Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Unhappy news.

Goodmorning all!

Very unhappy news to tell in this short post. Want here on Sunday, when I usually update my blog, because Jan got ill. Already on some days earlier I noticed a change in him, as in not being too concentrated and sleeping very very much. But, okay, it can happen.
But Friday evening already he started to be less interested in tv, wanted only to lie down, slept lots, and the days after it went to worse. Concentration gone, coordination too, I had trouble to get through to him. I toook temperature and he had a bit high, so I though at first he may be caught a cold or so.
Sunday it was worse so I called the doctor in and he came at about lunchtime. Quick check and he called for an ambulance.
After a few hours in fist aid departement of the hospital a doctor told me he most probably had an urinanary infection. So they would keep him for some days and he gets antibiotics and now hoping that will cure the thing.
How he got the infection? No idea.
Well, now you know what I am doing these days.
I was completely done yesterday evening. Didn't had much sleep Saturday and Sunday night, (say, practically not) because I had to keep an eye on Jan. If he stood up I had to be there, otherwise he could have fallen, or have done some strange things.
So Last night I did sleep deep and feel a bit better now already, but still need some proper rest.
On top of all last week also my oven died, which is very akward. I used to do a lot of recipees in the oven. But as my finance isn;t the brightest at the moment(there are some bills to pay from health security and more), bying another oven  probably has to wait for a while.
No, this year certainly didn;t start all too well for us, let us hope we got it all in one package and that the rest of the year will be easier!
At least you know what is going on, I will keep in touch, and you will have a kit or so next time I will post okay?
Keep safe and healthy, till next time.


Edna B said...

Oh Kyra, I am so sorry to hear that Jan is not well. Hopefully, the medicine will clear up the infection and he will be on the mend again soon. You must be exhausted. Take care of you. You can't help Jan if you get sick too. So be good to you and get lots of rest.

What kind of oven do you have? Is it in the stove? A microwave oven? A big toaster oven? Gosh, you're getting whammied from all sides. Let's hope this is it for the rest of the year.

I hope today is a great day for you my friend. Pogo sends woofs and hopes that they will help. Big hugs for you, Edna B.

Corrine Corbin said...

I'm saying a prayer for you and Jan. Wish I was close so I could run over with something yummy! Big Ocean in the way!
Hugs to you both.
Corrine 9aka
GrandmaSarge in USA)

edvige said...

Es tut mir leid hoffe dass alles ok. geht. Umarmung und wuensche dir das Beste.

Linda said...

Hello Kyra, Thank you for your update. You and Jan have certainly had a rough couple of months. I hope that things will start to go better for you both soon.
Take care...

Keryn Suthers said...

Sorry to hear that Jan has ended up in hospital. Hoping that this year improves for you after all you had to cope with last year. Will continue to pray for Jan and for you that you will be given the strength to cope.
You are so wonderful to worry about having a kit to share with us with all you are going through. Please make time for yourself to rest.

CarolAnne said...

Sending both of you love and light for healing! Please take care. A friend in Pennsylvania, USA. <3