Monday, November 20, 2017

You hardly will believe this

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, I can say with some restriction, that is is kind of good morning.

I was here last Monday with  the news Jan was home again.
And it went kind of well for the first couple of days.
Till last Tuesday night.
The drain-wound started to leak. Okay, that could happen, but it didn;t stop. Jan first didn;t wake me up, because he wanted me to finally sleep a bit. I woke up at around 6.00 morning, was cross with him that he didn;t woke me up. It still was leaking, Jan already put on more bandage and then I too, but I wasn;t happy about it. it was too much.
So after  bit of struggle I first called the gastrointestinal liver departemenet of the hospital, there they adviced me to come to ER.
As it was impossible for Jan to go by tram, of course, and also taxi wasn´t optional I called ambulance.
At the hospital they looked after the wound, took some bloodsamples and such, and after a few hours we were sent home. They said that the wound could still leak a bit but that it was necessary to get rid of that fluid. Hmmmmmm, I wasn´t too happe about it, but okay, home again.
But we had to come back next day for a bloodsample!!!Home we bandagedthe wound several times)without removing the first bandage, I didn't dare to), finally Jan was soo tired he went to bed and could sleep a bit. During the night we both slept hardly as you can imagine.
Next morning I called a taxi to go to hospital at 9.00. We arrived there, I took a wheelchair for Jan, because he was to weak to walk and it would be good for the wound either.
Were helped quickly at the bloodsample departement.
I then went with Jan to the policlinic of the gastrointestinal liver departemenet, and I knew his specialist had consultation hour that day.
I explained to the assistant, she contacted the specialist, who came out her chamber right away. One look at Jan, she looked at me and said:
"Yesterday at the ER they checked all kind of things, but didn;t look or not well, at his kidneyfunction. And his kidneys aren;t doing well at all. So I sent you first to ER and then I am 99% sure he will be hospitalized again."
I even wasn;t surprised,  kind of expected it already.
Okay, Jan was checked upon all day long at ER and came to the ward around 5 a.m afternoon!! It was a long day.
I went home, and oh wonder, even slept for some hours!
Next day back to visit, Jan wasn;t at his room, he had a endoscopie.
Came back there after I waited half an hour. Still was asleep, because he had a light sedation. In mean time I saw some doctors, they told me it wasn;t going too well with him at the moment. The problem were his kidneys. They had to go working propoerly again. It wasn;t too good news, but too early to say anything about it.
I went to Heidi(who lived at a few steps of the hospital) and had a chat. Then I went back to hospital to see if Jan was already a bit awake.
He was, but still very drowsy. When I came to the room, there was another pair of doctors(this time a doctor of stomach and liver, who treated him before). I asked her about the situation. She wasn't very optimistic, it would be crucial Friday night and Saturday, to get his kidneys working again. They would try several medicins for that, plus a very wide range of antibiotics, because they didn;t really know what was the trigger of all this. if all that wouldn;t help, he would go to IC, and may be got a rather new mediciation, if his body (specially his heart and lungs)could take it. May be first they could try a kidney dialysis, but that was not a really good thing of course. It really puzzled them. I asked her to be straight with me and she said: if this will not bring his kidneys to work soon, I forsee he will die rather soon.!!!
Wow, that knocked me down. I knew it wasn;t going well with him, but this was real bad. still i was glad she was honest with me.
She was so nice to me, and assured me, that they would do all they could. But also I had the advice, to call some people who perhaps wanted to see Jan, and that perhaps in the next few days. Maybe it was  too premature, but better too soon than too late
I went home and was completely done. I phoned his brother, because he should know about Jan. He was ever so sweet, he came right away with his son to me, because he heard I was kind of broken.
I had a good cry in his arms and tried to get a bit of sleep at night.
Rob, (Jan's brother) would come next day to me, and we would go together to Jan.
So he did, and what did we see ??? Jan was standing next to his bed!
I couldn;t believe it! Okay, he was stuck to all kinds of infusions, but had permission to walk a bit.
So we went for a moment to the little restaurant, after about 15 minutes  saw he was getting very tired so we went back to his room.
Oh my, he walked sooo slowly and it took so much of his strength, it broke my heart to see him like that. It seemed that his kidneys started slowly to do their work again(I saw the fluid, wasn;t much yet, also not a real good colour, but there was some!)
We left him to rest and I went home, could even enjoy some tv. I had more peace of mind . 
Yesterday morning I called the department to hear how he was. The nurse told me, they helped him to wash, he partly did it himself, they changed his clothes and that was again good news.
In the afternoon I went to see him, and i was lucky, I saw the doctor.
She was all happy to be able to tell me some good news. The medication seemed to work and Jan reacted beyond expectations on it. She honestly said to me, she had hoped for it, but didn;t really believed in it the other day. She showed me his Keratine status. He had very high the other day, around 520, yesterday it dropped already to around 300 which was a good sign. They weren;t there at all yet, because normal values are around 80-100. But there was good progress. so first they will tackle the kidney function, that is the most important at the moment. All the medications and fluids did had an disavantage, that he retained some of the fluid still in his belly.But that was next thing they would tackle. Let's first see if kidneys will work by itself again and stay on working and then we will see about other things, she said.
I was soooo reliefed, you can imagine.
Oh the doctor also said to me, that probably Jan had one or two guiding angels on his shoulders and i answered her: "Maybe he had, I certainly had a little prayer at my house icon and asked fo them".

