrate on getting ready for Christmas. We have outside lights and decorations done and just now need to get tree up. We don't have much snow here yet and guess our summer drought is carrying over to winter. But it is staying too cold for me!! Your letter sounds cheerful and full of Christmas joy! And you were surely smart to get those gifts out early. Canada had a mail strike going and they were legislated back to work but they have tons of mail behind! If I don't get to chat before Christmas I am wishing you and Jan a very Merry Christmas and all the very best in 2019.

Scarette said...

I love the beautiful things you create! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Was able to download several of your gifts!! So kind of you to share. Thank you and Merry Christmas!!

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Hello Kyra
Thanks so very much for this lovely Christmas kit. As usual you work is always amazing! Glad all is going well other than your tummy problems! Hopefully you will get to see the doctor and get some relief! Have a wonderful weekend ahead.
hugs, Mat

Kathryn Williamson said...

Thank you!!