Sunday, October 14, 2018

Last breaths of life of Summer??

Goodmorning everybody!

Just for ten minutes more it is morning LOL!
Oh, the last few days we had fantastic weather. yesterday temperatures were , I think, around 25/26C here, gorgeous!
Today we have still another day with lovely temperatures of may be 24, and for a few more days we still will be able to enjoy real pleasant weather. But.....(as there is always a but..)from midweek all will come to temperatures that will be normal for the time of year.
So no more than 16-17C(which is not really bad), but something different from today's weather.
Oh well, let's enjoy the (perhaps or probably)last warm breath of Summer.

Jan went to the doctor last Monday, to have his ear fixed and it did work.
So he says he cann hear in stereo again now, hahaha.
He also finished the front windows, they are looking good, but there only was a slight little problem there. We have a little window in the large one, that at times we open for a bit of fresh air. Only after the paint job, it didn;t open again. Oops, he forgot to open it while he was painting it. Never mind, he managed to remove the bit off paint that got it stuck, with not a lot of trouble, and we can open and close it again.
There are always little things that give you some extra work.
Like this week when I did a laundry and had a duvet I washed and wanted to dry outside(yes, this duvet I can wash in the machine, it's not a "real"duvet with feather in it). I flopped it over the line, only when I used a bit of force to hand it right the line snapped. Bummers, now I had to put another line. Looked around in the house, I thought I still had a bit of line, but no, couldn't find it. Problem.
I found the solution. I had a lot of thick binding wire for plants, real soft and strong, so I made a drying line out of that. Pfffff, finally I could hand my duvet.
You see, not a big problem, but there often happens a little thing makes a job you want to do takes more time.

It was such nice weather yesterday that I walked to the market. We needed a bit of fresh veggie and some cheese and so I bought that.
I passed the gardening stand(very dangerous) and yes, I bought us some spring bulbs. I bought some mini tulips great for in a big pot, some a bit larger tulips and some daffodils. Over the years all my daffodils disappeared and I love to see them in early spring, they are so bright and bring a bit of happy feelings in still rather gloomy days.
Now it is up to Jan to plant them(of course I could do it, but it gives him something to do, hahaha).

Oh, this week Jan and I went into city town, to buy him a pair of new shoes. I was urging him already for a long time to buy some new ones and then a pair that would give him could support. With his not too good back, he needs that. So finally we went and hoorray, he found a pair. They look kind of sporty, but not too much, and he said they walked very well when he tried them on a walk. Good, something I don't have to think about anymore for some time.

This week I have the clusters from Arlene, made with the Peacock's Sanctuary kit. They are so lovely.  I am always amazed about her work, how she can come up every time with such lovely clusters and great quick-pages.

About time now to finish this post and watch an episode of Gardener's World I registered from Friday evening. I love that program and they always have some good tips.
Take care of yourselves, have a wonderful week!
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Edna B said...

Our weather has been changing drastically too. I'm so glad you got another week of nice weather. We had some really nice days too this past week while Audrey was here. Gosh, my week with her just flew by!

My hubby never wanted to spend money on himself either. I'm so glad Jan finally got himself some new shoes. I haven't had boots in years. Maybe this year I'll get me a pair.

I wanted to buy some new bulbs for the garden too, but I can't plant them by myself so I did not get any. I may have to hire someone to come in next Spring and do a bit of gardening for me. I so love to see all the plants blooming.

Arlene's clusters are beautiful. Thank you. I have my laptop back now so today I will set it up and get busy making new quick pages for my blog. I did nothing all week on the computer. I wanted to enjoy my daughter every moment that she was here.

Now I'm off to get caught up on so many things. You have a wonderful week my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

Maddy M said...

Thank you for these clusters from Arlene - and for all the beautiful freebies that you make for us!

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you Kyra and Arlene for these wonderful clusters. I think both of you ladies are very talented...

co coya said...

I don't even understand how I stopped up right here, however I thought this submit used to be great. I do not know who you're however definitely you're going to a famous blogger in case you are not already. Cheers!

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Thanks a lot for sharing all that you do, just want you (and Arlene too) to know how much your work is appreciated! Enjoy your lovely weather and weekend! Glad all appears well in your world right now! Hugs, Mat