Sunday, January 21, 2018

Two rather busy days!

Goodafternoon everybody!

It is already late afternoon and finally  can sit down for a while.

Before I come to the reason of that, fist a bit general update. all still going okay with Jan. Still a bit switching with the medicins, but I think soon there will be a good balance found for him.
Tomorrow another appointment with the specialist in hospital.

Rest of the week I spent wsith doing the usual things like shopping, cleaning a bit, etc. And had to deal with some financial stuff, will be more important next year when we will have finally our pension and pension of the government, but it had to be dealt with. Oh, if only there was a good soul who could take all that stuff out of my hands...............would be sooooo wonderful. But...........some things we have to do ourselves, so okay, it is done with for the moment. Pfew.

Next thing is assembling all papers needed for my accountant for the tax stuff. That isn;t so hard, only needs sometimes somes phonecalls to companies or city council or something to ask for the papers in a bit of quicker pace.

Last two days Jan and I were busy re-arranging the place where we have our stock for the kitchen and such. You could call it the pantry, I suppose?
and why did we do that? simple, but not all too nice reason. We had..........MICE. Oh yes, they enjoyed some of the stuff we had there, like rice, or macaroni and so on. Well, I like animals, and the little house mice don;t scare me, but they have to keep away from OUR food!! On day I had to get something out of the pantry in the evening and I saw two or three mice sitting on the shelves, looking at me, and for sure enjoying a nice meal. Okay, that was enough!!!! Of course we have an old house, so there is always a chance on it, but there had to be a hole in the floor or so from where they came in. I couldn´t find it so probably it had to be behind a big cupboard(which is an old bookcase we don;t use anymore, and is very handy to put the stock in).
So I told Jan and yesterday we moved the re- used bookcase and  voil√†. there it was the damned hole! We had some stuff we could put into it and as we were  busy anyway, we tried to close all the gaps we could find!
As we had to remove all the stuff from the pantry, we also put in some new floor covering(there was some really old lino and about time to get changed!). So that was done and it was also a good moment to go through the stuff in the pantry. We cleared away quite some stuff(like old pans I never use anymore, other "handy"things, that only caught dust) so good clearing away too.
Now it all looks bright and well organized again and hopefully it will be mouse-proof LOL.
Normally we would do a job like that perhaps in one day, but not at the moment!(we do feel we get somewhat older ROFL) Never mind, it took a bit longer, still it has been done now. And GLAD to be able to sit down now.

Weather isn't all too good. Last week I think it was Thursday, we had a really severe and dangerous storm, force of the wind at times 10 or 11 beaufort, which is really a fierce storm. There was no train traffic, almost no plain traffic at Schiphol, and there was a warning code red! It was adviced to stay at home if possible. Lots of people had damage of the wind, some really bad, like roofs that blew of their house or big trees that landed on their house or car.
We were lucky, no damage of the storm!
Now weather has clamed down, temperatures around 5C, but later this week we will have two or three days with 10-12C! Wow, that is nice in January. However, let's not cheer too much, it can change again into winterweather with snow and ice(hopefully NOT).

That was more or less the week. Last thing to do is showing you the preview of Arlene's clusters she made with the last kit and give you a download link.
Have a great week, stay safe and healthy!

 Download   HERE


Edna B said...

Oh my, I'm so glad you were safe through the storm. As for the mice, I guess they like to get in out of the cold too. Every now and then, I have to go through my pantry to make sure there are no mice. Especially when it is wicked cold outside. I have since made sure that all food goods that are not in cans or jars are put into covered containers. It helps.

As for getting your tax stuff ready, I feel for you. That's what I have to do now. I want to get everything ready before Pogo and I leave for our vacation in Florida. I wish you could come to Florida too. It would be so nice.

It's good to hear that Jan is doing so well. It won't be long now and he'll be good as new. That's my wish for him.

Well, I think I need to get some crocheting done. I want to finish and mail off the little red baby hats. Kyra, you have an awesome week. Hugs, Edna B.

Beth Reed said...

Oh Kyra Hello,
I have been wanting to email you. Been terribly sick with the flu but finally it is gone. So expect an email soon. Not today tho.

Mice!!!! Oh My... so glad that you found where they were getting in and I know it must have been a long and tiring job to clean out and cover the holes. I use to use steel wool to cover our holes with. They do not chew thru the metal but they can squeeze in places so very small it is unbelievable. I am happy you got it taken care of.

Good news that Jan is doing better. I am confident that they will find the right dosage of his medication.

Thank you for the kit and clusters from you and Arlene. It is beautiful. Hugs, Beth xxxx

Snowy said...

Hahaha....I just used our Google translate in German and it was rather confusing :) I think I leave it in English,lol. Good to know Jan is doing ok. And yeah, I like pets as well, but mice eating my food is not for me either !
Hugs from UK

Keryn Suthers said...

Thank you for sharing this cluster Kyra. Pleased to hear all is going well (apart from your cupboard visitors). When on the farm we used to have field mice visit us every year at the beginning of winter and had to keep all our food in the pantry in plastic containers. I know your clean out wasn't planned at the moment but at least you now have a lovely clean pantry:) Unfortunately we also had carpet pythons come inside looking for a feed and a warm place to shelter

Your weather is freezing cold and ours is scorching hot with the next week predicted to be in the 30sC (90sF) again.

Corrine Corbin said...

Well like said earlier, my brain is on vacation. I had a post almost finished and I popped over to a different screen and it didn't come back to the first screen so I'm starting over. Probably wasn't that much anyway.

I did remember to say thank you to Arlene for the pretty clusters and I'm going to be using one later on this evening.

Got to run.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Thanks for the lovely freebies. Sorry I haven't been around much, going through a bit of depression I think. Mostly related to some medicine changes that the doctor is working with me to correct! Getting older is not for the weak, I tell you! Anyhow, I am coming around to being myself again and soon will be flooding everyone's blog again soon. Glad all is well your way, nice to catch up, so glad you found the mice and their entry, but if you had a kitty, it would find for you sooner...LOL! I'm sure you still miss Brodski!
Ok, off for now! Stay warm! Hugs!! Mat

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you Kyra and Arlene for this wonderful download.
Kyra it is good that you were able to find the mouse hole and block it up - hopefully you won't get any more mice visitors...

Jerrie said...

Thank You very much! My daughter has 4 cats, we still get a mouse from time to time!!!! Geesh FAIL Cats LOL