Thursday, November 02, 2017

Update, trying to do it short.

Goodafternoon everybody!

Well, Jan is home again, he was sent hme yesterday afternoon.
They did all kind of researches, treid a lot of things, may be found for now more or less the reason and with some change in medicine hoping the fluid will not be reained in his belly.
I have my doubts, but we wil have to see.
For now, they did another drain of 10 ltrs!
In any case he must work on his condition. He lost a lot of weight (not in the belly so much LOL, but body mass). He also has extra protein drinks for a month. That surely will help, but gaining weight will take some time.
Next week he has already a control appointment with his specialist.
Let's say tyhat it is so far, so good.
Hopefully he can stay out of hospital now for a looooong time.

I also am making this post because I have two downloads for you. You still have to have the clusters from Arlene from the Young Ones kit.
And in between all consternation and hectis I managed to make a little Halloween kit. So that is just about in time for your photos .
Now I am going to sit down for a bit of time, already did a lot of things this morning. made a few necessary telephone calls, gave jan his breakfast, then did some grocerie shopping came home and prepared partly our dinner(marinade some stuff, and then I can finish it later and put it in the oven. Rather quick and easy)
And after all this I feel it is time to sit down for a moment (am a bit pooped out, hahaha, and perhaps do some knitting. Trying to make a little throw for Christmas, and just hoping it will be ready in time.
Till next time, have fun with the Halloween kit.
Download    HERE

Download    HERE


Edna B said...

Oh Kyra, I'm so glad to hear that Jan is back home. It feels so much better to heal from the comfort of your own home and your loved one's wonderful care.

My goodness, you are having a super busy morning. Take a deep breath and slow down just a tad bit. I'm sure the knitting will relax you. I find that my crocheting helps to keep me in focus.

Kyra, I love the bird in the cage. Gosh, I guess I'll have to make one more Halloween quick page so I can use that birdie. It's rather gray and damp here today, but it is warmer, so it's still quite nice out. Maybe Pogo and I will go out for a while.

I'm hoping that Jan gets better really soon. And, you take care of yourself. Your smile is awesome, and I miss it when you are not here. You have a super day my friend, hugs, Edna B.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you Kyra and Arlene for these lovely clusters.
Kyra it is good to hear Jan is home again, hopefully things will go better for him now...

Dawn Campbell said...

Glad to hear there's been some improvement. Prayers continuing that Jan keeps moving forward. Take care and thanks for the special gift. Love it!

Keryn Suthers said...

Thank you so much Kyra for your generosity especially at a time when you have so much on your mind. I am so sorry to hear that Jan is still having so many problems and will keep both you and him in our prayers. Once again thank you for your designs x x

Corrine Corbin said...

Thanks for the kit & clusters from Arlene. With your blog I can get to all of my favorites. Just went to Arlene's and found some neat clusters and a Snowy Christmas.

Hugs from the USA