Sunday, April 15, 2018

Spring is creeping in!

Goodafternoon everybody!

Yes, slowly spring is getting here. Today we don;t have yet too high temperatures, but it is not bad. Specially when the sun is coming through, it is good to work in the garden(for a little while).
But... if all will come true this week we could have some great temperatures by Wednesday, meaning from 20-22C daytime! Now that would be fantastic. I am sure all the plants and seedlings would love it, because by now I think they almost develloped some swimming membranes in between their little roots LOL!
still some of the seedlings do come up, specially the different species of tomatoes. They are still very small,  okay, but they grow! And if they all become adult plants, we could have a fine harvest of them in summer.
As by now the garden still looks very bare, with large areas of just soil and nothing else, but hopefully in about a month time we will have some growing plants there. They are in the soil, but now have to start to grow and come above the soil with their new leaves and later lots of buds and flowers.

I don;t think I achieved a lot of things this week, apart from a few of the ususal house things, like vacuum cleaning, some dusting, the laundry and so, plus of course cooking our dinners and some shopping. Also took some me-time at the computer LOL, and I have a few still unfinished kits, but next week they should be ready to be uploaded.

I phoned Heidi, just to inform how she was doing. She seems to be doing okay, but I urged her to be careful and not do too much too soon. Somewhere this week I think Jan and I will pay her a little visit, and  we can take a little present too, I have two smaller pots with some tomatoe seedlings for her. If they will grow well, she will have to replant them in some bigger pots, but she can place them on her balcony.

It feels good to be able to spend, although little time, some time in the garden. For now Jan is doing the most of the work, well, I let him, although keeping an eye on it at times hahaha. 
Sometimes he is so enthousiastic with cleaning up the soil, making it look nice again that I fear he removed some little plants(without really noticing it). At the moment I am missing a few smaller ones, anyway.
Oh, it is a pity but on the other hand it gives opportunity to put something new there, isn;t it? In about two weeks we will have our King's day and I hope it will be good weather, so we can go out to visit one or two fairs, where they also have a kind of carbootsales. And there is a little plantmarket in town centre also that day. Which of course if kind of dangerous, but also so lovely to see and it might be we find one or two little plants for the garden then. 

Well, I rambled enough now, about time for me to post the clusters for the Cosy at Home kit and then wish you a very good week ahead.
Till next week!

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Edna B said...

I'm so glad that Spring has found you. It sounds like Jan is having the time of his life in the garden. That is wonderful. So good to hear that your friend Heidi is doing so well. I think she'll love the tomato plants.

I am waiting for some plants that I ordered. Tomatoes and peppers. I may pick up a couple cucumber plants too. I can't wait to set up my new greenhouse. I'll take photos when I do.

Thank you for the wonderful links. I ordered a couple sun screens for my greenhouse. Now I can't wait to get started with my plants.

I'm glad you are taking it easy with your knee. As we get a bit older, our bodies take longer to heal. You have a wonderful week and enjoy sitting out in your garden. Hugs, Edna B.

Corrine Corbin said...

And the Spring Rains have also made our lawns soggy also. My littlest dog sort of can hide in the grass. The back is about 8 inches or so and the front is about 6 inches. Guess it's about time to fire up the lawn mower or pay my delivery man's kids to do it for me. I have a portable 10x10 shed in our backyard to hold the overflow from packing already. My bedroom is a total disaster but my daughter is coming from CO Tuesday night. Her plane lands at about midnight+28 mins.
Her intention is to get me so downsized it will only take a small truck to move me in June. I'll believe it when I see it. I'm checking movers these days to see what is going to be the choices. I'm not sure about driving and I really don't want Bridgit's husband to take a week off work to come up here to drive the two legged trip. First leg to Colorado and then off load my belongings, then on to Calif to off load Bridgit's stuff.
She's not too happy with me for deciding on Colorado instead of California but California is the most expensive place to live. I can't afford it. So she'll just have to be upset with me. Living about an hour and a half away from her, if I have any health problems is way to scary for me.
Anyway, glad you garden is going to be coming along. I'm going to plant some tomatoes in a large container in June when I get to CO. so if they aren't big enough by the time fall is upon us I can bring it indoors to finish growing.
Sending hugs from Washington state.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you Kyra and Arlene for these lovely clusters.
Kyra I hope you are soon able to enjoy some wonderful days in the sunshine...

Anonymous said...

your creations are beautiful,, our gardens are still under a lot of snow but like you we have hopeful thoughts of spring! I am a new follower, thank you for sharing your beautiful work,

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Thanks for the freebies from Arlene, terrific as usual! Glad all is going well your way. Same here, same stuff just different day! LOL! Happy Friday and have a marvelous weekend! hugs, Mat