Sunday, December 09, 2018

Christmas already arrived in our home!

Goodafternoon everybody.
Yes, a bit late, because I woke up a little bit later, then slowly woke up, then Jan woke up too, I had a little breakfast, then coffee together with Jan, and in the mean time we watched a recorded edition of Strictly come dancing from yesterday. It were the semi-finals, so quite exciting.
Next week will be the finals and I am very curious who will be the winner, there are 3 very strong candidates for it.
I surely will miss it when it is over.

Weather here is kind of rainy, hard winds, sometimes a little bit of sunshine, but only for a short periode and temps slowly will go down again this week till around 4-5 C, brrrr, nor all too nice.

I went to the doctor for the tummy, he gave me a drink that should calm it down a bit more, but when I still will have troubles I should come to him somewhere next week. Then he will ask for an echoscopy in the hospital. It is somewhat better, but almost every day there are short periodes that it isn't feeling as it should. I am still lucky, that for now it is just feeling uneasy but not really hurting.
It never is the right time for it, but specially this time of year I could do without it, with Christmas coming and having to do some preparations for it etc.

Last Thursday Jan and I started decorating our living room and got it almost finished that very same day. We only had to do some smaller decorating and putting on some Christmas table cloths on several little tables and so on.
We both were quite "pooped out". But i was happy we did it and also good thing that our tree was standing, because on Friday evening the postmas brought a package from my friend Edna.
I unpacked the box and put all the presents under the tree. It is such a happy sight! I've made a photo of the tree. Now we will have to be a good boy and girl and wait till Christmasday to unwrap it all!!
Hard thing, but we will be good(and it is also part of the fun LOL).
So this week has been rather busy, with doctor visit and Christmas decorating. Next week however also I will have to do some things.
Specially the Christmas grocerie shopping. I want to do it earlier this week, because when I wait till friday or Saturday, I think there will be an enormous crowd in the supermarkets.(as well as in city centre for last minute Christmas present shopping).
Almost all things I need can be bought in advance, so that is my plan for start of the week. Then if the tummy is still doing funny,  also have to go to the doctor this week(he will be on a week holiday the week after).

Time to end this post. Must look after the stew I am making for today's dinner(with lambs meat, green beans, mushrooms, onion and potatoe). The  also want to write a few Christmascars, that  must send tomorrow or at last the day after.

I have for you the clusters Arlene made with the Warm feeling Christmaskit. Next week there will be another Christmaskit, together with the clusters!!
Wishing you all a wonderful week!
Download HERE


Dawn Campbell said...

Your tree and room look very festive. My daughter put our tree up last night and will be decorating it today. Yes, our weather has been unseasonal temps too. I am thankful I do not have to go out in it to work anymore! Hoping your stomach will settle down for you and that you won't have to go to see the Dr. Take care.

Edna B said...

Wow! I'm so surprised that the box got there so quickly. But I'm glad that it did! Your tree looks lovely. We have a tree up in the house, but I think I'll have to get my little tree really soon. Maybe later today.

I hope your tummy problem is healed really soon. This is not the best time of year to be sick or have medical problems. Not that there is a really best time but it's best not to be sick at Christmas time.

My daughter Deanne just got here so I'll take my leave. You have a wonderful week my friend. Big hugs, Edna B.

Corrine Corbin said...

Thank you Arlene for the clusters. I made a page with the kit
but haven't finished it yet.
I was a little disappointed that that the Christmas Around the World was closed down. I used to go through the designers and pick my favorites. Now I'll just have to go looking for the designers I enjoy the most. Oh well that's always fun to do search and I never know what or who I'm going to find.

Haven't felt really top shape for a couple of weeks. Went to the clinic last week and got the Antibiotic for me and it's been a help.

Think I'll go over to the blog and write some good news and put some pictures up.

If I don't go around the blogs I'll wish you and Jan a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year too!

Scarette said...

Your house looks warm and cozy and filled with Christmas spirit!

Anonymous said...

Hello Kyra,

Just a note to say the link to Arelen's clusters leads to your scrap kit download" Warm Feeling Christmas".

I'm glad the doctor gave you something for your stomach trouble.I hope nothing more serious comes up. You don't want to miss out on all of the Christmas goodies!

Your tree is very pretty! I haven't started on mine yet.

Love and Prayers,