It still will be tricky days, the more because Jan has no resistance at all due to his weight loss and all the strain etc.etc. His condition is zero, but that's another thing to be worked on. If all will stay on going well, it will take a long time for him to recover a bit. Never mind, as long as I can have him around for much longer time!

I hope, I explained all a bit comprehensible to you. 
Now we will have to live by the day, and be happy with all bits of good news and such. 
As soon as there is anything to report,  will do an update.
Thanks all for your support and prayers. You are fantastic.


Edna B said...

Good morning Kyra. Gosh, I feel so badly for you. I wish I could be there for you and give you a big hug. I'm so glad that Jan is beginning to mend a bit. Here's hoping that it continues and that he will be much healthier soon.

Remember, you have to take care of yourself now. And even if you don't have any news, stop in and say hello so that we know you are okay. I miss your smile when you are not here.

It was wonderful of Jan's brother to come by and give you support. It's good to have family close by when there is a crisis. I'll keep Jan in my prayers and hope that all will be well with him.

Hang in there sweetie. I'm here if you need a shoulder. You have a super week, hugs, Edna B.

Corrine Corbin said...

Oh my goodness. I'm increasing my prayers for Jan. He needs help from a more important healer. Jesus will be there with him and I'm saying another prayer for him. And I'm saying a prayer for you as well...I know it's hard to watch someone you love battle an illness like this one.

I have been cleared by the Veterans Administration for disability (100) for my heart/lungs and they pay me so I'm not fighting the devil to keep the lights on and the roof over our heads. I had a spot on my left ear so I went to the dermatologist and he cut a piece off the top of my left ear and sent it to a lab. The pathology report came back positive for skin cancer. Now I have an appointment on the 19th of December to have it completely removed either by another little piece of the top of my ear or maybe just freezing the remaining cancer cells to kill them. Guess I'll be letting my hair grow a little longer to hide the funny looking ear. But it's the most common type of cancer and it's really nothing to panic about. At least it isn't on my face or nose. A funny looking ear is small price to pay for removing the cancer.

P.S. you explained the problems very well about Jan. Give him a hug from the USA.

Anonymous said...

Kyra I hope you are remembering to take care of yourself my heart goes to Jan he must be so uncomfortable and worried about himself and you

Dawn Campbell said...

So, so sorry that both of you have been to hell and back with Jan's illness. But it sounds like maybe they have finally figured something out with regards to it so I am really hopeful it will finally all work out. I am keeping track of your blogs and always thinking of both of you. Better days ahead!!

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you Kyra for your update. You and Jan have certainly been having a rough time. Hopefully things will improve for Jan and he will start to feel much better soon. Thinking of you both...

Keryn Suthers said...

Thank you Kyra for taking the time to let us know how Jan is progressing. Sending you big hugs during this roller-coaster of a time you both are going through. Praying that Jan will be okay for Christmas and you can both enjoy the special time together x x

Edna B said...

Today is Thanksgiving Day here in the States, and I am ever so thankful that you are my friend. I pray that Jan is doing better today and that soon he'll be healthy enough to be at home with you. May God watch over you and keep you strong my friend. Sending you big hugs, Edna B.

Garla Reed said...

Oh Kyra,
What a heart breaking time for you and for Jan. I am so happy to hear that he had a good turn around on his kidney. That is a miracle to be sure. I am keeping track as best as I can.
Know that I love you very much and please take care of you too. All prayers for you and Jan. God is good and listening... Beth xoxoxoxo